Laurice Wardini

Laurice Wardini

Laurice is the co-founder and head editor of ClothedUp. She is passionate about fashion and beauty – she has tried hundreds of brands & products and loves sharing her recommendations with the world. You'll typically find her brainstorming content ideas, trying a new hobby, shopping for the latest styles, experimenting with beauty products, or exploring a new country. ✨ As a content creator of 6+ years, she loves sharing her ideas, research, and expertise with others.

best natural lip balm

14 Best Natural Lip Balms To Keep Your Lips Plump

Laurice WardiniJan 5, 20215 min read

Keeping your lips hydrated is a must in both dry hot weather and dry cold weather. If you have sensitive lips (or just like to use all natural products), these…

vegan makeup brands at sephora

20 Best Vegan Makeup Brands at Sephora in 2023

Laurice WardiniJan 5, 20218 min read

Although it’s easy to think your favorite mascara is harmless, there are good chances it might not be cruelty-free. If you’re a Sephora-shopper, we’ve put together a list of the…

best sweater brands 2021

20 Best Sweater Brands for Cozy, Quality Sweaters

Laurice WardiniJan 4, 202110 min read

Everyone needs a good sweater (or ten) in their closet. And let’s face it, some brands just do it better than others. So, we’ve put together a list of the…

best lululemon dupes 2021

11 Best LuluLemon Dupes (From Tik Tok & Beyond)

Laurice WardiniJan 3, 20215 min read

Although we know and love Lululemon as one of the top legging brands, a lot of us don’t love their prices. While you can always shop secondhand, you can still…

canada goose alternatives

12 Best Canada Goose Alternatives to Keep Warm This Winter

Laurice WardiniJan 3, 20216 min read

Although Canada Goose is one of the top brands for winter parkas and coats that will keep you warm in extreme weather, the price tag is not do-able for most…

beauty blender dupes

6 Best Beauty Blender Dupes That Are Better Than the Original

Laurice WardiniJan 2, 20213 min read

As great as the Beauty Blender is, nobody wants to spend $20 on a single sponge. Luckily, there are plenty of high-quality beauty blender dupes from more affordable makeup brands,…

stores like charlotte russe

19 Stores like Charlotte Russe for Affordable, Trendy Clothing

Laurice WardiniJan 1, 20217 min read

Love Charlotte Russe? As cute as their styles are, sometimes the quality isn’t on-par. Or, maybe you just want to find some new stores to shop at! Luckily, there are…

26 Best Face Masks to Stay Safe in 2021

26 Best Face Masks to Stay Safe in 2021

Laurice WardiniDec 31, 20208 min read

During these uncertain times, everyone has to wear a face mask everywhere. This can get uncomfortable and hot, but it’s crazy how much difference a high-quality face mask makes. If…

11 Stores like Zara for Timeless Fashion in 2023

11 Stores like Zara for Timeless Fashion in 2023

Laurice WardiniDec 30, 20205 min read

Most fashion-forward individuals know and love Zara. But, we can’t always shop at the same store, so we’ve shared a few of the top stores like Zara to expand your…

stores like marshalls

11 Stores like Marshall’s for Affordable Clothes + More

Laurice WardiniDec 29, 20204 min read

Who doesn’t love Marshall’s? With fantastic deals on brands you know and love, it’s hard to resist. But, there’s only so many times you can shop at this store in…

9 Best Jeffree Star Unicorn Blood Dupes

9 Best Jeffree Star Unicorn Blood Dupes

Laurice WardiniDec 28, 20204 min read

Whether you’ve decided to stop supporting Jeffree Star for various reasons or just want a cheaper alternative, one things for sure: you’re going to need some Jeffree Star Unicorn Blood…

stores like everlane

20 Stores like Everlane for Quality, Sustainable Clothes

Laurice WardiniDec 27, 202010 min read

We all love Everlane for high-quality clothes that are also sustainable. But are there any stores like Everlane to help expand our wardrobe with the same type of items? There…

15 Cheap Makeup Brands That Don’t Suck

15 Cheap Makeup Brands That Don’t Suck

Laurice WardiniDec 23, 20206 min read

Buying cheap makeup can be a hit or miss. To avoid disappointment as much as possible, check out some of the top cheap makeup brands out there that tend to…

14 Stores like Nordstrom Rack for Discounted Designer

14 Stores like Nordstrom Rack for Discounted Designer

Laurice WardiniDec 22, 20206 min read

We all know and love Nordstrom Rack for their fantastic deals on high-quality, designer clothes and other items. But sometimes, we can’t find what we’re looking for at just one…

sustainable underwear brands

16 Best Ethical + Sustainable Underwear Brands

Laurice WardiniDec 22, 20207 min read

Since underwear is one of those things you can’t keep using forever (and you need multiple pairs of), shopping for your garments through sustainable underwear brands is the best choice…

wantable reviews 2021

My Honest Wantable Reviews (Is It Worth It)?

Laurice WardiniDec 20, 20205 min read

Personal-style websites are growing in popularity and one that is getting a growing amount of attention is Wantable. This unique personal-style brand is all about creating your dream wardrobe. Today,…

skims reviews

My Skims Reviews: Is Kim’s Shapewear Worth It?

Laurice WardiniDec 20, 20205 min read

From comfy bras to tummy flattening designs to smoothing undergarments, shapewear has truly thought of it all. One of the best new brands seems to be Skims. Created by Kim…

stores like fashion nova

16 Stores Like Fashion Nova for Trendy, Flattering Fashion

Laurice WardiniDec 19, 20207 min read

Fashion Nova is well-known for their accentuating styles (especially their jeans that fit amazingly on curvy bodies). However, if you want to expand your list of favorite stores, we’ve shared…

17 Places to Buy Cute Office Supplies

17 Places to Buy Cute Office Supplies

Laurice WardiniDec 17, 20206 min read

No matter who you are, cute office supplies is a must-have. Whether you’re a boss babe in the office 24/7 or you simply like making lists, everyone should have adorable…

Cool Things to Buy on Amazon

45 Cool Things to Buy on Amazon in 2023

Laurice WardiniDec 17, 202014 min read

Obsessed with Amazon? So are we. There are so many cool things to buy on Amazon, sometimes it gets overwhelming! We’ve put together a list featuring nearly 50 of these…

sites like etsy 2021

9 Sites like Etsy for Sellers + Shoppers in 2023

Laurice WardiniDec 16, 20204 min read

Etsy is a pretty unique site. Whether you’re looking to buy from new small businesses or list your own products, we’ve put together a list of the top sites like…

High Quality Clothing Brands

20 Best High-Quality Clothing Brands to Shop Right Now

Laurice WardiniDec 15, 202011 min read

Let’s face it; it’s easy to fall into the trap of fast fashion. It’s just so affordable, and sometimes, just sometimes, you find quality items that last for a good…

best bath and body works scents

18 Best Bath and Body Works Scents Ranked

Laurice WardiniDec 15, 20205 min read

Bath & Body works is a cult favorite for fragrances. With candles, spritz, hand sanitizer, wall plugs, and more, you can take your favorite scents anywhere you go! However, they…

ministry of supply reviews 2021

My Ministry of Supply Reviews – Is It Worth the Cost?

Laurice WardiniDec 15, 20206 min read

Curious about this high-end brand? Read our Ministry of Supply reviews to find out more! High-end brands that truly deliver high-quality pieces at a reasonable price are hard to come…

stores like world market

12 Stores like World Market for Furniture, Gifts + More

Laurice WardiniDec 15, 20204 min read

World Market is one of the few stores that has the perfect selection of items, with prices that aren’t too cheap or too expensive. On top of that, they have…

best victoria secret perfume 2021

10 Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes in 2023

Laurice WardiniDec 14, 20204 min read

If you want to turn heads and get compliments with your perfume, Victoria’s Secret is the way to go. They have a variety of fragrances that will make you feel…

stores like modcloth 2021

23 Stores Like Modcloth You’ll Become Obsessed With

Laurice WardiniDec 11, 202010 min read

Looking to discover new stores like Modcloth? Whether you’re looking for something more affordable with similar styles or just need to change it up, we’ve got you covered. We’ve shared…

ulta gifts 2020

15 Best Ulta Gifts for the Holidays in 2021

Laurice WardiniDec 9, 20205 min read

Ulta is an excellent place to shop for gifts for anyone who loves skincare or makeup! However, there are thousands of products available. Where do you start? To help, we’ve…

40+ Perfect Gifts for Women in 2022

40+ Perfect Gifts for Women in 2022

Laurice WardiniDec 8, 202018 min read

As the holidays approach, many of us are scrambling to find the perfect gifts for everyone in our life. To help, we’ve compiled a list of some top gifts for…

12 Best Stitch Fix Alternatives

15 Best Stitch Fix Alternatives & Competitors (2023 Update)

Laurice WardiniDec 7, 20208 min read

When it comes to clothing subscription services, Stitch Fix is one of the most well-known brands out there. However, there are quite a few Stitch Fix alternatives to consider that…