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How to Find Someone’s Amazon Wish List

Last Updated: April 12, 2022

With Christmas quickly approaching, it’s time to start getting a jump on all of your holiday shopping. Finding the perfect gift is essential for creating a memorable holiday! But, how do you truly know what someone wants without asking them? We’ll be sharing how to find someone’s Amazon wish list (without actually asking them) so you can get them the perfect gift that they actually want.

What is an Amazon Wish List? 

An Amazon wish list is just as it sounds – it is a list of items that someone wants from Amazon. It is a unique list that someone curates on Amazon in order to keep track of all of the items they want for the future. This makes it easy to not only organize items, but also prices and spending. 

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How to Find Someone’s Amazon Wish List

To start off, wish lists can either be public or private.

If someone chooses to make their wishlist private, you, unfortunately, cannot view it. If it is public, however, there are many ways you can easily find it!

Thanks to Amazon updates, finding someone’s wish list is easier than ever; however, it’s not as top secret as it used to be. It wasn’t long ago, where you were able to simply find Amazon wish list by email or name on Amazon.

Searching it this way was a discreet way that didn’t notify the individual at all that you were looking into gifts. And honestly, this was a great idea. However, it seems as though searching this way doesn’t work anymore, for whatever reason. With that said, there is a new way to do it. Let’s go over the five simple steps to get there. 

Step 1. First you have to create an Amazon account in order to have or view a wish lists (if you don’t already have one). Don’t worry, it’s totally free. 

Step 2. Go to Amazon.com and move your cursor over to the right on “Accounts & Lists.” From here, a side pop-up menu will appear on the left-hand side. Under “Your Lists,” you will see “Wish List.” Click this list, and you will be redirected. 

Step 3. Once you are redirected, you will see three tabs appear at the top. These tabs read, “Your Lists,” “Your Idea Lists,” and “Your Friends.” Click on “Your Friends.” 

Step 4. Once you click on the “Your Friends” tab, a pre-written pop-up message will appear that asks the person if they would like to share their list with you to help you find the exact gift they want. A pop-up also appears that allows you to simply send the message from here or copy it to your email and send it that way instead. 

Step 5. After this, the person you sent the request to can either choose to share their list with you or decline. Unfortunately, the only way to see someone’s wishlist is for them to give you permission. Therefore, if they do not allow access, you’ll have to take the old fashioned route in gift-giving. 

Will They Know What I Bought?

Something important to note as well that many people often wonder about this is if the person will know what you bought from their list if you send it. Thankfully, Amazon is pretty discreet when it comes to their wish lists, so the person will not be notified of any purchase of an item on their wish list.

Another great thing about Amazon’s wish list is once you get a wish list from someone, it will remain saved in that tab forever unless the person chooses to make it private. This is extremely useful to help you with future gift-giving ideas and allows you to avoid the awkward message asking to see it all over again.

So, if you really want to surprise them, ask them for their wish list months before the holiday so they’ll forget they even told you about it!


In conclusion, finding the perfect gift is now easier than ever with the Amazon wish list feature. While it may not be as discreet as it once was, it’s still a great way to find a gift for that special someone. Plus, if they have a lot of items on their list, it can still be a fun surprise. Their wish list can also give you inspiration to get creative and find a gift not on their list that they will love.

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