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28 Vegan Shoe Brands for Cruelty-Free Footwear

Last Updated: July 22, 2022

When you start following a vegan lifestyle, you’ll quickly discover that food is the easiest part! When shopping for clothing (especially shoes), many brands aren’t vegan. You may not think a basic pair of sneakers aren’t vegan, but many shoe brands often use small leather parts and even glue that isn’t cruelty-free. 

And then of course, there are so many shoes made out of non-vegan materials like leather or suede. Although you can find vegan shoes at top brands like Nike and Adidas, it can be difficult (not to mention time-consuming) to browse through and find these options. So, keep reading for our ultimate guide to 100% vegan shoe brands that are worth checking out.

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Vegan Shoe Brands 

📷 IG @immaculatevegan

Immaculate Vegan

Average pricing: Varies by brand

While this isn’t one specific brand, Immaculate Vegan is a vegan marketplace that is a great place to shop for a variety of top brands in one place.

They have hundreds of gorgeous styles to choose from, plus you’ll never have to worry about making sure the shoe you’re looking at is vegan!

📷 IG @beyondskin

Beyond Skin

Average pricing: $250 – $400

Shopping designer brands while also following a vegan lifestyle can be very difficult. Beyond Skin makes this easier – this designer shoe brand that is dedicated to 100% vegan and cruelty-free styles.

With faux leather booties, unique sandals, and plenty of heeled (or non-heeled) styles, they have plenty to choose from

📷 IG @stellamccartney

Stella McCartney

Average pricing: $500 – $1,165

Stella McCartney is one of the only mainstream designer brands out there that is 100% vegan. And by mainstream, we mean you can walk into Nordstrom and find them sitting next to Gucci. 

Aside from their popular bags, they also have a wonderful selection of shoes! If you’re looking for vegan shoes that truly stand out and make you look like you’re wearing designer, Stella McCartney is your girl. You can shop on their website as well as Farfetch and other popular retailers. 

📷 IG @mattandnat

Matt & Nat

Average pricing: $45 – $175

Not only is Matt & Nat one of the top brands for vegan handbags, they have a wide selection of shoes as well. From flats to heels to wedges, they’ve got everything you need to veganize your shoe wardrobe. Plus, they offer free shipping on orders over $100. 

Aside from being vegan, they also put importance on being sustainable (they aim to be “fully sustainable” by year 2023), so they use well-sourced innovative materials that are best for the environment. 

📷 IG @clae

Clae Footwear

Average pricing: $120 – $160

Clae Footwear is a sustainable, ethical, and minimalist footwear brand that was founded back in 2001. The brand sources sustainable materials like recycled polyester to create their stylish and comfortable shoes.

Their collection of vegan shoes offers a wide variety of stylish sneakers to choose from, and they even have a line of cactus leather shoes!

📷 IG @bhavastudio


Average pricing: $135 – $325

If you want to shop at a trendy shoe store that feels like a large retailer, Bhava is where it’s at. This vegan shoe brand has so many styles to choose from (including sandals, wedges, heels, boots, and more). 

Their shoes are stylish, ethical, and great quality – it doesn’t get much better than that!

📷 IG @veerahofficial


Average pricing: $220 – $400

This luxury shoe brand offers gorgeous shoes (including plenty of dressy heels) that are 100% vegan and designed for comfort. 

They use sustainable materials like apple leather, algae foam cushioning, and renewed plastic textiles (you can even view their materials, all the way down to the ink used on their packaging).

📷 IG @lifethroughlivi

Will’s Vegan Shoes

Average pricing: $85 – $115

With decent prices, beautiful fashion-forward styles, and great quality, it’s no surprise this is one of the top vegan shoe brands out there.

They also offer free shipping on all orders and free returns and exchanges for 365 days. 

📷 IG @cariuma


Average pricing: $70 – $100

This 100% vegan sneaker brand is a great replacement for a sneaker brand like Nike or Vans.

Not only are they vegan, but each pair you purchase plants two trees! 

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📷 IG @marucoffeela


Average pricing: $60 – $120

Keep offers unique sneakers for both men and women.

From fun prints to cool textures, their sneakers offer style and quality. They also sell apparel too!

📷 IG @ethletic


Average pricing: $70 – $150

With a fun name, Ethletic is an all-vegan sneaker brand that offers a decent variety of styles.

They feature stylish low tops, high tops, and a ton of prints to choose from (plus they even have some flip flops).  

📷 IG @ahinsashoes


Average pricing: $80 – $200 

Ahimsa is another vegan shoe brand with plenty of options for both men and women.

From dressy flats to oxfords to running sneakers, Ahimsa has every shoe style you’d ever need in your closet. On top of that, their quality is great and the prices are even better!

📷 IG @vessi


Average pricing: $70 – $150

Vessi creates unique sneakers that are lightweight and 100% vegan using a unique material named Dyma-tex.

This material allows heat and sweat to escape, but is also waterproof. Reviewers love them for their comfort, breathability, and quality!

📷 IG @collectionandco

Collection & Co

Average pricing: $25 – $120

Although based in the UK, this gorgeous shoe brand is worth mentioning. You do have to pay a decent shipping fee (over $20) if you want them shipped to the US, but you might just fall so in love you’re willing to do it! 

This brand creates beautiful vegan leather boots, sandals, and other shoes (they also make some beautiful handbags too). 

📷 IG @vivaia_official


Average pricing: $70 – $150

Featuring comfy flats, sneakers, kitten heels, and more, Vivaia creates excellent quality vegan shoes that are breathable and even machine washable.

They are also sustainable – they use recycled materials and are dedicated to zero waste!

📷 IG @tastemakersupply

Tastemaker Supply

Average pricing: $80 – $250 

With everything from dress shoes to casual shoes for both men and women, Tastemaker makes high-quality vegan shoes that look good and last forever.

📷 IG @brave_gentleman

Brave Gentleman

Average pricing: $120 – $300

Featuring expertly crafted vegan shoes for men, Brave Gentleman has everything from dressy oxfords to everyday sandals.

They also sell clothing, bags, and other accessories as well (all of which are 100% vegan).

📷 IG @nemanti_milano


Average pricing: $60 – $100

Nemanti is an Italian luxury brand that specializes in vegan shoes!

They feature gorgeous styles for both women and men, with a pretty decent price point as well. If you’re looking for a unique shoe, check out their Bellagio sneaker.

📷 IG @thousand_fell

Thousand Fell

Average pricing: $100 – $200

For sneakers that are built to last, check out this brand. They use sustainable, unique materials like aloe vera and coconut husk. They offer both lace up and slip-on options.

Best of all, they’ve created some of the first recyclable sneakers (simply ship them back to the brand using a free label they provide, then receive a $20 credit)!

📷 IG @naeveganshoes


Average pricing: $85 – $210

Vegan has never looked so good – NAE is a vegan brand that sells gorgeous shoes made of various materials (including some vegan velvet shoes we’re obsessed with) as well as other accessories.

 With a 100-day return policy and free worldwide shipping, this brand is worth giving a shot. They even have an outlet section with better deals!

📷 IG @minkshoes


Average pricing: $175 – $1,250

Although the name might throw you off, Mink Boutique makes high-quality 100% vegan shoes and other accessories.

Their products are handmade in an Italian factory, crafted by experts.

📷 IG @mireiaplaya

Mireia Playà

Average pricing: $75 – $175

This brand features all-vegan styles from sandals to boots, plus most of their shoes are made using recycled materials!

Whether you want something sophisticated for the office or a casual pair of shoes for everyday wear, they have a plethora of options.

📷 IG @sydneybrownshoes

Sydney Brown

Average pricing: $225 – $430

Sydney Brown is a luxury designer brand that uses eco-friendly materials and is 100% vegan, approved by PETA.

They offer gorgeous bags and, of course, shoes (including trendy clogs, classic boots, and more). They even offer a recycling program!

📷 IG @bcfootwear

BC Footwear

Average pricing: $60 – $140

BC Footwear is a California-based brand that is 100% cruelty-free and PETA-approved vegan. They have a variety of styles including sandals, heels, boots, flats, and more. 

Plus, their prices are lower than most other brands on the list, making them a great pick for those on a budget!

Shoe Brands With Vegan Options

If you’re not feeling any of the 100% vegan brands above, it’s completely fine to source vegan options at popular brands that aren’t all vegan. Here are some of the top brands that have vegan shoes.

📷 IG @hoooooyeony


Average pricing: $60 – $150

If you want sneakers that are unique and streetwear-inspired, Adidas has you covered. To make it simple, they have a section on their actual website that shares all of their vegan shoes. This way, you don’t have to search the internet and ask forums to make sure their shoes are actually vegan. 
We’re obsessed with their new ZX 8000 SuperEarth Sneakers – talk about making a statement without harming animals in the process. 

📷 IG @yungblackswan


Average pricing: $40 – $100

You might be pleasantly surprised to hear that many pairs of the classic sneaker brand Converse are vegan! Any of their shoes that don’t use leather or suede are vegan (including their popular canvas sneakers).

They use cruelty-free glue and all of the parts on the shoes are vegan as well – just make sure you don’t purchase the leather or suede options!

📷 IG @kristijanbesirovic


Average pricing: $100 – $300

A shoe brand dedicated to sustainability, Veja has a wide selection of vegan sneakers as well.

They break down all the materials they use on this page, including every little detail, so you can be confident you’re purchasing from a brand that really cares about how their shoes are made.

📷 IG @clae


Average pricing: $90 – $150

Being the first brand who created vegan sneakers using cactus-based leather, Clae’s vegan line is worth checking out.

They sell a ton of styles and colors to fit any outfit! On top of that, their boxes are made of recycled materials.


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