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31 Adorable Gifts From SheIn in 2022

Last Updated: December 5, 2022

While the SheIn quality can be a hit or miss, they have a ton of adorable trinkets and inexpensive items that are perfect gifts for those of us on a budget. A lot of these things are pretty hard to mess up – most of these are pretty small items that would be perfect for a gift basket!

Plus, since returns are free with your first order, what do you have to lose? Just make sure to order a few weeks before you want to have the gift (or order faster shipping)!

Mini Multifunctional Food Sealer

Price: $8

Forget annoying bag clips and gross stale chips, this super convenient gadget heat seals your bags right back up again!

Note: Make sure to get batteries for it too.

Net Washing Machine Bags

SheIn Net Washing Machine Bags

Price: $2.50

These washing machine bags protect your more fragile garments in the wash (such as lace undies and bras). They’re such a useful product that anyone can always use more of!

Silicone Shampoo Brush

SheIn Silicone Shampoo Brush

Price: $4

This brush stimulates hair growth and helps keep your hair balanced. You simply use it to massage your scalp while you’re cleaning your hair with shampoo!

This brush pairs great with a gift basket of high-quality shampoo and other hair products.

Stretch-Knit Cropped Cami Top

SheIn Stretch-Knit Cropped Cami Top

Price: $5

Clothes at SheIn can be pretty hit or miss, so overall, we wouldn’t recommend gifting clothes. However, I’ve personally purchased this top and loved it!

It’s pretty thick and made of surprisingly good-quality material. This is a great staple piece for any girl that loves crop tops (although we’d avoid white in case it’s see-through, I got a different color).

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Heart Baking Mold

SheIn Heart Baking Mold

Price: $1.50

If you’re gift hunting for someone who likes to bake, SheIn has a ton of cheap molds that they will love.

Their molds are just as good of quality as a product you’d find on Amazon, but for way cheaper!

Rainbow Wall Hanging

SheIn Rainbow Wall Hanging

Price: $7

This adorable rainbow wall hanging is a trendy piece that any decorator will love to add to their home.

They have a couple different color options to choose from. Although they’re a small piece, they’re definitely adorable.

Card Bottle Opener

SheIn Card Bottle Opener

Price: $1

Add this unique bottle opener to an alcohol-themed gift basket!

Considering it’s only $1, it’s higher quality than you’d think (it feels heavy) and fits perfectly in a wallet so you can open bottles anywhere.

Potato Cutter

SheIn Potato Cutter

Price: $2

SheIn even has essentials for the kitchen! This potato cutter helps you make french fries similar to the ones you buy at fast food restaurants.

Unique Heart-Shaped Mold

SheIn Unique Heart-Shaped Mold

Price: $4

This geometric heart mold is perfect for anyone who loves baking, making soap, or other unique crafts. It’s even great for making uniquely-shaped ice!

Dinosaur Tea Strainer

SheIn Dinosaur Tea Strainer

Price: $5

This adorable tea strainer will definitely be a gift to remember. Like a lot of their other small products, this is a great item to include in a gift bundle!

Stainless Steel Back Scratcher

SheIn Stainless Steel Back Scratcher

Price: $1

Know someone who loves getting their back scratched? This gift can help them do it themselves!

Exfoliating Glove

SheIn Exfoliating Glove

Price: $2

This exfoliating glove makes cleansing yourself in the shower extra effective and easier!

Tip: you might want to buy two so you have one for each hand.

Rotating Kitchen Hook

SheIn Rotating Kitchen Hook

Price: $3

This rotating kitchen hook makes it easy to hang your utensils neatly, making them easier to grab when you need them most.

Stretchy Food Keeper Lid

SheIn Stretchy Food Keeper Lid

Price: $5

Forget Tupperware! These stretchy lids makes it easy to save your food without going through as much extra work. They’re affordable, easy to use, and even easy to clean.

Cloud Neon Wall Lamp

SheIn Cloud Neon Wall Lamp

Price: $10

Neon lamps are beyond popular right now, and for good reason. These lovely decor accents look beautiful in any room. This little cloud is perfect for the bedroom!

Onion Slicer

SheIn Onion Slicer

Price: $2

Hate cutting onions? This onion slicer makes it significantly easier to chop onions uniformly and quickly.

Teapot Tea Filter

SheIn Teapot Tea Filter

Price: $5

This adorable mini teapot filter is a great gift for anyone who loves drinking loose-leaf tea!

Stainless Steel Shaver Holder

SheIn Stainless Steel Shaver Holder

Price: $3

Sleek and modern, this stainless steel holder is easy to hang up in the shower and even easier to hang your razor on! You can also use it as a hook for anything else you wan to hold in the shower.

Frameless Wall Print

SheIn Frameless Wall Print

Price: $4

SheIn has a ton of adorable wall prints for affordable prices. This cute print can fit in beautifully in any room! It doesn’t come with a frame, but these aren’t too hard to find for inexpensive prices.

Marble Pattern Bedding Set

SheIn Marble Pattern Bedding Set

Price: $25

Although a little more expensive than other things on this list, this is a beautiful bed set that you’d never guess only cost $25!

Eye Wink Wall Sticker

SheIn Eye Wink Wall Sticker

Price: $3

This cute wall sticker looks great in a bathroom, walk-in closet, or above your vanity.

Coffee Design Set

SheIn Coffee Design Set

Price: $2

These molds let you decorate your lattes with cute designs (you don’t even need to be skilled at latte art)!

Simply hold them over your drink and sprinkle cinnamon or chocolate powder over the top. Easy!

Tarot Cards Set

SheIn Tarot Cards Set

Price: $9

These lovely tarot cards make a great gift for your favorite fortune teller. Each card is printed with bright, high-quality ink!

Extra Long Chopsticks

SheIn Extra Long Chopsticks

Price: $2

This is a hilarious gift for your favorite sushi fan. Put them to the test to see how good they really are with chopsticks!

Mini Gardening Tools Set

SheIn Mini Gardening Tools Set

Price: $2

Gift your favorite gardener a teeny gardening set they can take with them anywhere! Although more of a gag gift, it might be fun to use on succulents and other small plants.

Gold Jewelry Storage Tray

SheIn Gold Jewelry Storage Tray

Price: $6

Give your room a glamorous touch with this bright gold storage tray. Perfect for jewelry and other accessories!

Rice Washing Sleeve Spoon

SheIn Rice Washing Sleeve Spoon

Price: $3

Washing your rice before cooking is important, and this convenient spoon makes it much easier!

Rose Ice Cube Mold

SheIn Rose Ice Cube Mold

Price: $6

This is a fun gift that anyone is sure to love. Who wouldn’t want elegant, rose-shaped ice cubes?

Bear Ice Cube Mold

SheIn Bear Ice Cube Mold

Price: $4

On a similar note, a bear-shaped ice cube might be a better fit. How adorable!

Dog Paw + Bone Baking Mold

SheIn Dog Paw + Bone Baking Mold

Price: $3

Gift your favorite dog parent a baking mold so they can make their furry friend their very own treats! Tip: Making dog treats at home is so easy and cheap.

Macrame Wall Hanging

SheIn Macrame Wall Hanging

Price: $6

This lovely macrame wall hanging looks like it should cost at least 5x the price! It makes a lovely addition to any boho-themed room.

Cat Tail Wall Hook

SheIn Cat Tail Wall Hook

Price: $3

Hang up your keys, bag, or coat on this adorable cat tail wall hook. The simplistic design looks great in any home!

Springform Heart Cake Pan

SheIn Springform Heart Cake Pan

Price: $4

Springform pans are very convenient for baking cakes and cheesecakes. This heart-shaped pan makes it cute and convenient!

Silicone Baking Mat with Measurements

SheIn Silicone Baking Mat with Measurements

Price: $3

Anyone who enjoys baking needs a silicone baking mat, especially one with convenient measurements written on it.

Letter + Number Baking Molds

SheIn Letter + Number Baking Molds

Price: $2

Spell out anything your heart desires with these molds! They’re a great addition to the kitchen of anyone who enjoys baking.

Cat Shaped Tea Filter

SheIn Cat Shaped Tea Filter

Price: $4

This adorable cat tea filter will keep you company while you’re waiting for your morning tea to brew! It makes a great gift for any cat-lover who also loves tea.

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