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Le Tote Reviews: The Pros and Cons

Last Updated: August 8, 2022

Clothing rental services are super trendy these days, from companies like Rent the Runway to Prime Wardrobe by Amazon. With so many options available, how do you know which subscription is right for you?

Renting outfits over buying is a great option because you can try out different styles without having to commit. Le Tote is an online rental subscription you may have heard of that offers a customized renting experience with a variety of styles, sizes, and brands. 

However, is this rental service really all it’s chalked up to be? Ahead are our *unsponsored* Le Tote reviews that delve into what we love (and don’t love) about this clothing rental subscription. 

What is Le Tote?

Le Tote is a fashion subscription service that allows you to rent clothes and accessories that are delivered to your door for a flat rate per month. 

They offer a variety of styles from business casual, to athleisure, to special events. Le Tote also carries an assortment of brands and sizes (from sizes 0 to 16) to ensure there’s something in their stock to please every type of customer!

Le Tote Overview: How It Works

Le Tote is fairly simple to use: all you have to do is browse their collection and choose what items you want in your tote, test out your borrowed items by wearing them as much or as little as you want, then decide what (if anything) you want to keep, and return the rest! 

After your box is created, you have 48 hours to swap out any items for something different. Le Tote offers 2-3 day priority shipping for free, and it’s free to return your rented items as well!

You can choose to purchase any products that are sent in your tote, but it’ll be an added cost; it’s not included in your rental fee.

Le Tote does, however, claim to offer everything at a discounted rate for up to 50% off the retail price. Any of the clothes that don’t make the cut can be sent back through their pre-paid envelope. 

Our Le Tote Reviews

Now that you know more about Le Tote, let’s dive into the pros and cons of this fashion rental subscription!

Overall Rating: ★★★★4 stars

Quality: ★★★★ 4 stars

Overall, most customers are satisfied with the quality of the pieces they receive. It might not be designer worthy, but for the affordable prices, customers say the quality is decent.

Shipping: ★★★★★ 5 stars

Most customers say the shipping is quick and had no issues.

Price: ★★★★ 4 stars

Many can agree that this is one of the cheaper options when it comes to rental subscriptions. Most are happy with the affordable price points.


  • There are so many plans to customize the subscription to your exact needs.
  • There is a huge variety of brands and types of products to choose from, with frequent new arrivals.
  • The affordable prices! Compared to some other rental services, Le Tote offers their subscription at reasonable prices.
  • You can change, pause, or cancel your membership at any time.
  • You can choose to add insurance for $5 to your subscription for peace of mind in case your clothes get damaged. 
  • You get to choose exactly what clothes and accessories come in your tote.
  • They have a great referral program where you receive $25 in credit for every friend who joins using your code.
  • You don’t have to wash the clothes before you send them back – they do that for you!


  • You have to return everything in your tote at the same time. This means if you receive an item that doesn’t fit or you don’t like, you’re stuck with it until you’re ready to send back your whole tote. You can’t send it back by itself and receive something in its place.

Other Le Tote Customer Reviews

To help you receive a better understanding of what other customers think about their Le Tote experience, here are some reviews from past and recent subscribers:

“Out of 5 totes of 5 items only one didn’t fit and I have loved every single item. I’m excited everytime the box arrives and rush to try on the clothes. I love having a new wardrobe every month.”- Shelley on Trustpilot

“I paused my account and I will try other companies. The inventory is just lacking, you may see a large selection, but it’s very limited when it’s time to customize your order.”- Sarahburst on Trustpilot

“Been using Le Tote for six plus months. I enjoy the variety of clothing and most everything has fit me with a few exceptions. I am an executive and it is great to have nice workplace wear that is replaced every month. It is easy to mail back and the selection process is also very smooth. Would love to see more high end choices available.”- Angeleno on Trustpilot

“I love LeTote, for a bunch of reasons… it lets you play with different styles that you may not really want to commit to.”- miau_am on Reddit

Overall, here are the main points of feedback when it comes to letote.com reviews:

  • Great for those who have limited time to shop
  • Mostly good quality but can be a miss
  • Quick shipping
  • Affordable
  • Trendy outfits

How to Get Started

The first time you sign up, Le Tote gets to know you by asking some questions about your height, measurements, taste in clothing, and even the weather in your area to better suggest items for you! 

Although Le Tote does make customized suggestions, you always get to pick what ships in your box. 

Your first box will likely be a discovery phase, since you haven’t been able to rate any items yet. After you return your first box, you can rate your items in order to give Le Tote a better idea of what you like. Hypothetically, each box you receive should be more and more curated toward your taste!

Once you return the clothes in your box, you’ll be eligible to receive your next one, depending on which plan you choose.

Le Tote Membership Plans

Le Tote offers quite a few plans that differ in price, amount of clothing in your tote, whether or not you want to receive accessories, and even if you’re pregnant. 

While it’s great that Le Tote offers such a variety of options to their customers, it can also get a little overwhelming. To help break it down, here’s a table of their plans and what each one includes. 

Subscription TypeBoxes Per MonthPrice Per monthItems Per Box
5 clothing items
8 clothing items
10 clothing items
Classic special*Unlimited$794 clothing items
Classic w/ accessories1$79
5 clothing, 3 accessories
7 clothing, 3 accessories
10 clothing, 5 accessories
Classic w/ accessories special*Unlimited$793 clothing, 2 accessories
5 clothing
8 clothing
10 clothing
Maternity special*2$994 clothing
Maternity w/ accessories1$89
5 clothing, 3 accessories
7 clothing, 3 accessories
10 clothing, 5 accessories
Maternity w/ accessories special*2$893 clothing, 2 accessories


Is Le Tote legit?

Yes, Le Tote is a very legitimate company that allows you to rent clothing for a fee every month. There are no signs signaling that this is a scam.

How much is Le Tote per month?

The price for Le Tote per month will depend on what plan you choose. Prices start at $59 a month and go up to $129 per month.

The Bottom Line: Is It Worth It?

Overall, Le Tote customers seem happy with their subscription but would like to see more options! Perhaps Le Tote will take this into consideration and add even more choices to their inventory. 

Le Tote, however, is a great option if you want to test out new brands without all the risk, or if you want to wear designer pieces without paying the hefty price tag. Plus, it’s perfect if you want to shop in a more “green” fashion: renting clothes instead of buying fast fashion is an excellent way to help the planet!

That said, there are a huge variety of other clothing rental services as well. One of our favorites is Nuuly (check our our review) which costs $88 monthly to rent six items. We recommend this service for anyone who loves brands such as Urban Outfitters and Free People, since it was created by their parent company. 

So, whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint or create an infinite wardrobe, you can always give Le Tote a try and form your own opinions!

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