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15 Brands Like Stussy For Trendy Streetwear

Last Updated: June 23, 2023

If you’re even slightly interested in skating, surfing, or streetwear, you’ve probably heard of Stussy.

An extremely popular American fashion house, Stussy was established in 1980 in sunny California. A renowned brand in the skating, surfing, and hip-hop communities, Stussy is all about having a free-spirited identity and is constantly inspired by art, youth, and culture. 

If you’re a fan of Stussy and want to shop from brands that are similar, here are 15 other brands like Stussy you can check out.

Brands Like Stussy


📷IG @supremenewyork

Average price range: $40 – $140
Size range:  S – XL (women) and S – XL (men)

Stussy has been around since 1994 when it first opened its doors on Lafayette Street in downtown Manhattan. 

Like Supreme, the brand grew to embody downtown culture where it was constantly inspired by the youth in the skating, hip-hop, and punk communities, who were also extremely drawn to the brand. 

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📷IG @undefeatedinc

Average price range: $40 – $220
Size range:  XS – 2XL (men)

Since 2002, Undefeated has been the originator of authentic sneakers and apparel, offering curated products and exclusive collaborations. 

Primarily targeting a younger male demographic, Undefeated is the home of all accessories and apparel that emit cool streetwear vibes.

Jaded London

Jaded London
📷IG @jadedldn

Average price range: $23 – $225
Size range:  2XS – 2XL (women) and 2XS – 2XL (men)

If you love the artistic side of Stussy, you’ll definitely love Jaded London. 

Jaded London offers clothing for men and women who aren’t afraid to express themselves through artsy, bold, and colorful apparel and accessories. 

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Acne Studios

Acne Studios
📷IG @acnestudios

Average price range: $45 – $2,000
Size range:  XS – XL (women) and XS – 2XL (men)

Based in Stockholm, Acne Studios is a fashion house founded by Jonny Johansson and his interests in photography, art, and architecture.

Like Stussy, Acne Studios adapts to contemporary culture and is constantly inspired by modern fashion and the youth.

Billionaire Boys Club

Billionaire Boys Club
📷IG @bbcicecream

Average price range: $120 – $1,265
Size range: S – 2XL (men)

Billionaire Boys Club is a fashion brand that was founded in 2003 by Nigo and Pharrell Williams.

A clothing, accessories, and lifestyle brand, Billionaire Boys Club is a mix of luxury and streetwear that has been influenced by—and draws influence from—fashion, music, design, and culture.


📷IG @jiberish

Average price range: $34 – $75
Size range:  S – 4XL (women) and S – 4XL (men)

Based in the Rocky Mountains of Denver, Colorado, Jiberish is a lifestyle brand that’s been around since 2005. 

If you love Stussy’s sporty styles, Jiberish is right up your alley. Jiberish’s brand intersects city living, mountain lifestyle, and winter sports to be a lifestyle brand for everyone. 


📷IG @noahclothing

Average price range: $2 – $2,800
Size range:  XS – 2XL (men)

Based in New York, Noah is an American clothing brand for men that designs and creates clothing that embodies the rebellious spirits of skate, surf, and music cultures. 

Focused on style and sustainability, Noah is an awesome alternative brand to Stussy that not only aligns with its styles but also its company mission and goals!

Aime Leon Dore

Aime Leon Dore
📷IG @aimeleondore

Average price range: $60 – $20,050
Size range:  XS – 2XL (men)

Aime Leon Dore is a fashion brand based out of Queens, New York that focuses on powerful but simple designs that are unique and contemporary. 

Fashionable and perfect for any and every occasion, Aime Leon Dore is an awesome clothing brand that’ll have you feeling like the main character wherever you go.


📷IG @obey.asia

Average price range: $20 – $200
Size range:  S – L (women) and S – 2XL (men)

Founded in 2001 by street artist and illustrator Shepard Fairey, Obey is a streetwear brand for women and men headquartered in Irvine, California. 

Like Stussy, Obey is a clothing brand rooted in subcultures that are associated with street art, skateboarding, and punk rock. 

Obey is fashion-forward, marketed towards the youth, and is an extremely cool clothing brand loved by many.

10 Deep

10 Deep
📷IG @10deep

Average price range: $16 – $185
Size range: S – 2XL (men)

Headquartered in New York, 10 Deep has been around since 1995 and is a streetwear brand inspired by skating and punk rock culture. 

10 Deep is for those who want to embrace their artistic sides and consists of epic designs and bold graphics. 

Carhartt WIP

Carhartt WIP
📷IG @carharttwip

Average price range: $13 – $280
Size range:  XS – XL (women) and S – 2XL (men)

Carhartt Work In Progress is a division of the American company, Carhartt, which was one of the first companies to pioneer workwear in the United States.

In the same vein, Carhartt WIP also focuses on functional clothing, but more stylish and marketable towards a younger demographic. 

Carhartt WIP is casual, fashionable, and of great quality that anyone can wear and feel confident and comfortable in!

The Hundreds

The Hundreds
📷IG @thehundreds

Average price range: $8 – $500
Size range: S – 2XL (men)

Founded in 2003, The Hundreds is a community-based streetwear brand inspired by ‘90s workwear and Californian subculture.

The Hundreds has worked with a ton of big and notable brands such as Disney, The NBA, and Adidas. 

If you love the California coast vibes from Stussy, you’ll absolutely fall in love with The Hundreds. 


📷IG @palaceskateboards

Average price range: $15 – $270
Size range: S – XL (men)

Inspired by the skating, punk, and hip-hop community, Palace is a clothing brand that carries cool streetwear that’s dripping with swag and style.

If you’re looking for a similar brand to Stussy that isn’t as well known, Palace is certainly the way to go. 


📷IG @ripndip

Average price range: $4 – $5,000
Size range:  XS – XL (women) and XS – 2XL (men)

RIPNDIP is definitely a brand for the skaters and the weirdos (said in the best way possible). 

The brand specializes in graphic tees, unique patterns, and fun and weird accessories. So if you’re into art, creativity, and skating culture, RIPNDIP will resonate with you.

Brain Dead

Brain Dead
📷IG @wearebraindead

Average price range: $55 – $200
Size range:  S – XL (women) and XS – 2XL (men)

Brain Dead is a creative collective of artists and designers around the world. 

Much like Stussy, the brand draws inspiration from post-punk, underground comics, skateboarding, and other essences of subculture. 

If you’re looking for a bold fashion brand to express yourself, check out Brain Dead!


With all these awesome brands like Stussy, we hope you have some extra room in your closet.

All of these brands are heavily artistic, creative, and unique, so you really can’t go wrong with any of them.