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18 Best Sustainable Shoe Brands for All Styles + Budgets

Last Updated: July 22, 2022

When you want to shop more sustainably, shoe shopping isn’t as simple as heading to DSW or Famous Footwear and picking your favorites. To help, we’ve put together a list of the best sustainable shoe brands so you can look good and feel good about what you’re wearing.

Whether you’re looking for a new pair of athletic boots for your everyday run or some heels for the night out, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit!

Best Sustainable Shoe Brands


Allbirds make amazing shoes made of natural materials.

Their sustainable shoes are created shoes with materials like wool, tree fiber, Trino fiber, and even sugar. Not only are their shoes healthy for the planet, they are also healthy for your wallet (prices range from $80 – $120).


Everlane is a brand dedicated to both sustainability and creating high-quality pieces that will last forever.

Their shoes in particular are created from sustainable recycled materials, organic cotton, and other materials that don’t harm the planet. Now, you can look amazing without harming the planet!


What’s one of the best ways to shop sustainably? Shop secondhand. Not only does this help the environment, it also doesn’t cost a fortune. When shopping secondhand, it doesn’t necessarily matter what brands you buy since the profit doesn’t directly go to the brand.

Plus, they offer $10 off your first order! If you want to shop secondhand online, ThredUp is one of the largest options out there. Check out our full ThredUp review here!


Some of Rothy’s sustainable shoes are made with inventive and powerful materials, like repurposed and recycled water bottles. That’s a clever way of taking care of the planet, huh?

And, the only thing cooler than how they are made is how these shoes look. Prices range from $140 – $180 per pair, but they’re great quality and made from amazing materials.

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Clae Footwear

With a passion for premium materials and ethical manufacturing processes, Clae Footwear has made a name for itself in the sustainable footwear industry. All of their shoes are made from durable, long-lasting materials, and they even have a line of shoes made from recycled materials.

In addition, the company uses innovative production methods to minimize waste and reduce its carbon footprint.

They have a variety of minimalist designs for men and women that feature a classic yet modern look that will stay in style for years to come.


Nisolo makes styles for both men and women, using the most respectful and sustainable production methods.

They use ethical factories with a focus on doing no harm to the planet as well as recycled leather and other materials that do good for you, your wallet, and the globe.

Prices typically range from $100 – $250 depending on the style.


Birkenstock is one of the most popular shoe brands on Earth and they are leading the way on sustainability.

For example, 98% of Birkenstock’s adhesives are water-based. They also use sustainable materials such as cork, natural latex, jute, leather, wool felt, copper and brass.


Veja focuses on two things: fashion and sustainability.

Many of their shoes are vegan, which is hard to find and ultimately very, very good for the environment. But even though they care a lot about the planet, they also care about making their shoes look and feel incredible. They feature mainly chunky, sporty sneakers (but they do have a selection of running shoes as well).

Native Shoes 

Native Shoes practice what they preach: they want the planet to be healthier so they are actually doing something about it.

They create their shoes from plant-derived components, but they also preach fashion because their shoes look pretty dang cool. From sneakers to slides to flats, you can find just about anything here at super affordable prices!


Not only is ABLE a sustainable shoe brand, they also take pride in working with women all over the world to stop poverty and unethical treatment of workers. They use organic cotton and linen and recycled materials like regenerated nylon and polyester.


Surprisingly, one of the biggest names in the shoe industry is taking the next steps in becoming a leader in sustainability. They have a dedication to sustainability and have even promised to switch to 100% recycled polyester within four years.

They also have various shoe lines that are more sustainable, such as their Primeblue line made with recycled ocean plastic. They also have a vegan collection!

The Root Collective

The Root Collective not only makes great shoes, but they also emphasize empowering their workers and helping the environment.

Their employees are paid fair wages and their shoes are made with the utmost care for the planet. They offer boots, sandals, flats, and more (you can even get customized shoes)! Prices range from $120 – $250 depending on the style.

Wills Vegan 

Will’s Vegan is committed to sustainability and style. They create 100% vegan shoes (and other apparel) that help the environment and help your wardrobe too.

While vegan leather doesn’t always mean sustainable, this one is. Their process uses cereal crops grown in northern Europe to create a bio oil in a carbon neutral process. Plus, their leather won’t get ruined easily (aka you won’t have to throw out your shoes the moment you step in a puddle).


Brooks is a brand focused on running shoes that perform well and are crafted with as little environmental impact as possible.

They use only recycled polyester and biodegradable midsoles in their items – they have even partnered with blueguide technologies to help them find and use fabrics from more sustainable procedures. With styles ranging from $100 – $150, they won’t break the bank either.


TOMS has long been known as one of the most sustainable shoe brands.

From the fabrics they use to the factories they build, their mission is to make sure the environment doesn’t suffer from their shoes. They have also raised millions of dollars for various causes (such as $2 million for the Covid-19 Global Relief Fund). For every $3 they make, they give $1 away. They also donates countless pairs of shoes all over the world!

Fortress of Inca 

Fortress of Inca makes amazing shoes for women that are also amazing for the environment.

They reduce their environmental impact by using only sustainable materials and methods that come together to make a terrific pair of shoes that helps the world around us. From boots to sandals to flats, they have a ton of styles you won’t be able to get enough of.

Thousand Fell

Thousand Fell make the best sneakers for a better tomorrow. With both lace-up and slip-on options, they have your next go-to sneaker.

They create their products with sustainable materials and also have a recycling program that encourages its customers to help the environment too.


Reformation creates beautiful, modern shoes with a focus on the future.

They create their items with an intensive fiber selection process that focuses on both durability of the product and the health of the planet. They are truly looking at the bigger picture and also thinking about how to make great-looking shoes.

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