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17 Top Clothing Rental Subscription Services in 2023

Last Updated: August 16, 2023

Whether you’re just looking to rent a dress for a date night or you want to fill out the blank spaces in your wardrobe, there are plenty of great clothing rental subscription options out there.

You might think it’d be expensive to rent clothes, but it’s more cost-effective than you’d think! There are plenty of options available under $200 or even under $100. If you want to try out a clothing subscription box without having to pay full price for the clothing, rental subscriptions are a great alternative.

On top of wearing high-ticket clothes that you probably wouldn’t have been able to afford in the first place, you get to avoid the hassle that comes with owning this type of clothing (like worrying about staining or paying dry cleaner fees).

Plus, you get to wear a wide variety of styles and potentially even discover new styles you love. If you’re more than convinced, keep reading our compilation of the best clothing rental subscription service on the market.

Best Clothing Rental Subscription Services

Rent the Runway

$89 – $199 per month

Rent the Runway is a clothing rental service that brings high-end fashion straight to your closet. They offer both one-time rentals as well as subscription-based rentals.

You can rent 4 items at a time, with various plans that decide how many shipments you receive each month. And, they offer thousands of items! Their plans cost $89 per month for 4 items, $139 per month for 8 items (2 shipments), and $199 per month for 16 items (4 shipments).

Gwynnie Bee

$69 – $199 per month

Gwynnie Bee is a clothing rental service that provides women with the latest in fashion and the classiest, most-wanted brands. With 5 different plan options available, you can rent a set number of items.

Although they started out as a plus-size service, they now offer sizes 0–32. Plus, they typically offer 50% off your first month (sometimes even a free month)!


$88 per month

Nuuly is a new clothing rental subscription that will change your wardrobe. If you’re fan of the unique, trendy clothes at Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie, this service is for you (it was actually started by the same company).

They currently have one plan available: $88 per month to receive 6 monthly items of your choice. Their selection updates frequently and stays well in-tune with seasons and trends!

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$99 – $279 per month

Have you ever wanted to rock a designer bag, like a Gucci or Louis Vuittion?

Of course you have. Vivrelle is a designer rental service that provides you with the most glamorous and stunning handbags to borrow. For a fairly low price, Vivrelle will let you carry the sort of accessories you see only in magazines.

Le Tote

$59 – $119 per month

Le Tote has the latest in fashion and trends. With both Maternity and regular plans, anyone can enjoy this clothing rental subscription!

They offer 6 different plans ranging from $59 – $119 and 5–10 clothing items per month. They also offer two Unlimited plans, meaning you can receive as many items as you’d like each month (3–4 items at a time).

Some plans include accessories, while others don’t. Plus, you can pay $5 a month for insurance (which we 100% recommend). Check out our full review here!

Scotch Select

$99 per month

This high-end clothing brand offers an excellent rental service!

You can rent 3 pieces at a time for $99 per month, with unlimited swaps whenever you want a new set. Unlike most other clothing rental options we’ve shared, Scotch Select has a vast selection for men as well. Including high ticket items like down jackets, you can find anything you need.


$59 per month

Haverdash is a women’s clothing rental service that promises you won’t ever wear the same thing twice. You’ll receive 3 items a month for $59 monthly. You can also exchange as often as you’d like with free shipping.

Their selection is so vast and fashion-forward, you’ll be sad you only get 3 items per shipment!


$79 – $249 per month

Armoire gives you access to thousands of amazing styles. They’ll even curate items for you based on a quiz (but you can also pick out your own, of course).

They offer 3 plans: $79 a month for 4 items per month, $119 a month for 7 items per month, or $249 a month for unlimited items per month (limited to 6 per shipment). Free shipping and cleaning included!

Vince Unfold

$160 per month

Vince Unfold allows you to rent high-end fashion items from Vince, a high-quality brand.

For $160 per month, you’re able to rent 4 items a time with unlimited exchanges and free shipping. Although it’s one of the more expensive options, each Vince product is sold for $300+, so you’re definitely wearing the value. They often offer discounts on your first month as well!

Infinite Style by Ann Taylor

$95 per month

With free shipping and countless items to choose from, Infinite Style by Ann Taylor really does feel infinite.

This clothing rental subscription costs $95 per month for 3 items per box. Plus, they offer free shipping, free dry cleaning, and unlimited box swaps.

Rebecca Taylor RNTD

$159 per month

Rebecca Taylor RNTD will grant you classic looks, timeless style, and a wardrobe that seemingly never ends.

Their pricing is $159 per month with the ability to receive 4 items at a time (they often offer additional discounts on your first month – we’ve seen up to $60 off)! With unlimited exchanges, you can switch up your boxes as often as you’d like.

Infinitely Loft

$64.95 per month

Infinitely Loft is a subscription service from the top-rated women’s brand LOFT. Now, you don’t have to pay big bucks to wear your favorite brand.

They offer three pieces per box with unlimited swaps for $64.95 per month. Not too bad! You can even view the clothes they offer in the subscription to see if you like anything before committing.

The Mr. & Ms. Collection

$69 – $89 per month

The Mr. & Mrs. Collection is a clothing rental subscription that will populate your closet with only the finest.

Their monthly plans cost $69 for 4 items per box (1 box per month), $89 for 4 items per box (Unlimited box swaps), $59 for 3 items per box (1 box per month), or $79 for 3 items per box (Unlimited box swaps). Plus, they offer rental subscriptions for both men and women!

NY&C Closet

$49.95 per month

NY&C Closet is a clothing rental service that has e an eye on the latest in fashion. They offer 3 items per month for $49.95 each month with unlimited exchanges, which is one of the most affordable options out there!

You can also view the clothes they offer before subscribing (surprisingly, some clothing rental subscriptions don’t offer this)!

Express Style

$59.95 per month

Created by Express, this subscription services will provide all the looks you know and love (without the high prices).

For just $59.95 monthly, you’ll receive 3 items per box with unlimited exchanges available. They offer free shipping both ways, plus free dry cleaning so you don’t have to worry about anything.

$159 per month

DVF Link allows you to rent the latest and trendiest in fashion. For $159 per month, you’ll receive 4 high-end items with unlimited exchanges. They also provide free dry cleaning and free shipping for initial shipping as well as returns.

View their new arrivals to get a feel for their style!


$21 per month

Finally, this isn’t exactly a clothing rental, but it’s worth sharing (because we all need jewelry to go with these bomb new clothes).

Rocksbox is a jewelry subscription service that will make you shine and sparkle for a low membership rate of $21 per month. You will receive three gorgeous pieces of jewelry picked out specially for you. Plus, unlimited swaps mean you can just return them when you are ready for more!

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Is renting clothes better than buying them?

This depends on your desires and your overall clothing budget. Most subscriptions only provide a few items per shipment, so we wouldn’t replace it with buying completely. However, it’s a great way to wear high-ticket clothes or accessories you wouldn’t normally be able to afford and add some extra variety to your closet!

Which clothing rental subscriptions are your top favorites?

Our top favorites are Nuuly, Rent the Runway, Rocksbox, and Vivrelle.

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