Laurice Wardini

Laurice Wardini

Laurice is the co-founder and head editor of ClothedUp. She is passionate about fashion and beauty – she has tried hundreds of brands & products and loves sharing her recommendations with the world. You'll typically find her brainstorming content ideas, trying a new hobby, shopping for the latest styles, experimenting with beauty products, or exploring a new country. ✨ As a content creator of 6+ years, she loves sharing her ideas, research, and expertise with others.

suavs shoe review

SUAVS Shoes Review: My Honest Experience

Laurice WardiniJul 12, 20238 min read

One thing everyone needs is a comfortable pair of everyday…

nadine west reviews

My Honest Nadine West Reviews: Should You Try Them?

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From Stitch Fix to Fabletics to Rent the Runway, there…

Ponto Footwear Reviews

Ponto Shoes Review: Here’s Our Thoughts

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We’re in an era where many companies are focusing on…


Mahabis Slippers Review: Are They Worth It?

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Sometimes it’s all about life’s simple pleasures, and one of…

Piercing Pagoda Review

Banter by Piercing Pagoda Reviews: Here’s The Tea

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Jewelry is a form of self-expression as much as it…

Dynamite Clothing Review

Dynamite Clothing Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

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If you love the clothing brand Garage (here’s our full…

U Beauty Review

U Beauty Review: Should You Try This Brand?

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If you’re into skincare, you most likely have a multi-step…

Oofos vs Crocs

Oofos vs Crocs: Our Comfy Shoe Showdown

Laurice WardiniJun 21, 20237 min read

When it comes to comfortable footwear, Oofos and Crocs are…

brands like Stussy featured image

15 Brands Like Stussy For Trendy Streetwear

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If you’re even slightly interested in skating, surfing, or streetwear,…

28 Sustainable Fashion Quotes

27 Sustainable Fashion Quotes To Live By

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In the fast-paced world of fashion, sustainability is the latest…

20 Stores Like ASOS for Fashion-Forward Styles

20 Stores Like ASOS for Fashion-Forward Styles

Laurice WardiniJun 14, 202311 min read

In the bustling world of online fashion retail, ASOS stands…

About Face Makeup Review

About Face Reviews: Does Halsey’s Makeup Line Slay?

Laurice WardiniJun 13, 20238 min read

Makeup is a form of self-expression that anyone and everyone…

Oak & Luna Review

Oak & Luna Reviews: What To Know About Their Jewelry

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If you’re looking for non-traditional jewelry that’s still stylish and…

14 Best Stores Like Nordstrom

14 Best Stores Like Nordstrom You Need To Know

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For a shopaholic, shopping at Nordstrom can be so comforting…

FragranceX Review

FragranceX Reviews: Luxury Perfume For Less?

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Being a perfume lover is not always a cheap habit,…

10 Stores Like Claire’s

10 Stores Like Claire’s For Cute, Fun Accessories

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If you grew up in the suburbs, it’s likely you…

Wolven Review

Wolven Reviews: Here’s What We Think

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The aesthetics of athleisure have evolved immensely over the years,…

12 Best Zara Perfumes

12 Best Zara Perfumes To Get Your Hands On

Laurice WardiniJun 7, 20235 min read

Zara is one of our favorite brands when it comes…

Knickey Review

Knickey Underwear Review: Is It Worth It?

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Cotton undergarments and intimates are always a win—breathable, soft, and…

11 Brands Like Filson

11 Brands Like Filson For Outdoorsy Fashion

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If you’re the opposite of a homebody and are always…

Felina Intimates Review

Felina Reviews: Are Their Bras & Undies Worth It?

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One way to boost your confidence and feel totally empowered…

13 Stores like Cider

13 Stores like Cider For Trendy, Affordable Fashion

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Cider is a new fast fashion store that has some…

15 Luxury Plus-Size Clothing Brands

15 Luxury Plus-Size Clothing Brands – Designers We Love

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Let’s be real—the fashion industry has a nasty past when…

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10 Best Lingerie Subscription Boxes That We Love

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What girl doesn’t love lingerie? Lingerie subscription boxes are a…

nuuly review 2020

My Nuuly Review: This Is Why I Love Nuuly

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Why buy clothes at retail prices that will likely end…

Mother Denim Review

MOTHER Denim Review: My Favorite Denim Brand

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Everyone should own a trusty pair of denim jeans. There’s…

8 Brands Like Selkie

8 Brands Like Selkie For Whimsical Fashion

Laurice WardiniMay 13, 20234 min read

Selkie is a fashion brand that’s romantic, magical, and completely…

Sustainable Plus-Size Clothing Brands

17 Best Sustainable Plus-Size Clothing Brands

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With such a saturated fast-fashion industry, some fashion brands have…

10 Stores Like Williams Sonoma

10 Stores Like Williams Sonoma To Revamp Your Home

Laurice WardiniApr 4, 20235 min read

Williams Sonoma is an iconic retailer based in California best… Review Reviews: What To Know About This Marketplace

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Malls are super convenient because you can shop at your…