12 Best Canada Goose Alternatives to Keep Warm This Winter

Last Updated: August 17, 2021

Although Canada Goose is one of the top brands for winter parkas and coats that will keep you warm in extreme weather, the price tag is not do-able for most of us.

If you want the amazing jacket without shelling out your monthly rent, there are quite a few Canada Goose alternatives that will still keep you warm in freezing temperatures. Check out some of the best below!

Note: Since most of these brands are significantly cheaper, some might not be as well-designed to keep you warm in extreme temperatures. While this is fine in normal cold temperatures (tip: layer up), you might want to consider a higher-end coat specifically designed for extreme cold if you’re planning a trip to Antarctica.

Best Canada Goose Alternatives

north face canada goose alternative

North Face

North Face is a name we all know and love. They consistently make superior clothing with premium fabrics and material.

Their name is synonymous with quality, no matter if you are buying a winter coat, new pants, shirts or more. Their insulated and down jackets will keep you warm in freezing temperatures and won’t run you more than a few hundred, which is way better than Canada Goose.


Another top name in winter clothing brands, Columbia is an even more affordable alternative to Canada Goose.

Whether you are camping, hiking or just spending a casual day in the great outdoors, Columbia has you covered with their rich collection. Overall, you can expect to pay $100 – $250 for their cozy insulated jackets.


Patagonia creates some of the best clothing in the world, while also being one of the most sustainable brands out there!

They craft top-of-the-line products that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Whatever you are doing and whenever you are doing it, Patagonia will make you feel comfortable and fashionable. Their coats will keep you cozy warm, plus they even have a used section if you’re looking for more affordable options!


Woolrich has been making high-quality and durable outdoor clothing since 1830. Not only do they make great boot socks, their collection includes perpetual favorites like thick coats, undershirts, parkas, and more.

Although their parkas aren’t as affordable as the previous brands we mentioned, they are still a bit more affordable than Canada Goose (expect to pay $500 – $800, although they do have some even higher priced options).

eddie bauer canada goose alternative

Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer is a brand that creates powerful and strong outdoor clothing with a strong touch of class and quality.

Not only does all of Eddie Bauer’s clothing feel good, it looks good too. Their jackets will typically run you $100 – $300 and keep you cozy warm in freezing temperatures!

Moose Knuckles

Whether you are purchasing a new winter jacket, spring coat, or vest, Moose Knuckles has you covered. This Canadian brand focuses on creating amazing jackets, sweaters, and other warm winter clothing.

Although their prices are higher than other brands on our list (they’re comparable to Canada Goose), their jackets are amazingly warm and many of their styles are even a bit more fashion-forward. They do have some amazing sales as well!

mackage canada goose alternative


Another top name in heavy-duty winter jackets and other cold weather clothing, you can always expect amazing quality from Mackage.

Prices are comparable to Canada Goose, but they do have great sales. They even state how low of temperatures each jacket is best for as well as features of each jacket!


Fjallraven is a Swedish clothing company that has perfected the art of outdoor equipment.

From jackets to sweaters to accessories like bags and backpacks, Fjallraven contains a wide assortment of everything you need to stay cozy during the coldest months of the year. They’re a great Canada Goose alternative – you get comparable quality with much lower prices (average of $300 – $600 per jacket)!


Nobis is a high-end clothing brand that sells only the finest in outerwear. Do you need a parka? Thick jackets or wooly sweaters? Nobis has it all.

If you want a Nobis parka that will keep you warm in freezing temperatures, expect to pay $700 – $1,000.

arcteryx canada goose alternative


Anything you need to truly enjoy the great outdoors can be yours thanks to Arcteryx. You can even shop their products by various activities to find the perfect fit for you.

Their competitive pricing and fantastic quality means you must check them out if you’re looking for a great Canada Goose alternative. Plus, they have free shipping and free returns!


With a great selection of jackets and other clothes designed for extreme temperatures, you can’t go wrong with this luxury Italian brand.

Their high-quality products will make your next trip into the outdoors a memorable one. From puffy jackets to warm, insulated clothing, Monclear has whatever you need for your next adventure.


66North sells premium fashionable outerwear that will not only look good, but will keep you warm in freezing temperatures.

Created with the best fabrics and materials, this is a brand you can rely on for whatever you need when it comes to your outdoor gear. Prices are similar to Canada Goose, but it’s another great alternative to consider if price isn’t an issue!

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