Dannica Ramirez

Dannica Ramirez

Dannica Ramirez is a content writer for ClothedUp. If she’s not writing, she’s probably reading, re-watching Charmed (1998) for the fifth time, perfecting her latte art, or playing Pokemon Go (yes, it’s still a thing). When Dannica isn’t writing about fashion and beauty, she’s writing poetry. Find her on Instagram @dcrpoetry

How To Clean Leather Purses: The Ultimate Guide

How To Clean Leather Purses: The Ultimate Guide

Dannica RamirezFeb 23, 20234 min read

Most of the time, buying a leather purse is an investment, especially if you’re buying a sought-after designer brand like Gucci or Fendi (side note: love the latest Fendi bags, the…

14 Best Gender-Neutral Clothing Brands

14 Best Gender-Neutral Clothing Brands Everyone Can Enjoy

Dannica RamirezFeb 22, 20236 min read

Fashion is one of the most fluid expressive movements that there is. Regardless of gender, fashion has always been for everyone and has always been able to push boundaries and…


Here’s How You Can Get Designer Perfumes For Cheap

Dannica RamirezFeb 20, 20234 min read

Calling all the perfume girlies and all the aspiring perfume girlies—we’ve got a hack for you that you don’t want to pass up.  We know that buying perfume can be…

I Dew Care Review

I Dew Care Reviews: What Do We Think?

Dannica RamirezFeb 20, 20237 min read

If there’s one thing I love, it’s when beauty brands don’t take themselves too seriously. If the packaging is cute, themed, and colorful, I’m immediately on board. Like, who wouldn’t…

8 Best The Ordinary Products

8 Best The Ordinary Products For Acne Scars

Dannica RamirezFeb 11, 20236 min read

The Ordinary is a popular beauty brand known for being effective and affordable (we’re not kidding, you can make a whole skincare routine for under $30).  The Ordinary prides itself…

AW Bridal Review

AW Bridal Reviews: Should You Buy?

Dannica RamirezFeb 11, 20236 min read

Note: This post is sponsored, meaning we charged the brand a fee to write an honest review. Writers & editors are not influenced by the sponsor and only share their…

12 Best Luxury Shoe Brands

12 Best Luxury Shoe Brands To Make a Statement

Dannica RamirezFeb 9, 20236 min read

If you’re looking for a sign to splurge on a new pair of beautiful shoes, this is your chance.  Our feet take us everywhere from Point A to Point B,…

Luxury Perfume

13 Best Luxury Perfume Brands, Period

Dannica RamirezFeb 9, 20237 min read

The perfume girlies know one of the best compliments you can receive is “you smell so good.”  If you’re looking to up your fragrance game or you’re curious to see…

10 Stores Like Bloomingdales

10 Stores Like Bloomingdales to Add to Your Wardrobe

Dannica RamirezJan 31, 20235 min read

Bloomingdales, more casually known as Bloomies, is an iconic department store that all fashionistas and shopping fanatics alike know and love.  Bloomies is known for carrying luxury and high-end designers…

10 Stores Like Torrid

9 Stores Like Torrid For Plus-Size Finds

Dannica RamirezJan 30, 20235 min read

In this day and age, shopping should be all-inclusive for plus-sized bodies because everyone deserves to have a wide variety of stylish choices for their wardrobe. Torrid is one of…

17 Stores Like Tiger Mist

16 Stores Like Tiger Mist You Need In Your Life

Dannica RamirezJan 28, 20237 min read

Tiger Mist is an online retailer based in Melbourne, Australia best known for its wide collection of sexy dresses with bold cutouts and plunging necklines.  With a large social media…

20 Stores Like Ross

19 Stores Like Ross to Score The Best Deals

Dannica RamirezJan 27, 20239 min read

Some people frequent bars and clubs, others frequent Ross (if you frequent both, more power to you).  Ross is a magical place because it has everything you need within its…

Shopbop reviews

Is Shopbop Legit? Everything You Need to Know

Dannica RamirezJan 27, 20236 min read

Shopping online has several benefits, and one of them includes having access to almost any clothing brand with just the click of a button.  If you ever get tired of…

Garage Clothing Review

Garage Clothing Review: What’s The Hype?

Dannica RamirezJan 26, 20236 min read

Garage clothing is a Canadian-made fashion brand that’s all about keeping up with the latest trends (and making new ones).  Garage has a significant presence on social media, but how…

Good Molecules Review

Good Molecules Review: What You Should Know

Dannica RamirezJan 22, 20238 min read

Finding your perfect skincare routine takes a lot of trial and error. There are so many skincare brands and products that shopping for them can be a little overwhelming. However,…

shoes to wear with dresses

10 Best Shoes To Wear With Dresses (Ultimate Guide)

Dannica RamirezJan 21, 20237 min read

Shoes can make or break an outfit. Even better, shoes can elevate an outfit. Shoes have an undeniable power, and when wielded correctly, nothing can stop you.  Except for maybe…

Made Trade Review

Made Trade Reviews: What You Need To Know

Dannica RamirezJan 15, 20236 min read

Made Trade is all about being the hub for ethical and sustainable goods.  From home goods, bedding, and clothes, to even jewelry, Made Trade’s got it and isn’t afraid to…

James Allen Review

James Allen Reviews: Do They Make The Cut?

Dannica RamirezJan 7, 20237 min read

Hunting for the perfect engagement ring can feel like you’re in a maze—confusing, kind of scary, and tiring.  There are so many options out there and so many diamonds to…

Best MAC Nude Lipstick

10 Best MAC Nude Lipsticks To Obsess Over

Dannica RamirezJan 7, 20235 min read

Classic and true, MAC Cosmetics is an iconic makeup brand that every makeup artist and beauty enthusiast has heard about.  Offering a huge selection of products, MAC is known for…

The Pearl Source

The Pearl Source Reviews: What You Should Know

Dannica RamirezJan 6, 20236 min read

The power of pearl jewelry—classy, pure, and timeless.  If you love pearl jewelry or if you want to learn more about pearls, meet The Pearl Source.  The Pearl Source offers…

Teddy Blake Reviews

Teddy Blake Reviews: What You Should Know

Dannica RamirezJan 3, 20238 min read

Being able to easily afford a luxury handbag is definitely the dream, but in the wake of Birkins and Chanel purses, shopping high-end can feel like it costs an arm…

Best Organic Cotton Clothing Brands

21 Organic Cotton Clothing Brands for Ultimate Comfort

Dannica RamirezJan 2, 202313 min read

Cotton is a trusty and long-time friend of the fashion and beauty world. Like, we stan cotton. Not only is cotton versatile, light, and fluffy, but it’s also durable, hypoallergenic, insulating,…

Best Jewelry Rental Services

8 Best Jewelry Rental Services to Shop Now

Dannica RamirezDec 30, 20227 min read

Buying quality jewelry can get expensive, especially if you always like trying out new styles and the latest trends. Luckily, there’s an alternative to purchasing new jewelry all the time:…

Brook & York Review

Brook & York Reviews: Is It Worth Your Money?

Dannica RamirezDec 28, 20226 min read

There’s no denying that jewelry is a form of self-expression (and oftentimes a symbol of love), and everyone deserves to have access to things that make them feel like the…


MatchesFashion Review: Worth the Hype?

Dannica RamirezDec 23, 20226 min read

Luxury fashion is just that — a luxury. Designer brands are not the most affordable, but they should at least be accessible. That’s where MatchesFashion comes in. Hailed to be…

Charles & Colvard Review

Charles and Colvard Reviews: Are Their Diamonds Worth It?

Dannica RamirezDec 23, 20225 min read

Engagement season is upon us  — and we’re here to help. When it comes to buying engagement rings, there are a lot of options out there, and it’s important to shop…

Nood Review

Nood Reviews: Is This Hair Removal Tool Worth It?

Dannica RamirezDec 23, 20227 min read

Having body hair is a normal human thing to have, but that doesn’t mean we have to keep it (nothing wrong with keeping it, either)!  Shaving, waxing, hair removal lotions…

Radiant Cut vs Emerald Cut Diamonds: What’s the Difference?

Radiant Cut vs Emerald Cut Diamonds: What’s the Difference?

Dannica RamirezDec 19, 20224 min read

If you’re looking for a rectangular diamond shape that’s a little less traditional and will show off your beautiful stone, a radiant cut or an emerald cut is never a…

13 Stores Like Jaded London

13 Stores Like Jaded London You’ll Fall In Love With

Dannica RamirezDec 19, 20226 min read

Jaded London is a popular clothing brand that offers street-style apparel heavily influenced by grunge and punk culture styles. They are a unique and venerable brand that is heavy on…

Beverly Diamonds Review

Beverly Diamonds Review: Is This Jeweler Worth It?

Dannica RamirezDec 17, 20227 min read

Buying an engagement ring and shopping for the perfect stone can be tough and overwhelming, especially when there are so many different options out there.  Of course, you want to…