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40+ Perfect Gifts for Women in 2022

Last Updated: September 12, 2022

As the holidays approach, many of us are scrambling to find the perfect gifts for everyone in our life. To help, we’ve compiled a list of some top gifts for women this year in a variety of categories. No matter what they’re interested in, you can find a gift for anyone on your list.

Let’s dive in!

Couples Bucket List

A card game perfect for her and him, The Couple’s Bucket List is a wonderful gift that will create laughs, highlight memories and provide a wonderful date night out (or in) for the favorite couple in your life.

Five Minute Journal

The Five Minute Journal is the best way to start your day. In just five minutes, you can set your mind on the right path and make sure your day will feel bright and fun.

This book is broken into two sections: a morning and night routine and both will provide motivation that will make your heart and soul happy. All you need is five minutes!

Yoga Mat Set

This best-selling, slip-resistant yoga mat is needed for everyone who wants to clear their mind and center their body daily.

A perfect gift for mom, this complete set contains seven pieces of s equipment to ensure the best possible yoga session ever. Breathe, relax and focus on yourself.

Celestial Silk Pillowcases

These pure silk pillowcases will turn any pillow into an elegant piece of art (not to mention they’re beyond comfortable).

Soft, comfortable and one-of-a-kind, these pillow cases truly look unlike anything else you have in your house. Silky and smooth, it will feel like sleeping on a dream.

Face Workouts for Beginners

Face workouts exist — and they are wonderful.

Now, you can begin using these age-defying techniques with the help of this wonderful and reliable book. Full of routines and exercises to make you look and feel ten years young, you will soon wonder how you went so long without Face Workouts for Beginners.


Want to give a gift that looks cute and keeps them safe? Flare is perfect! Their gorgeous bracelets look like a lovely piece of jewelry, but they have bonus safety features.

They allow you to trigger a fake phone call, text friends for help, send your GPS location to people of your choice, and even contact 911 (all without ever touching your phone).

<a href="http://"Plum“>FiftyFlowers DIY Flower Arrangement

You might think flowers are too overdone, but not when you put your own thoughtfulness into it. At FifityFlowers, you can create your own custom flower arrangements that will make any woman in your life swoon.

If DIY isn’t your thing, don’t worry—they have pre-made arrangements that are simply stunning.

OG Watches (Fila Watches)

Featuring unique Fila watches, you can guarantee this will be a gift your recipient doesn’t already have (and will love)!

Their watches are high-quality and they have a ton of unique styles. They make a great gift for both women and men (they even have styles for kids)!

Explorer Cold Brew

These concentrated cold brew concoctions will definitely wake you up and make you feel lively and mindful for hours. One unique thing about Explorer Cold Brew is that they offer various levels of caffeine!

Hand-bottled in Texas and delivered for free, you really need to add these to your morning routine.

Aurora Morning Light Supplement

Know anybody that struggles with focus? This energy-boosting and focus-enhancing supplement can do wonders for them.

Made with Ashwaganda and a variety of other adaptogens that promote energy and focus, this high-quality supplement is definitely a thoughtful gift that can help improve their life.

They also have a Morning Defense supplement that helps boost your immune system!

WAMA Underwear

Even if underwear doesn’t sound like the most exciting gift to you, you’d be surprised how many women love getting comfy, quality underwear as a gift!

Using sustainable hemp and cotton to create their underwear, WAMA offers all the essentials for both women and men. Easy to care for and super comfortable, their undies are definitely worth investing in (especially if you’re shopping for someone who only likes shopping at sustainable brands).

Floss Beauty

If you’re shopping for a beauty-lover, Floss Beauty is a brand they need to be put onto. All of their products are great, but their lip gloss will become your new favorite (they named it “My New Favorite Gloss” for a reason!)

It’s shiny, long-lasting, and not sticky! If that couldn’t get any better, their packaging is simply adorable. Their lip advocate and highlighter is lovely as well.

Casely Phone Case

Casely creates cute, strong and reliable phone cases that shine and impress. They look unique and they are unique.

Artisan and trendy, the Casely case will make your phone the coolest one on the block.

Gemstone Well Water Bottle

The Gemstone well water bottle will allow you to bring crystal-powered water wherever you go.

Recommended by doctors and healers worldwide, the Gemstone will allow you to prepare crystal elixirs in no time. Turn your water into healing energy!

Bawdy Beauty CBD Butt Balm

Have you ever wanted a booty as smooth and soft as a baby? Now you can have one!

This butt balm uses full-spectrum CBD combined with Mediterranean Brown Algae and Hyaluronic Acid for ultimate moisture, plus other added skin benefits. It’s super easy to apply and makes a unique gift that they will definitely use!

CBD mints

These CBD mints help your body benefit from the magic and power of hemp. They will heal and refresh.

Oh, and they are delicious too. Isn’t it time that your mints do more than just freshen your breath? These make a great stocking stuffer or small gift for anyone in your life who can benefit from CBD!

Rykr Roll Self Massagers

The benefits of rolling out and giving self massages are fantastic, plus they feel amazing on top of that. What an amazing gift!

Rykr roll massagers are high-quality and get the job done (they are also available on Amazon). They make a great stocking stuffer! There are a few models to choose from, all of which are excellent.

Nosho Camel Toe Concealer

Know someone who always complains about camel toes? This innovative product can be comfortably placed in any bottoms to help eliminate this issue! It adheres to your clothing for a comfortable, long-lasting wear.

They even have a Swimsuit version so you can keep camel toes under control anywhere!

Herban Wisdom Facial Oil

The award-winning Herban Wisdom Facial Oil is a healing, powerful serum that uses clean plant nutrients to heal your face and make it feel youthful and bright.

This lovely oil gives a beautiful glow and provides healing effects, while also being lightweight! It’s a wonderful gift for anyone who loves bright and glowy skin (aka, everyone).

Planetarie CBDa

Planetarie features high-quality, premium CBDa goodies that will heal any and all parts of you. They use water-extracted CBDa, which is up to 1000x more effective than regular CBD!

Made with superior materials by experts in the field, Planetarie products are a cut above the rest. From healing salves to drink additives, Planetarie has it all and more! Their limited-edition Holiday salve smells amazing and makes a great gift.

Ultima Electrolyte Replenisher

Say goodbye to Gatorade! If you’re shopping for a health-conscious woman or someone who’s very active, these make a great gift or stocking stuffer.

These drink replenisher sticks replace 6 important electrolytes lost during physical activity (plus, they make water taste way better). They’re sugar-free, sweetened with Stevia, 0-calorie, and easy to take on-the-go!

TaZa Unbreakable Wine Glasses

These stemless wine glasses look like your typical glass, except for one key feature: they’re unbreakable. If you have a woman in your life that’s extra clumsy, these make the perfect gift!

They’re made of a high-quality Tritan plastic that looks and feels exactly like glass, so you won’t have to worry about looking classy while drinking safely.

Cacao Tea

Why drink chocolate tea, you may ask? Well, it provides mood-boosting properties that will put a pep in your step and make you feel happy and focused and alive.

Plus, you can avoid the caffeine found in black or green tea. It is also organic and sugar-free.

Inner Beauty Lip Gloss Trio

The Inner Beauty Lip Gloss Trio comes with three stunning lip glosses that will make you shimmer and shine.

These are the perfect additions to your makeup collection and will add sparkle daily. A perfect gift for others — or yourself — this set even comes with a makeup bag to carry it all.

Seabedee CBD Skincare

Seebedee skin care offers a green tea cleanser, aloe & rose mist, spiraulina & algae mask, and more that make great gifts for any skincare-lover in your life. Each of their products is infused with CBD to nourish your skin even more.

100% vegan and fragrance free, their hand-made products will make your skin sing.

Shanti Creations Cacti Candle

The Shanti Creations Cacti Candle looks like an adorable cactus (but it sure doesn’t feel like one). It’s made with coconut wax contains 9.5 ounces of lovely scnet

It is 9.5 ounces of wonderful, warm and beautiful candle. Instead, this piece is relaxing, soft and soothing and will bring relaxation and calm.

Skin Nourishing Supplement

This skin nourishing supplement will give you an amazing glow! It also reduces the damage of the sun and effects of everyday living.

Made with organic cranberries and vegan capsule shells, this will ensure you can still spend time outside without hurting your skin. Give your skin a break.

Muscle MX

With a variety of CBD-enhanced products, Muscle MX makes a wonderful gift.

Whether you’re gifting for the active woman who would love a pain-relieving balm or just someone who needs to relax, their products are perfect (plus they have plenty of gift bundles)!

Bamboo Makeup Brush Holder

This JackCubeDesign bamboo makeup brush holder is a fancy and sleek way to hold all of your makeup brushes. It has 29 holes, meaning you can really fill this organizer up.

It also contains 4 different holder sizes so it can hold all varieties of brushes too.

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Good Clean Beauty

Good Clean Beauty is a book that contains over 100 recipes that will make your daily routine healthy and fun.

Focused on hair, makeup, body, eyes and skin, this book will make you feel safe, natural and beautiful.

Maya’s Cookie Pack is exactly that: a pack of delicious vegan cookies. Who wouldn’t want cookies as a gift? You’d never even guess they’re vegan.

Rich, decadent, soft and mouth-watering, these cookies are the perfect gift for any occasion. Any time is a good time for cookies.

Blazy Susan Pink Rolling Cones

Time to spruce up your smoking routine with these adorable Blazy Susan pink rolling cones!

Your next session will be bright and playful with these non-GMO and vegan-friendly cones. Each pack contains 50 cones. They’re pre-rolled, easy to fill, and burn smoothly – they make a great gift for your favorite stoner!

Luxury Uma Stewart Candle

The Uma Stewart Candle is an 11 ounce soy wax candle with a thick cotton wick. It will burn for 90 hours and provide calming and warm fragrance throughout.

This premium, luxury candle will provide nourishment for the soul!

Take 3 Gratitude Journal

Take 3: A Daily Journal of Gratitude and Affirmation is a guided journal that allows you to create a powerful and positive mindset every day.

This book will soon become the a daily practice that brings you pure peace of mind and happiness.

Artos Organizer

The Artos Organizer is going to give you closet peace of mind. This organizer makes packing a breeze, allowing you an easy and quick way to keep all of your clothing exactly where it should be.

Just simply hang this on your closet or over a door and fill it with your essentials. It is so nice to not be stressed about closet space and packing!

Armitron Watches

Armitron Watches are high-quality, luxury watches that come with a lifetime warranty and, of course, a premium look and feel.

This is a brand that screams elegance. Armitron is a perfect gift for any occasion.

Hempsy Forst Roll-on

Let’s face it, CBD is just such a good gift this year with everything going on. Hempsy is another high-quality brand with a variety of products including topicals, tinctures, and even products to help your pets.

Whether your giftee needs help sleeping, anxiety relief, pain relief, or other issues CBD can help, this brand has exactly what they need!

Envirosax Reusable Bag

The Envirosax Reusable Bag is a wonderful alternative to ugly and wasteful plastic bags.

Tested for strength and printed with eco-friendly dyes, Envirosax creates something that will last, something that won’t fade and something you will be proud of.


Bootaybag is a subscription service for your booty. All you have to do is choose your size and style and Bootaybag does the rest.

You get your favorite undies shipped to your monthly. Feel cute and sexy in these hand-picked panties. It will soon become your favorite monthly delivery.

P.S.—Check out our full review here!

Tom and Sheri Wrinkle Remover

The Tom and Sheri Wrinkle Remover feels like magic!

All you do is spray, shake and smooth and your shirt instantly becomes wrinkle-free and seemingly brand new again. It really is that simple. You will wonder how you ever went so long without it.


Who doesn’t love wine? Who doesn’t want a monthly delivery of hand-picked wine?

Well, now you can have that with Winc. This delivery service will send you a new bottle to enjoy every month, based upon a custom-made quiz that will figure out your specific tastes. Bottoms up!

Steeped Coffee Bags

Steeped Coffee Bags is the easiest way to enjoy single-serve coffee without the hassle of turning on your coffee maker.

Just like with a tea bag, all you need to do is pour some hot water, dunk your coffee bag and let it steep. Moments later, a delicious brewed cup of coffee will be yours. What a great way to start the day.

BASU Alarm

Every woman should have one of these in case of emergencies!

For use while traveling, shopping, hiking, jogging, commuting to work or school, the tiny BASU eAlarm® is the size of a lighter and can be attached to a keychain, purse strap, backpack or carried in a pocket for easy access. When the pin is pulled, the device emits a 130-decibel high-pitched, intense alarm loud enough to deter would-be assailants or chase off menacing animals.

Soap Making Kit

Soap making is fun. And it isn’t too hard.

Learn just how easy and exciting it is to make soap with this Soap Making Kit. You will soon be creating your own pieces in no time. It feels great to create and that is doubly true when it is something as essential as soap.

Receptra Naturals CBD

Receptors Naturals CBD creates cutting-edge and forward-thinking CBD items that will heal and soothe.

Nothing brings more peace and comfort that CBD and Receptra takes pride in making items that are a cut above the rest. Give your body a break and treat it right, you deserve it.

Recover 180 Drink

Recover 180 is a drink that will fuel you beyond sport. It is made for everyday, whether you’re riding your bike, running a marathon, or just pushing through a long day at work.

Using key ingredients that are chosen to hydrate and heal, Recover does just that.

Ouragami Active Mask 

Hate wearing your mask at the gym? The Ouragami Active Mask is an anti-microbial mask that will ensure extreme protection while also providing extreme comfort.

You can use it at the gym, on the field, on the track or anywhere you go. It doesn’t just filter out germs, it kills them. And it does it all while looking fashionable and hip.

HydroJug Water Bottles

HydroJug creates premium, tough and heavy-duty water bottles that pack quite a punch. Capable of holding ½ gallon of water (which is exactly what everyone should be drinking daily), these bottles are bright with a wide mouth opening that makes drinking a breeze.

They’re BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and fun to look at. You need a HydroJug!

EZ Mini Band

The EZ Mini Band was designed by an athlete and created to help you hit your peak performance levels. They’re made of high-quality fabric, ensuring they will be comfortable and won’t slide down.

Coming in various sizes with multiple weight classes, the EZ band will help your workout and can be used daily.

Lissome X Waist Trainer

Know someone who has a waist trainer on their wishlist? This Lissome X Waist Trainer is a premium quality product that is made from a breathable material! This trainer is tight, but still manages to be comfortable.

Adjustable and supportive, this will become a fashion accessory that you use often.

SheSlips Supplements

SheSlips Supplements help women overcome the dreadful issue of vaginal dryness. With SheSlips, your juices will be flowing in just days. Although it might not be the best gift for everyone on your list, it can absolutely help plenty of women.

Crafted by a team of female scientists and made with 100% natural and organic ingredients, SheSlips will get you back into your groove in no time.

UCAM Private Home Camera

The UCAM Private Home Camera is next level security at an affordable and reasonable price. Now you can keep tabs on everything happening inside your house, whether you are near or far. UCAM has long been known as a superior camera company and now they are providing safety and peace of mind for you and yours.

Kane 11 Socks

Kane 11 socks come with 7 sizes for men, all of which provide comfort and a perfect fit. Different styles, different colors, all made with high quality. These socks look fantastic and, best of all, they won’t fall apart. They will last as long as you need them. Your new favorite socks are here.


A planner for the new year always makes a great gift for women! These Pressier planners feature a variety of cute designs for affordable prices.

It features weekly pages and monthly pages to keep track of everything you need!

Perfect Peach Fabric Bands

The Perfect Peach Fabric Bands are non-slip fabric resistance bands that come in multiple sizes and colors and will help you crush your daily workout.

These bands will stay firm on your body and won’t be slipping and sliding around. Feel the burn — in fashion

Cold Brew Coffee Maker  

This Cold Brew Coffee Maker makes brewing something ice-cold as easy as 1-2-3. You can do it just like the professionals now.

The 160 micron filter coffee strainer creates flavorful drinks in no time at all. Coffee, tea or even an alcohol-infused drink, this cold brew maker can do it all.

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