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24 Best Minimalist Clothing Brands, Period

Last Updated: August 22, 2022

Even if you’re not literally carrying it on your back, too much stuff can weigh you down. The more things you have (aka clothes), the less space you have, which makes it very difficult to get ready in a pinch. 

Creating a more minimalistic and timeless wardrobe will keep you looking amazing without having to feel the stress of styling yourself every morning. If that’s something you’re struggling with, a minimalist wardrobe might just be the answer.

Whether you’re cultivating a new stress-free minimalist wardrobe or just need a few basics that can be paired with any outfit, consider adding these minimalist clothing brands to your list.

While you’re at it, check out our favorite minimalist jewelry brands too.

Minimalist Clothing Brands

Encircled The Comfy Paperbag Culottes


This brand’s selling point is comfortable, minimalist designs that are perfect to build an everyday wardrobe. 

Not only are their fabrics super soft and fade-resistant, they’re also made with low-impact dyes and eco-friendly fabrics. Some of their top materials include Tencel, Modal, organic cotton, linen, and rayon made from bamboo pulp.


Everlane is a sustainable brand focused on creating timeless essentials for any closet.

Despite being more tailored to minimalist styles, they still manage to incorporate uniqueness into their clothes. They even have a $50 and under section if you’re looking to stay within a specific budget!

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Universal Standard

Creating quality basics for every shape and size, Universal Standard is another top brand for those looking to build a minimalist closet. 

With free shipping and free returns on every order, they’re worth trying out! They even offer pregnancy clothing as well as petite options

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Pact Apparel

When sharing minimalist clothing brands, we hav to mention Pact. While many people love this brand for their comfortable and sustainable underwear, that’s not all they have to offer!

Pact has a selection of apparel for women and men that is minimalist, comfortable, and of excellent quality. They even offer products for babies, kids, and the home (such as cozy towels and bedding). 

Flavia Aranha 

Flavia Aranha is a Brazilian company that takes its inspiration (and its dyes) from native plants. That means you get a selection of no-nonsense, neutral, and earth-toned garments that can be mixed endlessly with each other and with the pieces you already have.

With fabrics, they keep things light, breezy, and sustainable. Cotton, hemp, and bamboo are the basis for their more casual pieces, but they have you covered with formal events thanks to silk and modal.

Lora Gene 

Lora Gene understands that minimal doesn’t have to mean lacking color and structure. In fact, their classic silhouettes are what make the pieces so timeless. Bright yellows, greens, and oranges are tempered beautifully with classic menswear lines and stark black and whites to create an interesting yet versatile wardrobe. These pieces are sure to last for years and take you to every occasion.

Silk is the primary medium used at Lora Gene, and they are very careful about where they get it. Silk is sourced primarily from deadstock, but they also oversee their own silk production in Bulgaria, which restores and preserves soil that isn’t suitable for growing other crops.


What we love most about this brand is the fact that they have pre-curated capsule wardrobes that contain 5 pieces that can be worn in 30 different outfits. Or you can even create your own capsule wardrobe with their quiz here

Neutral colors, simple silhouettes, and sustainable materials sum up this minimalist brand. They are dedicated to using only sustainable fabrics like Tencel (check out our lowdown on Tencel!), organic cotton, and deadstock fabric from landfills.


Dedicating to providing top-quality garments featuring luxury fabrics for the most affordable prices they can, you must check out Quince on your search for minimalist brands.

All of their garments come in neutral colors with options for men, women, kids, and even the home. They only offer staple pieces that can be paired with a variety of outfits, so your brain won’t be overcome with anxiety when you need to pick out an outfit. After dressing up in some of their staple pieces, finish the night off with a pair of their ultra-comfortable and luxurious silk pajamas.

Laude The Label

Your old cotton is being put to great use at Laude The Label. To cut down on waste, Laude uses upcycled and organic materials whenever possible, but that doesn’t mean they skimp on style. 

The Everyday collection is modern and versatile while the dresses strike the perfect balance between pretty and practical, with just enough flounces to keep things polished.


Black and white have always been timeless for minimalists and more for centuries, so it’s no surprise that Movin has decided to use these colors for their collections. Their pieces are about as basic as you can get, consisting of simple tops and dresses that pair with each other in innumerable ways.

The usual suspects like recycled and organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, and lyocell are found here, but they also use natural and biodegradable latex. In case you had any doubts, Movin also happens to be one of the highest-rated apparel brands on B Corp.


We were first drawn to Valani for their amazing dresses, so it’s a relief to find out that this minimalist clothing brand is just as pretty on the inside. 

Tencel and hemp make up the majority of their clothes, but they also have a couple of pieces made of banana fibers. Their style isn’t necessarily the most modern, but they are still a great minimal brand if you don’t want to give up all the feminine frills.


This minimalist clothing brand creates clothing, leather goods, accessories, shoes, and more! They use sustainable materials wherever they can such as scrap metal, scrap leather, organic cotton, and even cardboard. 

Not only does Able have beautiful clothing pieces, but they also stand for a great cause. They truly believe in ending poverty and encouraging women empowerment, committing to safe practices and fair wages. 


Franne Golde

In search of the perfect-fitting everyday work pants, Franne Golde decided to make her own when she couldn’t find the best ones elsewhere. Now deemed “The Magic Pant,” these work pants are incredibly flattering, perfect for everyday wear.

The line has since expanded to include luxe essentials for women from loungewear to workwear. They create classic, timeless pieces that will pair with everything in your closet and last years to come.

All The Wild Roses 

This might not be what you would typically think of when you hear the word minimalism, but you have to trust us on this one. Up to 90% of this company’s garments are made of deadstock, and about 20% of that is made specifically from vintage clothing. To top it all off, they have carbon neutral shipping worldwide.

While not all of their items are necessarily minimalist, they do have great pieces with clean lines and sweet, evergreen prints that make reliable additions to a capsule wardrobe. Their gingham and striped tops and dresses are particularly wonderful.

Citizen Wolf 

When Citizen Wolf says minimal, they mean it. Rather than producing their t-shirts with the typical mass production model, Citizen Wolf makes them to order, cutting carbon emissions by as much as 40%

When you order, you can request alterations and have your choice of organic cotton, hemp, or certified cruelty-free wool. They’ve also pledged to offset five times the amount of their own carbon emissions, which means that your t-shirt is carbon negative.

Everybody & Everyone

We’re always on the lookout for new and innovative materials, so we were so excited about this one. Everybody & Everyone really does live up to their name with sizes from 00 up to 24. And not only can everyone look great, but they can save the planet too. 

Everything here is either biodegradable, recycled or as they put it “eco innovative”. Most intriguing are the Sorona items, made out of waste from the sugar industry.

Lezé The Label

For those of you with a morning coffee habit, you’ll be happy to know that Lezé The Label doesn’t let your liquid gold go to waste. Instead, it’s being made into pants, blazers, skirts and tops.

Along with fishing nets, plastic bottles, and beech trees, the leftovers from your morning brew are made into minimalistic workwear that feel good enough to wear around the house.


Arielle got a small mention on our slow fashion guide, but their aesthetic fit this as well, and we wanted to bring their fabric use to as many people as possible.

They use recycled materials such as organic cotton and eco-certified linen like you might expect, but their signature is Qmilk, a relatively new fabric pioneered by German fashion designer Anke Domaske. 

It’s made out of leftover milk from German dairy farms that would otherwise go to waste, making it a completely zero waste fabric. Arielle uses it for their simple dresses and a few menswear-inspired tops. Don’t skip out on the rest of their stuff though, their pants and sweaters are equally as comfy and versatile.

Another Tomorrow 

Check out this minimalist clothing brand if you want to give the planet another tomorrow. They’re basically a one-stop shop for anything you might need for your wardrobe, all made of sustainable materials in versatile colors and silhouettes, with their sunshine yellow being particularly beautiful. 

All of this is made without a trace of polyester, primarily from organic cotton, linen, tencel, and recycled Cashmere. They have some of the best suits we’ve ever seen, and we highly recommend getting a double-breasted jacket while you’re there.


In spite of the name, this brand sells more than denim and is a fantastic addition to your minimalist wardrobe, especially if you love 1970s influences. They use Tencel, organic cotton, and recycled as well as deadstock fabric for their items. 

The majority of these items are jeans, but they also have tops and dresses made out of the same materials with 1970 silhouettes, but without all the crazy patterns that would keep them from being versatile.


If you’re particularly hard to shop for when it comes to pants and shorts, Dai is here for you. They have almost every fit you can think of, along with everything else you need to round out your wardrobe. 

Not only that, but they give you their impact in numbers. 100% of the carbon emissions from their shipping are offset, 72% of their suppliers use renewable energy, and 88% of their textiles are renewable. Now that’s some math we can get behind.


Ecoalf is probably the closest you’re going to get to buying vintage without actually buying vintage. Nearly all of the materials they use are recycled, even when it comes to the rubber on their shoes, which is made from old tires. 

The only really new materials that they use are organic cotton, and even then they source recycled stuff whenever possible. You’ll even get a separate sustainability report for each item ranking the responsibility of its materials, the treatment of the people who make it, and its traceability. Talk about transparency!


Kotn uses exactly what you think it does: cotton. The difference here is that your cotton is harvested and your products are made by workers receiving fair wages or above, with most being organic and using the least water possible certified by the Better Cotton Initiative

For those farms that don’t quite meet better cotton standards, Kotn is helping them get there. With your Kotn purchase, you’ll also be supporting educational institutions for children in countries where the company does its manufacturing. If you’re looking for some breathable yet durable cotton basics, this is a great place to start.

For Days

Three words: zero waste cotton. For Days uses organic cotton for most of their pieces, which includes a couple of trendier styles that can still work into a minimalist classic wardrobe.

Perhaps more importantly, they have a collection made entirely of upcycled cotton, which means no waste!

In Conclusion

Any of these minimalist clothing brands above are perfect for starting your capsule wardrobe (or just a more minimalistic closet)! It might be difficult to find honest and reputable brands these days that also make quality clothes, but if you do your research, it’s so worth it.