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23 Best Bras of 2023 (Every Shape, Size, and Budget)

Last Updated: March 2, 2023

Bras are just one of those things that we love to collect, but finding a good bra can be hard. A lot of the time, the bras we tend to like are either too expensive, low quality, or don’t fit. You may not even know where to buy the best bras to begin with. But never fear, ladies, we’ve got your back! Today, we’ve put together an article of the best bras on the market in a variety of different categories to help ensure you’re getting something cute, comfortable, sexy & affordable! So, without further ado, let’s get started!

How to Choose the Right Bra 

Before we begin, how do you even choose the right bra with the best fit? Of course, you can always experiment with different sizes until you find the one for you, but nobody has time for that. An easier way is to simply measure your breasts. This is always a good idea to do after a few months, as our weight tends to fluctuate & hormonal changes can also give us a different size over time. 

Ultimately, we aren’t going to be able to name the universally best bra. Your best bra will be unique to your own size & your own breasts, so it never hurts to experiment. 

How to measure?

You’ll want to measure under your breast to get your band size and in the center of your breasts for your bust size. Then, subtract the band size from the bust size. This will give you the most accurate measurement of what bra size to get. 

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Of course, we did our very best picking a variety of bras of different comfort, size, & support to help you find the best bra.

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Best Affordable Bras

To kick things off, we wanted to start with something on the more cost-friendly side. But when it comes to affordable bras, there can be a lot to choose from. But lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of the best affordable bras you’re going to love. Read on to find the best fit for your style. 

Aerie – Real Sunnie Full Coverage Lightly Lined Bra

One of the best affordable bra brands is Aerie. But, with so many bras to choose from, what’s the top choice? In our opinion, Aerie Real Sunnie Full Coverage Lightly Lined Bra is where it’s at. It’s simple, chic, & known as being one of the best bras for comfort. 

Women rave over this bra for its comfortable fit & ability to smooth down any & bulging & unwanted lines. Not to mention it’s super cheap, priced at only around $25 when on sale!


GapBody – Favorite Coverage Bra

Another great affordable option is the Gapbody Favorite Coverage Bra. If you’ve struggled with ordering the wrong size in the past, you’ll never have to worry about that with this bra.

It’s super comfortable, has great support, and is true to size. And not to mention, it’s usually under $20 when on sale. Um, I’ll take 10, please!


Nordstrom Rack – All Dressed Up Contour Bra

Moving onto everyone’s favorite, Nordstrom Rack. While they’re full of affordable & sexy bras, one of our favorites is the Wacoal All Dressed Up Contour Bra.

This is one of the bestsellers on the website, & there’s a reason. This bra is sturdy, comfortable, & perfect if you’re sick of bras with dense padding. And get this, it’s only $28 – cha-ching!


Adore Me – Kati Pink Floral Contour Bra

This Adore Me bra not only feels like summer, but it’s also breathtaking to look at & super comfortable on top of it. The company offers your first VIP set for $25, so it’s a steal!

You do have to sign up for their monthly membership, but it’s easy to cancel (or it’s well worth the monthly cost if you want a cute lingerie set every month).

Bras with the Best Support

If you’re looking for a little extra support in your life, these bras are sure to help. Here are a few of the best bras for support.


Spanx – Undie-tectable Better Bandeau 

A feature we had to include for Spanx is our favorite support bra because sometimes, you just need a little extra support in your life. Our favorite is the Undie-tectable Better Bandeau. Known for its support & truly invisible lining, this bra has the perfect no-bra feeling.

Although it is strapless, it stays right where you put it & really helps to support your girls (which is rare for a strapless). With all the support this bra holds, it only costs $48.

Playtex – Non Wired Bra Ideal Beauty Lace 

Next on the list is Playtex. Known widely for its incredible support, no matter your breast size, we narrowed down our top pick to one special bra in particular. We chose the Non-wired Bra in Black & Grey – Ideal Beauty Lace as our number one, as this is one of the most comfortable bras. Designed to make you feel sexy no matter what you do, this bra is quality, adjustable, & truly helps to keep everything in place. You’ll never have to worry about your straps falling with this bad boy or that aching feeling of a bad bra.


Thirdlove – 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra

Next, we had to include Thirdlove. This company known for their comfort has some of the best bras on the market, our favorite being the 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra. While the design of this bra is very simple, it is very comfortable, supportive & makes you just feel good (just like a bestie).

While it’s more expensive than others mentioned above, priced at around $70, you can guarantee you’ll never find another bra quite like this one. Trust us; there’s a reason this bra has nearly 45k positive reviews.


Wacoal – Embrace Lace Push-up Bra

And lastly, Wacoal is where it’s at, & a great support bra from them is the Embrace Lace Push-up bra. This bra has it all; the alluring appearance, the natural confidence booster, & provides excellent hold. It’s comfortable & one of the best bras for lift & side support.

Not to mention it is adjustable & can have the padding removed is so desired. And all of this for only $52?

Best Push-up Bras

Every girl needs at least one good push-up bra to hold her up on those hard days. Here are a few of our favorites that are some of the best on the market.


Victoria’s Secret  – Push-up Strapless Bra 

When it comes to push-up bras, we had to throw in our girl Victoria’s Secret, as they’re known for their incredible push-up effect! One of our favorites is the Push-up Strapless Bra. This bra is not only jaw-droppingly gorgeous, but it also provides an incredible lift for a very flattering natural breast enhancement.

Women have claimed an increase in cup size but up to 2 times their normal size when wearing this beauty. Not to mention, this bra has virtually no lining, pairing nicely with thin material clothing! Where have you been all my life?


Spanx – Pillow Cup Signature Push-up Plunge Bra

And lastly, Spanx is another great brand known for its support. Because let’s be honest, sometimes you need a little extra support in your life & ya’ man ain’t helping! And while Spanx has many fabulous bras, our bra of choice is the Pillow Cup Signature Push-up Plunge Bra.

Because of its gel padding, it is one of the best bras for lift & natural appearance if you’re more about that natural life. Not to mention, thanks to new 3D technology, you’ll be able to achieve your perkiest shape easily when wearing this bra.


Calvin Klein – Sculpted Plunge Push-up Bra

Next on the list is everyone’s favorite brand, Calvin Klein. Our bra of choice from Calvin is the Sculpted Plunge Push-up Bra that is designed for double the support.

This bra is favored by many as the most comfortable bra when it comes to push-ups. It is also fawned over for it’s true to size fit, & it’s high-quality fabrics & construction. Overall, this is an excellent high-end bra for everyone.

Best Sexy Bras

Next, we all need a bra that makes us feel sexy & beautiful. And with these particular bras, we guarantee you’ll feel more beautiful than ever. Here are our top picks for sexy bras.


Victoria’s Secret – Wicked Unlined Balconette Bra 

Another great pick from Victoria’s Secret that’s more on the sexy side is the Wicked Unlined Balconette Bra. This is one of the sexiest bras we could find on their website, & we’re living for it.

With Chantilly lace & ribbons, this is a perfect bra for adding a little sexy flair to any outfit. It even comes with a gentle push up effect for a flattering, yet natural-looking enhancement, with the ability to also remove the padding for a completely natural look!


Bluebella – Nova Bra

The gorgeous Bluebella is known widely for their sexy lingerie with some of the most alluring bras on the market, our favorite being Nova Bra Black. Being the #1 bestselling bra on their site, this flawless open-cup bra will make you feel wild, adventurous, & sexy.

It’s extravagant, chic, & pairs perfectly with other provocative pieces. So, if you’re ready to feel like the goddess you are, grab yourself a Nova bra.


Adore Me – Kimmy Pushup

While we already featured Adore Me in a section above, we want to feature one of their more sexy pieces, the Kimmy Pushup. This flirtatious true-to-size piece is perfect for spicing up a wild night of fantasies & fun. 

With this natural lift & low-cut pair, you’ll feel like a queen of seduction when you wear this. And get this, it’s super cheap for your first set, priced at only $25. Talk about goals!

Best Bras for Sports + Activity

It can be tough finding a good sports bra, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there. Sometimes, you just have to look harder. Here are our favorite sports bras for support & comfort that we know you’ll love!


Fabletics – Kessler Medium Impact Sports Bra

The Kessler Medium-Impact Sports Bra is a diamond in the rough. With a 4.6 rating, one of the top comments is that it’s a very good fitting bra (and we absolutely agree). The style is simple yet attractive, with the necessary support to get through your everyday life. 

This is also a great top to wear out casually with your girls for some yoga or exercise. And trust us, you’re bound to get some compliments!

Nike – Nike Indy Women’s Light Support

Nike is just one of those brands that everyone wants to rock when they work out, but perhaps their most popular pieces are their sports bras. One of the best bras is the Nike Indy Women’s Light-Support. 

This bra provides perfect support for yoga, pilates, running, you name it! It’s also mesh with added adjustable straps to offer you breathability as well.


Lululemon – The Rejuvenate Bra 

Who doesn’t love Lululemon? While all of their clothing is amazing & high quality, perhaps some of their best pieces are their sports bras. 

The Rejuvenate Bra is soft, supportive, and lightweight. It’s perfect for yoga-doers & athletic women alike. Because of its careful design, you barely even notice it’s there, which is rare with bras nowadays.

Best Luxurious Bras


Agent Provocateur – Leisha Plunge Underwire Bra 

When we talk about luxurious bras, Agent Provocateur always comes to mind. Provocateur has some of the highest quality bras on the market that you definitely won’t find anywhere else. One of their sexiest & most luxurious bras is the Leisha Plunge Underwire Bra. 

Accompanied with bows & lace, this is one of the hottest bras in their shop. Designed to be sexy and comfortable, this bra will have you feeling comfortable, sexy, and empowered.


Bluebella – Marseille Bra 

Bluebella has some of the best luxury bras on the market. From sexy, provocative, or chic, you’ll find some of the highest quality pieces, our favorite being the Marseille Bra. This floral lace bra is drop-dead gorgeous & is truly mesmerizing. 

Designed for a perfect fit, you’ll feel divine flaunting this empowering bra. Women rave on this piece for its ability to awaken confidence they didn’t know they had. If that isn’t special, I don’t know what is! The Marseille is a little steep at $62, but with how good it can make you feel, it’s not that bad of a price!

Best Bras for Large Busts

And a little something extra for our big-busted ladies here’s our top pick for bras for larger busts.

Hanes – Womens Ultimate T-Shirt Soft Foam Underwire

One of the best bras for large busts is the Hanes Women’s Ultimate T-Shirt Soft Foam Underwire. Extremely comfortable with designs for curvy women, this beauty is guaranteed to hold everything in place & offer you the right amount of lift without the annoying padding. Simple, chic, & durable, you don’t want to miss out on this bra. 

Best Bras for Small Busts

But if you’re petite, we’ve got a little something for you, too. Here’s our top pick for small-breasted ladies.


Wacoal – Embrace Lace Deep-V Bralette

One of the best bras for us petite ladies would be Wacoal Embrace Lace Deep-V Bralette. Perfect for those on the smaller side, this sheer bralette is flattering, comfortable, and stylish. It helps to add even shape & keep your breasts in place. Talk about perfection! 

Best Front Closure Bras

If your style is more with a front closure, we have the best bra for you.


Calvin Klein – Multi-Way Push-Up Bra 

If you’re looking for an excellent front closure bra, our favorite is this babe from Calvin Klein. This bra is very convertible – it’s designed for you to be able to change it to crisscross, t-back, or whatever way you prefer to wear your bra. 

This can change the look & feel of the bra entirely, making it much more suited to your needs! How many bras do you know that do that? It’s comfortable, soft, and perfect for those looking for a front hook style!

Best Adhesive Bras

And a special bra for those sexy date nights here’s the best adhesive bra to keep you feel sexy & free.


Cleavage Contour Stick on Bra 

And lastly, the best bra if you’re looking for something adhesive, is the Cleavage Contour’s Backless, Strapless, Push-up, Stick on Wing Style Bra (talk about a mouthful). This beautiful bra is not only adhesive and stays put, but it helps to support & enhance your cleavage.

Women claim that it adds up to 2 cup sizes to your breast instantly, providing a gorgeous natural breast enhancement. It’s comfortable and has some of the best support.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, there’re many different bras on the market of all different shapes & sizes, but we believe these to be some of the absolute hottest out there. Whether you’re looking for simple, affordable, sexy, or chic, these bras are some of the best in the business. So, spoil yourself & shop some of these beautiful bras, & live like the beautiful goddess you are. You deserve to feel confident & sexy, girl, so what’re you waiting for?

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