Laurice Wardini

Laurice Wardini

Laurice is the co-founder and head editor of ClothedUp. She is passionate about fashion and beauty – she has tried hundreds of brands & products and loves sharing her recommendations with the world. You'll typically find her brainstorming content ideas, trying a new hobby, shopping for the latest styles, experimenting with beauty products, or exploring a new country. ✨ As a content creator of 6+ years, she loves sharing her ideas, research, and expertise with others.

26 Stores Like Madewell to Upgrade Your Closet

26 Stores Like Madewell to Upgrade Your Closet

Laurice WardiniOct 13, 202016 min read

It’s always exciting to find new brands and stores similar to your favorite brands. However, finding these can be harder than you’d think. If you’re a fan of Madewell, we’ve…

revtown jeans review 2020

My Revtown Jeans Review in 2022: Is Their Denim Worth It?

Laurice WardiniOct 13, 20206 min read

Disclaimer: All products in this review were purchased with my own money.   Why does it seem like finding a high-quality, comfortable, and flattering pair of jeans is like finding a…

Best Vegan Clothing Brands

11 Best Vegan Clothing Brands (Affordable + Stylish)

Laurice WardiniOct 12, 20205 min read

While most people think of food when they think of veganism, the lifestyle spans beyond a diet. Animals (and people) may be harmed in the making of your favorite outfits,…

My Everlane Jeans Review: Is Their Denim Worth It?

My Everlane Jeans Review: Is Their Denim Worth It?

Laurice WardiniOct 9, 20208 min read

Wondering if Everlane really does carry the best denim ever? Read our in-depth Everlane Jeans Review to find out! When it comes to finding the right jeans, the options can…

squat proof leggings

8 Squat Proof Leggings For All Your Workout Needs

Laurice WardiniOct 7, 20205 min read

We’ve all made the mistake of purchasing low-quality leggings, only to get to the gym with a friend who tells us they can see our underwear (or worse) while we…

best butt lifting leggings 2020

24 Best Butt Lifting Leggings to Enhance Your Booty

Laurice WardiniOct 6, 202011 min read

Leggings have become a norm in everyday life, from the gym to the couch. They’re beyond comfortable and way better than trying to fit into those skinny jeans. But, did…

sephora birthday gift 2021

Sephora Birthday Gift 2022: Which is the Best?

Laurice WardiniOct 6, 20205 min read

One of the biggest perks of shopping at Sephora is your birthday month. If you’re not familiar with this, throughout the entire month of your birthday, Sephora allows you to…

kitten heels 2020

Kitten Heels 101: What They Are + How to Style Them

Laurice WardiniOct 6, 20204 min read

Sexy, timeless & classy- the kitten heel has been around for centuries. This is a style that truly never dies! Today, we wanted to give it the love it deserves.…

best unscented lotion 2020

10 Best Fragrance Free, Unscented Lotions

Laurice WardiniOct 3, 20206 min read

When it comes to products we put on our skin (especially our face), we want to be cautious. For those of us with sensitive skin or are allergic to fragrance,…

stores like brandy melville 2020

21 Stores Like Brandy Melville in 2023

Laurice WardiniOct 1, 202010 min read

Nothing beats finding a twin brand of our favorite brands. I’m talking about brands with the same style, same look, and similar prices. For that reason, we wanted to go…

Best Designer Passport

10 Best Designer Passport Holders for Luxurious Travelers

Laurice WardiniSep 30, 20205 min read

Whether you have a sturdy suitcase or an organized wallet, organization is the key to smooth travel. One of the best ways to keep organized is with a passport holder!…

best matte top coat 2020

Best Matte Top Coat + Nail Polishes of 2022

Laurice WardiniSep 23, 20205 min read

There’s something about matte nail polish that just screams elegance. Thankfully, matte nails are making a comeback all over again! Today, we’re going to talk about the best matte nail…

madewell jeans review 2020

Madewell Jeans Review: Worth it?

Laurice WardiniSep 23, 20208 min read

Madewell specializes in quality clothing, and more specifically, jeans. We’ve seen nearly every Madewell jeans review say this is the place to find the jeans of your dreams, but, is…

trunk club review 2020

My Trunk Club Review (2022) – Is This Stylist Service Worth It?

Laurice WardiniSep 22, 20208 min read

Trying to decide if Trunk Club is right for you? Keep reading our in-depth Trunk Club review to help you decide! While the idea of personal stylist services is great,…

reformation reviews 2020

My Reformation Reviews: Is This Eco-Friendly Brand Worth It?

Laurice WardiniSep 22, 20206 min read

Reformation is known for their sustainable and high-quality clothing that is truly unique. From jeans to dresses, tops, and even wedding pieces, they’ve truly got it all. But honestly, are…

stores like free people 2020

25 Stores like Free People for Bohemian Inspired Clothes

Laurice WardiniSep 22, 202016 min read

Free People is a unique store with a bohemian vibe that’s hard to replicate. However, there are a few brands that offer a similar style. If you’re searching for stores…

11 Stores Like Forever 21 For Inexpensive Fashion Finds

11 Stores Like Forever 21 For Inexpensive Fashion Finds

Laurice WardiniSep 18, 20205 min read

Shopping at one store all the time can get bored, which is why we’ve created this list of stores like Forever 21! Whether you’re looking for inexpensive clothes or trendy…

gwynnie bee reviews 2020

My Gwynnie Bee Reviews: What You Should Know

Laurice WardiniSep 18, 20206 min read

Gwynnie Bee, the rental clothing brand that mastered plus size styling, has finally made its expansion to all sizes! Today, I will be going over my Gwynnie Bee reviews and…

best minimalist jewelry brands

18 Best Minimalist Jewelry Brands

Laurice WardiniSep 17, 20209 min read

There’s just something about jewelry that adds luxury, confidence & class to every outfit (even if you’re just lazing around). One popular trend that’s here to stay is minimalist jewelry.…

betabrand reviews 2020

My Betabrand Reviews: Are “Professional” Yoga Pants Worth It?

Laurice WardiniSep 17, 20209 min read

Recently, I stumbled across social media ads for Betabrand and discovered their classy yoga pants that doubled as work pants. I was excited at the possibility of being able to…

My Frank and Oak Review (2023): What to Expect

My Frank and Oak Review (2023): What to Expect

Laurice WardiniSep 15, 20207 min read

Whether you’re always on the go, have trouble picking out styles, or just want to upgrade your closet, Frank and Oak is the perfect solution. This stylist subscription service offers…

collage of images from dresslily.

My Dresslily Reviews 2023: Is It Worth It?

Laurice WardiniSep 15, 20209 min read

Earlier this year, I made a purchase from Dresslily and figured I would write my honest Dresslily reviews on their dresses and plus-size options. Months later, I’ve learned just about…

23 Best Bras of 2021

23 Best Bras of 2023 (Every Shape, Size, and Budget)

Laurice WardiniSep 11, 202014 min read

Bras are just one of those things that we love to collect, but finding a good bra can be hard. A lot of the time, the bras we tend to…

16 Best Alien Costume Ideas for 2023 (DIY + More)

16 Best Alien Costume Ideas for 2023 (DIY + More)

Laurice WardiniSep 11, 20206 min read

The holidays are a lovely time of year where we all get to get together with loved ones and friends, eat great food, and get creative! But when I say…

Adore Me Reviews

My Honest Adore Me Reviews – Is It Worth It?

Laurice WardiniSep 10, 20207 min read

There’s nothing quite like putting on your favorite pair of lingerie and dancing around the house. Unfortunately, many types of lingerie aren’t very comfy. Having heard great things about Adore…

How to Wear a Beret Like a French Queen

How to Wear a Beret Like a French Queen

Laurice WardiniSep 10, 20204 min read

When it comes to fashion accessories, some of the greatest come in the form of headwear. From scarves to scrunchies, they all have their own way of making a statement.…

How To Be a Baddie 101: Baddie Outfits + More

How To Be a Baddie 101: Baddie Outfits + More

Laurice WardiniSep 8, 20206 min read

If you scroll through sexy girls on Instagram and wish you could live that lifestyle, you’re in the right spot. Being an Insta baddie isn’t as hard as you think…

most expensive clothing brands

15 Most Expensive Clothing Brands in 2023

Laurice WardiniSep 8, 20207 min read

When it comes to fashion, there are some brands that just speak for themselves. All you have to do is look at a style and know that it’s them (think…

how to clean suede shoes

How to Clean Suede Shoes (Using Household Products)

Laurice WardiniSep 8, 20205 min read

Suede shoes are a fashion trend that has been around for centuries. Whether you’re going for a casual or stylish look, suede shoes always have your back. But, as nice…

17 Best Clothing Subscription Boxes of 2023 (For Women + Men)

17 Best Clothing Subscription Boxes of 2023 (For Women + Men)

Laurice WardiniSep 8, 20208 min read

Everyone loves clothes, especially when it comes to shopping for them online. It’s easy, convenient, affordable, and you don’t even need to put pants on for it! Clothing subscription boxes…