Lucas Modrall

Lucas Modrall

assortment of Aesop skincare products in orange bottles and black box

Aesop Skincare Review: Worth The Hype?

Lucas ModrallAug 3, 20228 min read

Priding themselves on vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, Aesop has built…

men's clothing pieces including denim hat, jeans, orange shoes, and black jacket

Jomashop Reviews: Is Jomashop Legit?

Lucas ModrallAug 3, 20227 min read

With a little bit of everything for consumers, Jomashop aims…

one gray Zeba tennis shoe on white backgroundt

Zeba Shoes Reviews: The Best Slip-On Sneakers?

Lucas ModrallAug 2, 20226 min read

Although laces are still an important part of most footwear,…

men's designer clothing: dress shirt, jeans, black shoes

Yoox Reviews: Is It Legit?

Lucas ModrallAug 2, 20227 min read

With how vast the fashion industry is known to be,…

man looking into camera wearing gray suit jacket, shirt, and white pants from suitsupply

Suitsupply Review: Best Custom Suits Online?

Lucas ModrallJul 28, 20228 min read

Getting a stellar-looking suit with a quality fit is only…

black shavelogic razor against blue background

Shavelogic Reviews: Best Razor For Men?

Lucas ModrallJul 28, 20227 min read

It can be challenging to find a razor you can…

closeup of person's arm and hand wearing a black watch on wrist

Touch Of Modern Reviews: Worth The Money?

Lucas ModrallJul 28, 20227 min read

Acting as a middle-man for buyers and sellers, Touch of…

one black MLO shoes against gray background

MLO Shoes Review: Do They Stand Up To The Hype?

Lucas ModrallJul 27, 20229 min read

There may be a vast number of shoe brands in…

pair of white m gemi sneakers

M Gemi Shoes Review: Luxury Or Letdown?

Lucas ModrallJul 27, 20228 min read

Some shoe brands are only worried about making a quick…

man looking off camera, wearing blue shirt and yellow backpack, holding hiking poles; greenery behind him

15 Best Outdoor Clothing Brands For Quality And Style

Lucas ModrallJul 22, 202211 min read

Whether you’re a veteran of the outdoors or simply looking…

woman with blonde hair looking at camera, smiling, wearing glasses from Liingo eyewear

Liingo Reviews: Worth The Buy?

Lucas ModrallJul 22, 20227 min read

From sunglasses, eyeglasses, blue light, and numerous other styles, Liingo…

several Teespring items such as red t-shirt, black bag, white hat, blue phone case, an green floral backpack

Teespring Reviews: Are They Worth The Time And Money?

Lucas ModrallJul 22, 20229 min read

There are quite a few companies in the clothing market…

side profile of black Indestructible Shoe

Indestructible Shoes Review: Should You Buy?

Lucas ModrallJul 22, 202210 min read

The name speaks for itself, as Indestructible Shoes aims to…

pair of brown dress shoes from Beckett Simonon

Beckett Simonon Review: Best Hand-Crafted Footwear?

Lucas ModrallJul 21, 20228 min read

Finding a footwear company that takes craftsmanship seriously might be…

Light colored bottle of perfume and cologne on biege sheet

Perfume vs Cologne: Is There A Difference?

Lucas ModrallJul 13, 20225 min read

They may sound like they’re one and the same, but…

dark blue and black Citizen Watch

Citizen Watches Review: Are They Worth The Buy?

Lucas ModrallJul 12, 20229 min read

Whether you’re an expert or novice on the matter, finding…

man in black tshirt, blue jeans from LL Bean, woman in white top, blue shorts from Patagonia

Patagonia vs LL Bean: Which Is Best For Outdoors?

Lucas ModrallJul 12, 20226 min read

The outdoor clothing and equipment market is vast and extremely…

woman looking at camera, wearing button down and white pants, man wearing gray shirt and tan pants from Buck Mason

Buck Mason Review: Best Basics For Men And Women?

Lucas ModrallJul 12, 20229 min read

Trying to find a brand that has all the wardrobe…

business casual woman in tweed jacket and light blue button down shirt

Business Casual Attire: How To Dress For Success

Lucas ModrallJul 12, 20226 min read

Office culture and style norms tend to change from one…

man looking off camera, wearing orange shirt, tan pants, and jean jacket from Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch Review: A Must-Have For Men?

Lucas ModrallJul 1, 20229 min read

With each passing generation comes a new wave in menswear…

brown and black belts on wooden table

9 Types Of Belts For Men That You Should Know

Lucas ModrallJun 24, 20226 min read

From classic styles to more eccentric designs, there are many…

group of men and women wearing different shades of pink activewear from 32 Degrees

32 Degrees Clothing Reviews: Best Activewear?

Lucas ModrallJun 23, 20228 min read

Shopping for new clothes can quickly rack up a bill,…

woman sitting on knees, dressed in all white sweatshirt and sweatpants

12 California Clothing Brands for The Coolest Fashion

Lucas ModrallJun 23, 20228 min read

It’s undeniable that California is the mecca for a vast…

person wearing gray suit and blue tie

How To Wear a Grey Suit Brown Shoes: Ultimate Guide

Lucas ModrallJun 23, 20224 min read

Looking for ways to style a grey suit with brown…

close-up of two sets of legs and feet, one person wearing athletic fit jeans and white shoes, another person wearing slim fit jeans and white shoes

Athletic Fit vs Slim Fit: How Do They Differ?

Lucas ModrallJun 17, 20224 min read

There are many variations and unique designs that come with…

woman wearing gray sweater and white pants from J Crew, another woman wearing black top, brown pants from Banana Republic

J Crew vs Banana Republic: Who Has The Best Casual Wear?

Lucas ModrallJun 17, 20226 min read

Known as a staple in many malls and shopping centers…

man wearing blue camo print Gymshark shirt, another man looking down, wearing green shirt and black shorts from Alphalete

Gymshark vs Alphalete: Which Has The Best Gym Wear?

Lucas ModrallJun 16, 20227 min read

Many different companies have taken their shot at the athletic…

black box with the words "Trendy Butler" in white across the top

Trendy Butler Review: Is This Box Worth It?

Lucas ModrallJun 16, 20228 min read

Over the last five to ten years, clothing subscription services…

woman with arm propped on man's shoulder, wearing orange outift from Alphalete, man is wearing blue outfit

Alphalete Review: Is Their Workout Gear Worth It?

Lucas ModrallJun 16, 20228 min read

If you’re looking for durable and stylish gear for the…

woman turned to side wearing white jacket and black pants from Patagonia, man looking off camera wearing teal Arcteryx jacket and gray pants

Patagonia vs Arcteryx: Which Outerwear Is Better?

Lucas ModrallJun 13, 20226 min read

The outdoors comes with many physical and mental benefits, but…