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13 Alternatives to Amazon for All Your Shopping Needs

Last Updated: December 5, 2022

There’s nothing like being able to get everything you need without having to get out of your PJs. Unfortunately, Amazon has long taken its power for granted and engaged in some not so lovely practices. If you want to shop from your couch while lining some more ethical pockets, here are some Amazon alternatives for you!

Alternatives to Amazon


Clothing | Food | Self Care | Accessories | Home | Pets | Electronics | Outdoor

This retailer launched in 2014 focusing primarily on fashion, but has since expanded to offer home accessories, skincare, pet toys, and even more.

Every item on DoneGood is some combination of sustainable, ethical, fair trade and charitable. If you want to support businesses owned by women or people of color, they can help you out with that too.


Black-owned Beauty, Hair, Home, Baby, Grocery, Wellness + More

BLK + GRN is a marketplace that features products from black-owned, non-toxic brands!

With everything from grocery essentials to menstrual products, this is an excellent alternative to Amazon to put your dollar into the black community rather than Jeff Bezos’ pocket. Don’t know where to start? Check out the best-sellers!

Thrive Market 

Food | Supplements | Beauty | Household

Thrive Market is the ultimate delivery service for ethical and sustainable groceries and home products. Dozens of brands try to be sold through Thrive Market, but they only select the best.

When you shop through Thrive Market, they give you peace of mind by letting you shop groceries that fit any number of diets or ethical concerns. You can filter products by sustainably-raised, vegan, paleo, Whole30 and so much more. They even neutralize the emissions from their shipping.

Package Free Shop

Zero Waste Essentials

Remember Lauren Singer, the woman who fit 8 years worth of waste into a single mason jar? If there’s anyone to ask about cutting down on waste it’s probably her, and she’s started her own marketplace to help you out. 

Package Free Shop has everything you need for zero waste home and self care. That means you can get all of your shampoo, laundry detergent, dish brushes, and even condoms with nothing ending up in a landfill.

The Wally Shop

Package Free Groceries + Home

The Wally Shop offers bulk delivery of practically any grocery or home item you can think of, all package free

They do use high-density polyethylene (a highly durable plastic) for their jars, but they reuse these countless times along with the totes that they use for shipping. When you’re done with your items, just schedule a pickup for your jars or take them to a drop-off facility.

Made Trade

POC-Owned Fashion, Accessories, and Home

For minimalist fashion and furniture that’s still luxurious, Made Trade is the place. 

You can filter anything you’re looking for by values like sustainability, animal free, fair trade and woman-owned. They sell clothing, accessories, home decor, furniture, and gifts!

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Grove Collaborative

Home Essentials

If all the paper products in your home are giving you cause for concern, you might want to switch to Grove Collaborative. 

This retailer has every home product you might need, and even offers products that help you eliminate paper towels and napkins entirely. It’ll save you so much money over time, plus a few trees in the process!


Clothing | Accessories | Kids | Beauty | Home | Pets | Electronics | Outdoor

Featuring sustainable essentials and even a zero waste section, EarthHero is another top pick when it comes to Amazon alternatives. They sell items within every category you’d ever need – including beauty, pet care, clothing, baby supplies, travel items, and more! 

They typically offer free shipping on orders $50 or higher, plus they often have discount codes and sales that can help you save even more. You can find the top brands in sustainability here (see their full list)! 

Uncommon Goods 

Unique Gifts

If you have trouble finding the perfect gift for that person who has everything, you haven’t tried Uncommon Goods. Filter by interest, age or relationship and you’ll get some unique recommendations that you can’t find anywhere else.

Not only are the goods uncommon, but so are the ethics. Every vendor on Uncommon Goods is meticulously vetted to ensure that all employees are safe, fairly compensated and treated equally. All animal products must be sourced ethically with no fur or leather goods being sold on the site.

Better World Books 


When it comes to Amazon alternatives, books are one thing that you can’t find at many other marketplaces. The best way for a bookworm to lower their environmental impact is to purchase used books instead of new ones. And even then, all that shipping can be pretty carbon-intensive.

In addition to offering carbon neutral shipping and making sure pre-loved books find a new home, Better World Books makes sure to recycle what they can’t sell. Plus, for every book you buy, one is donated to someone in need to promote world literacy.


Handmade Goods

We can’t forget about Etsy! This huge marketplace is a great place to source handmade goods from small businesses and brands. Similar to Amazon, you can find anything you’re looking for, while supporting smaller brands rather than huge corporations.

Many sellers offer quick shipping times, plus you can find some truly unique goods on Etsy.


Healthy Period Products

Welcome to the new period aisle! With this company, you can find everything you need for shark week with less waste. They have a reusable and washable version of almost every product you could think of, most of which are made from organic cotton, tencel or recycled polyester. 

They do use some virgin polyester in their pads and pantyliners, but they are working on a solution to that. Not perfect, but so much less wasteful than disposable pads and tampons.

Zero Grocery

Zero-Waste Groceries

If you’re particularly concerned about the amount of single-use plastic associated with your groceries, check out Zero Grocery. They have over 2,000 grocery items available with no plastic packaging. They do most of it the old-fashioned way, delivering your products in jars and picking up the empty ones when they drop off your next order.

All of their packaging for shipping is either recyclable or compostable, and they even reuse their cool packs. This is a fantastic option if you want to start with a zero-waste lifestyle, but don’t live near a bulk store. Unfortunately, Zero Grocery only seems to deliver to Los Angeles and the Bay area right now, but they should be expanding soon.

Bottom Line

Going to the store can definitely be a pain sometimes, and it’s nice to know that there are services out there that really care. Cheers to living a greener and no less convenient life.

Overall, there are plenty of Amazon alternatives if you’d rather not support this corporate giant. Although you might need to shop at a couple different sites to get absolutely everything you need, these are easy replacements to put your dollar where it counts.

And of course, you can always shop on the actual websites of your favorite brands, you’ll just typically be dealing with slightly longer shipping times.