My Honest Rosegal Review (2021): Is It Legit?

Last Updated: August 13, 2021

When it comes to stocking up our closet, who doesn’t love saving money? Rosegal is one of many inexpensive overseas brands that make having a larger wardrobe accessible to many of us. Many Rosegal reviews are terrible, while others are great. So, a few months ago, I decided to take the risk and try it out. 

Turns out, there are some great finds as long as you take some precautions and are willing to take the risk (which is pretty easy to do considering they have free returns). Keep reading my Rosegal review to learn about their sizing, coupons, my experience with the quality, and tips for shopping from this retailer! 

RoseGal Sizing Guide

RoseGal is notorious for not having true American sizing, much like many other overseas clothing brands. My experience along with many others has been that the sizes usually run 1–2 sizes too large. 

I make sure that I check the sizing on EVERYTHING prior to purchasing. Trust me, if you find something you love and want to purchase, take the extra time to get your measurements. Their sizing guide is really easy to use. I wish I didn’t have to check the sizing on all my purchases, but I can’t complain – the price makes it worth it! 

Shipping Speed

How long does it take to get stuff from RoseGal? I’m sure you’ve read that receiving products from RoseGal can be a major problem. Fortunately from my experience, I can’t say that’s necessarily true. In the 4 orders I’ve placed in the past five months, all of them came within the 7-15 business days. 

This definitely isn’t Amazon Prime speed, but it’s not horrible. You can check out the estimated shipping times for your county – I can’t guarantee that these estimates will be correct, but it’s been close from my experience.

What Is RoseGal Clothing Quality Like?

Here’s the deal with RoseGal (and many similar companies), you never know the quality of clothing you’ll get. Some of the purchases I’ve made (mostly swimsuits and dresses) have been decent quality, while others have been very subpar and even a couple very bad quality. Multiple items I’ve absolutely LOVED, while others left me feeling upset and had to be returned. 

Overall, if you decide to purchase something from them, make sure you check the sizing as well as read what others are saying in the reviews on particular products. If you spend a little extra time, you can maximize the likelihood of getting what you see online. Don’t cut corners!

Can you get your money back from Rosegal?

Yes, Rosegal offers free returns as long as the items are unwashed and unworn. Their typical policy is within 30 days, but they’ve extended it to 60 days because of the pandemic. My returning experience was nothing to complain about. I paid with Paypal and received my refund in 6 days (3 days over what they said, but it wasn’t a big deal).  

Is Rosegal Legit?

Yes, RoseGal is a legit online clothing store. They have a huge selection of women’s clothing and I’ve always received everything I have purchased from them. The only thing to watch out for is quality, but you can always return things you’re not a fan of. 

My Tips For Purchasing From RoseGal

These are my top tips for shopping when shopping at RoseGal:

  • Make your first purchase during a sale and/or coupon! If you don’t like what you get, at least you didn’t spend a lot. 
  • Don’t be discouraged by reading RoseGal reviews. I was in the same place five months ago and decided to go against the grain – overall, I’m glad I tried it and I’ve purchased some great pieces that I love. 
  • Read the size charts and take your measurements to ensure you get the truest fit. They have a user-friendly chart you can use! 
  • Mix it up! Don’t fill your closet only with RoseGal and similar cheap brands, invest in some high-quality clothing that will last a long time. 
  • Try some other cheap online clothing stores you like best. I suggest taking a look at Zaful, SheIn, and LovelyWholesale as I’ve liked these a bit better than Rosegal. 
  • Take your time! RoseGal can be overwhelming! They have so many items that might not be your style. It’s going to take time to find something you love and when you do it will be worth the effort

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Comparing Rosegal Alternatives 

If you’re hesitant to pull the trigger due to all the negative Rosegal reviews, there are some similar options that might seem like less of a risk. Below, I’ve compared three of my favorite overseas retailers that I’ve had a better overall experience with when it comes to quality and ease of shopping.  


– Keeps up with the latest trends

– You have to pay for returns

– Quality is more consistent than other alternatives

– Average of $10 to $30 per item (additional discounts usually available)
– Keeps up with the latest trends

– Free returns within 30 days

– Quality varies (make sure to read reviews for each item) 

– Average of $5 to $20 per item

– Great first-time order deals

– You have to pay for returns

– Quality varies (make sure to read reviews for each item) 

– Average of $15 to $30 per item (additional discounts usually available)

Bottom Line

Overall, I’d definitely recommend giving Rosegal a shot if you’re looking to save some serious money. Although you might get some duds, they’re one of the few overseas retailers that offer free returns, so you might as well take advantage of that!

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