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45 Cool Things to Buy on Amazon in 2023

Last Updated: March 2, 2023

Obsessed with Amazon? So are we. There are so many cool things to buy on Amazon, sometimes it gets overwhelming! We’ve put together a list featuring nearly 50 of these items.

These make great gifts for the holidays (or just a splurge gift for yourself, because we all need those).

Cool Things to Buy on Amazon

Sleep Headphones

These ultra-cool and futuristic sleep headphones will let you rest and listen to music at the same time, all while keeping your hair tidy and preventing light from getting in.

Comfortable and also suitable for wearing at the gym or just out and about anywhere, this new breed of headphones will change how you listen to music.

Levitating Lamp

This levitating lamp will make any room in your house feel like it’s from the future. using magnetic tech, you can now literally make your light float.

These extraordinary designs give each lamp character and a touch of style that you won’t find anywhere else.

Snap-On Colander

Draining pasta is about to get a whole lot easier with this Snap N Strain clip on colander. You simply clip the device onto any pot and then tilt and pour. It is simple.

So simple you’ll wonder why you never thought of it yourself! Make cooking a breeze with this essential kitchen accessory.

Book Safe

This clever and unique safe is designed to fit on a bookshelf among other items, no one will even suspect what is hidden inside.

Perfect to store money, jewelry or other valuables, the book safe is the sort of security your home needs.

Outdoor Cooler Side Table

Surprisingly affordable, the Keter Pacific Cooler Side Table is a must-have for anyone who wants to make their next back porch party a blast.

It looks like a regular end table but hidden inside is a 7.5 gallon storage united that can handle 40 cans and plenty of ice. Fill it up and enjoy!

Rechargeable Hand Warmers

This is the ideal way to keep warm and cozy during those cold winter months. Just turn this device on, hold it close, and feel the warmth radiate through your body.

The rechargeable hand warmers come with three different levels of warmth too, so this is perfect whether you’re slightly chilled or downright freezing.

Skin Scrubber 

This skin scrubber is a wonderful gift for anyone who wants to spruce up their daily cleaning routine.

Apply this wonderful device daily for smooth, clear skin that doesn’t feel sore or even slightly torn up. It is safe and easy to use and will make skin improvements instantly. A must-have!

Swedish Dish Cloths 

For when you really want to clean your dishes, counters, or anywhere else, Swedish dishcloth will save your life. They’re significantly more absorbent than a typical towel!

Made with absorbent reusable fabric and ideal for any kitchen, they will help you expertly and efficiently clean any dish, surface or item. 

Car Cleaning Putty

The car detailing putty will clean all the nooks and crannies of your vehicle with ease.

Get into those hard-to-reach spaces that most people forget about and ensure that you are riding in a clean car. Easy to manage and capable of being used again and again, this is a must-have for any vehicle owner.

Levitating Speaker

This futuristic, incredibly unique amazing speaker comes with powerful 3D surround effects and connects effortlessly via Bluetooth.

Plus, it has an awesome LED visual effect that performs an impressive light show. The speaker itself floats. How cool is that?

3D Printing Pen 

Always wanted a 3D printer, but don’t want the high cost or for it to take up space? The 3D printing pen will make you feel like an artist from the future.

A wonderful way to draft a project or just generate unique artwork. Your creations will come to life like magic!

Sleep Tracking Pad 

The sleep tracking pad offers expert sleep analysis, heart rate tracking, and snore detection. You slide this pad under your mattress and then catch some zzzs.

The next morning, dig into the data and figure out how well you slept and what you need to do to provide a restful night ahead. Easy-to-use and understand, this device will turn you into a sleep doctor instantly.

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Watermelon Slicer

This stainless steel watermelon slicer provides an easy grip and sharp blades. All you need to bring to the table is the watermelon.

Press down hard and instantly turn your melon into an easy snack without all the difficult cutting. You can also use this device on cantaloupe, pineapple, and more!

Luxury Rainfall Shower Head

This luxury rainfall shower head has a large 6” diameter that turns any shower into a luxurious rainforest.

It is easy to install and your shower will rival even the greatest spas with this shower head, which will rain soft and steady streams of hot water upon you.

Lightsaber Chopsticks

This ultra-unique and fun gift is perfect for a favorite Star Wars fan in your life. Master these chopsticks and master the art of a lightsaber!

Perfect for kids learning how to use chopsticks or adults who adore Star Wars, this kitchen utensil comes in multiple colors and lights up thanks to bright LED lights installed. How fun!

Magic Mirror Drawing Tool

This is a wonderful gift for the budding artist in your life. Reflect any image from a book or magazine and learn to sketch it just like a master.

This tool will improve your hand-eye coordination and skill level – watch your abilities blossom!

Motion Senor Bathroom Night Light

This bathroom night light is an essential for anyone who gets up for bathroom breaks in the middle of the night and doesn’t want to turn on the main harsh light.

Simply plug-in this motion activated night light and let it do its work. Every time its sensor is tripped, the light will illuminate. You will have a safe bathroom, staircase, or bedroom all night long.

Microwave Popcorn Popper 

Fill this unique popcorn popper with a bag of kernels, microwave it for three minutes or less and, ta-da, your night snack is served (with NO kernels).

This makes popcorn an easy task that you can set, forget, and come back to it when it’s ready.

Busty Incense Holder 

This ceramic and one-of-a-kind incense holder is definitely unlike any other one you own. Place the cone in the holder’s hole and watch as it elegantly pours forth a delicious scent.

The holder is hand-crafted and truly unique. Plus, this gift includes 10 cones to start your incense journey!

Plasma Ball Lamp

This interactive and super cool ball lamp is the perfect accessory for any desk or room.

Press your finger to its surface and watch as the electrical charge finds and follows you. The Plasma globe will light up your room like nothing else can.

Spoon Rest with Pot Lid Holder

Have you ever wondered why spoon rests are popular, but there’s no such thing as a pot lid rest? Well, this product combines the two!

This stainless steel kitchen accessory is specially designed for your counter. It is a perfect way to store any pot covers and spoons without making a huge mess. And, the whole thing is dishwasher safe so you can use it again and again.

Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer 

Cleaning makeup brushes is essential, but can be tedious and annoying. This makeup brush cleaner and dryer can help! It comes with 3 speeds and fits any brush you own.

Created with professional cleaning technology, this electric brush cleaner will keep your collection tidy and clear and ready to be used again.

Smart Meat Thermometer

The wireless smart meat thermometer is a 100% wire-free affair that will make cooking easy as can be.

Plug the thermometer into the cooked meat and use the connected app to monitor the temperature until your meal is ready to be served. No more constant checking, just plug it in and let it do its thing.

Phone Screen Projector

The 12” screen magnifier will turn any movie or show or game into a big screen event.

The foldable phone stand and screen amplifier is compatible with all smart phones and is easy as can be. Relieve visual fatigue and turn your small screen big!

Kodak Instant Photo Printer

You can turn any phone picture into a professional photo with this Kodak instant photo printer.

Beautiful color, stunning detail, superior quality. This printer will make you feel like a true photography genius. Forget buying expensive prints!

Microwave S’mores Maker 

Delicious, homemade S’mores in just thirty seconds!? Yes please.

Just put all the yummy ingredients together, pop this device in the microwave, and then wait for your gooey treat. It can’t get any easier — or tastier — than this.

Language Translator Device

This language translator has mastered over 70 languages, all in a pocket-sized device. it will help you speak and be spoken to in other languages!

Talk directly into the device and watch as it magically and effortlessly translates your words into any language of your choosing. Easy to use, no apps needed!

Silicone Baking Mats 

These non-stick silicone baking sheets are perfect for any kitchen.

They expertly distribute heat and make sure you have evenly cooked results, plus they make sure there’s no mess on your baking sheets. Keep things clean and professional with these baking mats.

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

Your keys or bags will never get lost again thanks to the Tile mate bluetooth tracker.

Install the tracker and the smartphone app and then you can keep track of anything. This is a must-have for forgetful people and, let’s be honest, we can all be a bit forgetful at times.

iBobber Smart Fish Finder

If you’re into fishing, this is definitely one of the coolest things to buy on Amazon.

The iBobber Smart Fish Finder has a 10+ hour battery life and is a sonar fish identifier that will make your next trip out to sea a complete breeze. It will provide accurate sonar readings down to 135 feet and will map up the vast world beyond the water.

Rocketbook Reusable Notebook

The Rocketbook Reusable Notebook will take any notes you write and send them to Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote and more.

After your information is sent or you’re finished with your notes, simply wipe the notebook down and use it again. Not only is it easy and convenient, but it helps save the Earth!

3D Puzzles

3D puzzles are all the rage, with good reason. They are fun and challenging ways for the whole family to team up and tackle a project!

There are multiple designs and hours of fun to be had with 3D puzzles. Just make sure you have plenty of time because these sure aren’t easy!

Microwave Mat 

These multipurpose microwave mats will keep your cooking experience easy as can be. Use them as a microwave mat, a pot holder, a utensil rest, a jar opener or more. Multipurpose has never been so easy!

The best part of these mats is they never get hot, so you can grab them fresh out of the microwave without burning yourself.

Foot Massage Roller

Your feet deserve a treat. This TheraFlow foot massager accurately hits pressure points, alleviates stiff muscles and relaxes not just your feet but your entire body.

A deeply relaxing tissue massage, what more could you want?

Tea Drops Sampler Pack  

What a delightful gift for the tea fan in your life.

This loose leaf tea drop sampler contains multiple flavors including Matcha Green Tea and Rose Earl Grey. They’re also beyond easy to use, just drop one into a hot cup of water and wait for it to dissolve!

Making tea has never been so fun.

Korean Exfoliating Washcloth

These Korean exfoliating washcloths are a natural and clean way to exfoliate your skin and get rid of dirt, oils and all sorts of impurities.

These washcloths are gentle, soft and perfect for regular use. And they really work to scrub off dead skin from your body!

Dodow Sleep Device 

Ever have trouble sleeping? The Dodow sleep device is a metronome with a light system that helps you fall asleep without medicine or intrusive aids.

Install Dodow and find out why over 500,000 people are using this device nightly.

Muse S Brain Sensing Headband

This unique headband is an overhead device that tracks your sleep, helps you meditate, and give you mindful mornings as well as restful nights.

Just place the headband on, install the app and watch as your relaxation and peacefulness grows!

Sleep Monitor Ring

This unique and comfortable Wellue O2Ring is a health tracker and a sleep monitor. This small device fits on most fingers and gives you overnight monitoring that reports directly to the installed smartphone app.

Analyze and assess your date to make sure you are being the healthiest possible version of yourself!

Deep Tissue Kneading Massager

This deep tissue kneading massager will give you full-body relaxation unlike any you’ve had.

A wonderful gift for anyone you know, the massager comes with 3D rotation and an ergonomic design that gives you an experience to remember every single time.

Home Bar by Keurig

Definitely one of the top cool gadgets on Amazon, this machine gives an alcoholic spin to the regular Keurig devices!

Instead of making coffee, this Home Bar creates delicious cocktails, ciders and more. Just buy some pods, pop them in, and enjoy your night with some yummy!

Rolling Alarm Clock

Waking up has never been so challenging  — and so fun. This alarm clock on wheels will make sure you are never late again.

When your alarm sounds it also rolls away to wherever it can go, meaning you have to get up to turn it off. Annoying? Yes. Effective? Absolutely.

Picnic Backpack

Forget carrying a heavy picnic basket on a hike.

This one-of-a-king backpack will turn any trek into a fun picnic with friends and loved ones. Made with premium quality and superior materials, this backpack even comes with knives, glasses, salt and pepper shakers and, of course, a bottle opener. Best of all, it’s comfortable!

Yogurt Maker Machine

This yogurt maker machine has timing controls and multiple options to give you the power to make delicious, home-made yogurts with all the toppings.

Who knew making yogurt was so easy?

Water Dispenser Pump 

Dispensing water just got a whole lot easier.

This bottle pump attaches to most 5 gallon dispensers and makes filling water as easy as can be. This electric water pump will make your entire office happy!

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