Our Honest Nadine West Reviews (2022): Hit or Miss?

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Last Updated: January 19, 2022

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From Stitch Fix to Fabletics to Rent the Runway, there are a ton of clothing subscription boxes on the market. These days we do a lot of shopping from the couch, so it’s easy to see why the convenience of a clothing subscription box is oh so appealing. 

We also know how important customer reviews are to help you decide which box will suit you best. That’s why we decided to try the Nadine West subscription box to see what’s up. Before you spend your hard-earned cash, keep reading to find our *unsponsored* Nadine West reviews

What Is Nadine West?

Nadine West is a clothing and accessory subscription box delivered either every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks, depending on what you choose. The subscription is totally customizable to your style, size, and price point. 

You’ll receive brand new clothing and accessories chosen specifically to meet your style needs. Each box usually contains 4- 6 items. The typical combination in a box consists of a top, bottom, dress, jewelry, and other seasonal accessories.

Nadine West carries clothes between sizes small and 3x. They do state, however, that they might run low on their most popular sizes, which are medium and extra large. They also carry a variety of brands from familiar brands to not-so-familiar brands.

How Does Nadine West Work?

When you first sign up for the subscription, you take a super easy style quiz online. All you have to do is look at pictures of different outfits and decide which ones best fit your style. 

Next, choose what type of prints and colors you typically wear, along with your size and budget. There’s an option to write a little summary about your style and decide how often you want to receive your boxes. After you’ve finished, they’ll send your package out within a couple of days!

Once you receive your items, try them on at home, mixing and matching with your existing wardrobe. Any items you decide to return can easily be sent back in the package they send your clothes in.

It’s important to note that Nadine West is not a clothing rental service, so you shouldn’t wear your pieces out of your home unless you know you’re going to purchase them. 

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Average Pricing

Nadine West does not have a styling fee, more than likely because they do not have personal stylists handpicking your clothes. You’ll receive clothing completely based on how you answer the questions on the quiz and how you rate your items. 

Shipping costs $9.78, and is credited toward any pieces of clothing or accessories you decide to purchase. This means the subscription doesn’t really cost you anything, unless you decide to return everything in your bag. 

If you return everything, you’ll lose this credit and have to pay for the shipping, but Nadine West offers a one-time rollover of this credit if you let them know before your next package is sent out.

Nadine West claims that their garments typically range between $10 – $30

While taking the style quiz, you select whether you’d like to spend below $25 on each piece, or more than $25. Their pieces can, however, cost more than $30. We talk more about this in the next section, where we share our Nadine West reviews.

Our Nadine West Reviews

We decided to give Nadine West a try for ourselves to be able to give an honest review. Let’s dive in and see what we liked and didn’t like about this clothing subscription box!

Styling: 6/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

In my first Nadine West box, I definitely received some cute pieces. The dress they sent was just my style: a mustard yellow swing dress with pockets. They pretty much nailed this piece!

The rest of my box, however, was just okay. I received some soft joggers, a casual navy blue top, a royal blue cardigan, a chunky statement necklace, and some hoop earrings. 

The top and cardigan were not really my style. I asked for earthy colors, and while I’m good with navy blue, royal blue is not my color. The joggers were nice, but not super special. I ended up keeping them because they were inexpensive, but they didn’t really wow me. 

As for the jewelry, I liked the necklace but it was a little big for me. I can’t fairly judge the earrings since I don’t have my ears pierced (I updated my preferences to not include earrings in future boxes, so this wasn’t a fault on them).

Pricing: 6/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Even though I requested my items to be under $25 per piece, I received two items that were priced at $40 a piece. I suspect this might be because they have a lower selection in my size, since medium is one of their most popular.

Despite liking the dress, I ended up sending it back because I didn’t feel like it was worth $40. 

The quality of all the pieces (including the jewelry) felt like they wouldn’t cost more than $25 if I found them at my local mall. If you choose this price option as well, just know that the quality won’t be out of this world. 

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Sizing: 8/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I’m a pretty solid medium when it comes to clothing, so that’s what I requested in my subscription. All of the clothing they sent me was medium sized, with the exception of the dress. It was a size small, but it did fit me, to be fair. 

Overall Experience: 9/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

My overall shopping experience with Nadine West was actually really pleasant, which is why I rated them so highly in this category. 

The quiz was quick and easy, there were no hidden fees I was charged for, and it was crazy easy to return the items I didn’t want to keep. They even go so far as to put the return label in your shipment to stick on the bag if you want to send anything back.

Other Nadine West Reviews

Since I can only speak for myself, I searched the web for other Nadine West customer reviews to give you an idea of how other people felt about their subscription. Here are some of the top comments:

“I tried Nadine West as well and had a very similar experience to Sarah. The quality wasn’t great – everything I received felt like it was from a cheap fast fashion store. Prices were definitely lower than most other fashion subscriptions, but some items were more expensive (and the quality didn’t match these higher prices).” – Laurice from ClothedUp

“They have some cute clothes and I’ve kept a lot more clothes from them than from Stitch Fix. Just expect lower quality for a lower price, but it really is much more worth it than Stitch Fix.” – Anonymous on Reddit

“Overall, I’m satisfied. I like both articles of clothing, and the size issue is honestly my own fault – I should know to size up for safety with a new subscription. If the jewelry is subpar again next month, I’m going to change my settings so I get less of it. I’m kinda bummed about passing on those owl earrings, but they just aren’t worth ten bucks to me.” – newOTPchick on Reddit

“None of [their] clothes are over $35, so they’re a lot more affordable. Plus, they don’t charge a styling fee, just a $9.88 shipping fee, and that is applied to anything you keep.” – u/DragonflyWing on Reddit

The Bottom Line: Is Nadine West Worth It?

All in all, customers seem happy with their Nadine West subscription. Most agree that the quality could be better, but that they don’t expect more since the subscription is pretty cheap. 

Since this was my first box from them, I’m going to rate my items and give their box another try. Honestly, I get it: it takes time for their system to learn different styling preferences. I can’t judge them too harshly on their first try. 

If you’re looking for the most affordable way to add casual clothing to your wardrobe, this box may be worth it. If you’re looking for pieces with more substance and quality, however, it might be best to consider some other options, like Stitch Fix (view our review) or Trunk Club (view our review)! I’d definitely recommend Trunk Club, especially since you can receive a $50 credit towards your first box.

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20 thoughts on “Our Honest Nadine West Reviews (2022): Hit or Miss?”

  1. Price wise, I feel they are better than Stitch Fix, however, the quality seems to be going down hill. This is the second package that I will be sending back – completely. Not impressed at all.

    • Right there with you,cheap looking clothes,jewelry and their customer service stinks. I have trying to get back money they owe me, and the phone number is just an answering machine.

  2. It seems like almost everything I’ve gotten from them is cheap clingy (not the good clingy) see through material. I love the prices. But all my bulges seem to be accentuated in their clothing.

    • Same here. They must not have read my questionnaire I filled out. I got a clingy brown dress (for summer) with long sleeves that showed every bulge in my body. The jewelry was cheap costume stuff like the kind you buy for $5. My package was way overpriced. I returned it all and cancelled.

  3. I recently canceled my Nadine West subscription. Each shipment seemed as if they took all the return desk items and threw them in a bag. I asked for summer and got a leopard print stocking hat, sweat pants, and an ugly scarf! It was laughable. The quality was super cheap. I could find most of it at TJ Max or Marshall’s on the clearance rack for a fraction of what they wanted to charge me.

    • I had the same experience you did. Getting summer clothes in the middle of winter and the clothes were not stylish at all. I got a couple of things in the 4 months I was with them that I actually liked. But bad clingy, low quality. I actually found the cardigan i was going to keep from them for $40 for only $19 on zulily. A lot of their clothes come from there and from China so I found a straight from China retailer I got the other product I liked.

  4. I normally wear a 2x in Target’s stuff, and a 20 or 22 in Lane Bryant. Everything from the 3x shipment was too small. It was really discouraging.

  5. I started ordering from Nadine West about 3 months ago. The first bag was almost what I like and as I sent back what I did not want, I left my comments to them as to what I like and did not like about what they sent. The second bag was better and I Loved a lot of what they sent. The third bag was even better. I’m to the point to where I can not wait until they send the next bag. The things so far I have received have been good quality and priced with in reason. Some items are too high priced, but most I can live with. They have worked with me on every issue I have had. I emailed them about a CUTE Bracelet they sent that the clasp broke the second time I wore it. They credited me back the amount. I do not do well with other’s picking out my outfits, I don’t even pick them out well. But each item I get, I leave a comment on why I liked it or why I did not like it. Each bag is getting more and more of what I like. Some things I would never have picked out for me, but I try the things on and actually Love the way they look. They respond to my Emails right away. I may have to wait a couple hours according to what time of day or night I send the email, but I am VERY Happy in the response time. I never shop this way, but I think I’m beginning to Love it. Can’t wait until my next BIG Pink Bag!!!!!!! Thanks Nadine West for being SO NICE!

    • Shelli, I’m with you all the way!! I have been receiving packages from Nadine West for 9 months now, and I’m a very happy customer. I know that their clothes aren’t top of the line quality, but it’s plenty good for the price you pay. I have had nothing except excellent service from their reps! They respond quickly and are thorough with their explanations. They are polite and caring and they go out of their way to help me.
      Personally, I don’t even need to try another styling service. I’m thoroughly happy with Nadine West!! And I feel sorry for those who can’t see the style and value in the clothing!

  6. One thing to note about this subscription is that if your mail carrier holds onto the package longer than your send back date there is no way to get your money back. They can only credit your account as their system does not allow for a refund. The customer service could use a bit of training around not being passive aggressive. Overall not the best experience but not the worst either.

  7. This company is a nightmare! They have taken a ton of money, they do not refund any money back, I can’t get an accurate account of what credit they owe me. The items are cheap, a shirt I decided to keep pull a little string that was hanging out and and the pocket came out, also the stuff is ugly and cheap they send a headband that no joke I saw it at the dollar store. I cancel I don’t want anything to do with them, I really tried to like some of the stuff but couldn’t find a reason to keep them. My advise stay away!!! Not worth the money or hassle.

  8. My experience has been similar to others above. The quality is cheap and the jewelry is like stuff you would buy at Target. No value for the money spent for me.

  9. I have not received my first bag yet, but it says it shipped Aug 4th (the day I signed up) and my needs to be returned date is Aug 23rd… Makes me nervous because they do not provide a tracking number to watch the package. We will see what happens. I’ve seen some good review and some bad.

  10. I enjoy Nadine West, because it is a fun $10 a month entertainment for me. I enjoy trying on all the different clothes. I don’t like them, usually. But I don’t mind. I find it to be a bonus if I find something that works. I’m not in it to build my wardrobe, because really, we all have more clothes than we need. I’m in it because I don’t want to shop at the mall or guess for online ordering. I like to spend a day going through the different pieces. And the prices are reasonable, so keeping one piece doesn’t break the bank, like Stitch fix did.

  11. I am very disappointed in the selections they are sending me. I told them I was 84 years old and prefer casual clothing> no knit or skinny pants or legging but that all I been getting . They sent a 3x dress way to small .I do not take 3x dress. always to short. They are cute clothes for a younger person. I have only kept a beautiful scarf and a necklace. will give them one more try .

  12. I ordered my first shipment on August 24 and it is oct 20th. I have never recieved it. Tracking says pending. All they have done is keep pushing my return day out. Like hello…wth. I requested to cancel we shall see what happened. I’m very disappointed. The reviews are really good but my experience is not.

  13. I’ve used Nadine West for a while, I actually switched to them from Stich Fix because of the cost and they seemed more personal. I recently cancelled my subscription because I felt the clothes weren’t really to my liking and the prices weren’t either, even with a 10% discount on everything. I’d get about 10 items per package and send 8 or 9 back. A lot of the things I’ve sent back were because of pricing. Maybe if they change their pricing or quality of clothes, I’ll go back.

  14. I’ve had the same experience as everyone else! I think the final straw is when the shipment came and the clothes that were listed on the inventory list were not in the bag, so I contacted customer service and had to send pics of every tag! It’s just not worth it! I ended up with 2 pairs of gray sweatpants in this shipment and a gift card?? I was very upset!

  15. I’m really surprised by all of these negative comments about Nadine West! I have been working with them for 9 months and I have been nothing except happy with their service. I realize that the clothes aren’t top quality, but then they don’t price gouge you either. Their ability to make sure that I get styles that fit me increases with each new purchase. Of course, I leave comments about the clothes on my profile on the site. It’s under Purchases and Shipments down near the bottom of your profile page. The more I comment, the better suited to my style are the clothes they send. I spend between $40 & $80 a month and I have a great new wardrobe. My suspicion is that those who complain haven’t worked with them for more than a month or two. And I will bet that their feedback on the clothing was limited, if there was any at all.
    I admit that, once summer was over, they should have started to send fall and winter clothes, and when I brought it to their attention, I began to get seasonal clothes in my very next shipment.
    The bottom line in this is that I am very happy with this company and have referred some friends to them, all of whom have had a positive experience, so far. I hope those of you who have had a bad experience with this company will give them a second chance, and this time, communicate more often with them, if you didn’t before. I bet you’ll have a better experience, if you do!!


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