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16 Stores Like Fashion Nova for Trendy, Flattering Fashion

Last Updated: February 21, 2022

Fashion Nova is well-known for their accentuating styles (especially their jeans that fit amazingly on curvy bodies). However, if you want to expand your list of favorite stores, we’ve shared a few of the top stores like Fashion Nova where you can find affordable and flattering clothes!

Stores like Fashion Nova

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The latest trends don’t have to be expensive! PrettyLittleThing is a popular clothing company aimed at young women.

Dresses, shirts, shoes, tops and more — PrettyLittleThing is the perfect destination for anyone who loves affordable trend-hunting!

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If you’re looking for a store with variety, ASOS is where it’s at!

They provide shoppers with over 850 brands, all of which create high-quality apparel for both men and women. Since they feature a variety of brands, prices can vary pretty greatly, but you can find high-quality items within any budget!

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At Windsor, you can find the next best dress you want for a night out, a second date, or even a Christmas party. Dresses are just one of their specialities – they have plenty more to choose from as well!

Plus, you can shop both online or at one of their thousands of retail stores around the country if you’re more of an in-person shopper.

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Boohoo is not only a fun name to say, it’s a fun place to shop at.

Boohoo specializes in cute clothing for women (and men too) without a high-end price tag. Coats, hoodies, pants, dresses — Boohoo’s dense selection will keep you busy and keep your wardrobe filled.

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Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a name we all know and love.

Hailed for their cutting-edge taste in clothing, unique home decor, and plenty of other cool products, UO is a name that everyone associates with the latest in fashion. Similar to Fashion Nova, they have excellent quality jeans!

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Missguided is another women’s fashion website like Fashion Nova that has an always-updating selection that gets larger and larger every week.

You can find dresses, coats, accentuating jeans, and plenty more without spending your entire paycheck!

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Madewell is a high-quality brand that sells styles for everyone. They specialize in jeans and clothing that pairs well with jeans. So, if you’re a jeans-lover, this is the store for you!

From pajamas to outerwear to activewear, Madewell has a wide selection. They even have accessories such as boots and dainty jewelry. Again, prices are more expensive, but their quality clothes will last much longer.

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Princess Polly

Princess Polly is an online boutique for women that contains all sorts of modern, hip, and girly clothing. They’re well-known for their adorable dresses, but they have plenty more to choose from.

With a 10% student discount and plenty of sales, you can find some great deals on their high-quality clothes!

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Lucy in the Sky

Lucy in the Sky has all the classy, trendy, beautiful clothing you need.

Dresses, jewelry, bodysuits and more — Lucy in the Sky will make you feel like a queen. Although their prices are typically a little higher than Fashion Nova, the quality is higher as well, so it’s definitely worth it.

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Forever21 has been one of the top names in fashion for decades now.

Their selection is huge, so you never quite know what they’re going to have next, but you know it will be affordable and stylish. Quality can be a hit or miss, but you’re definitely not breaking the bank here!

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Knits, jackets, tops, hoodies, dresses — Topshop will be your new favorite site to find whatever fashion needs you have (with options for both women and men).

Most of their items are affordably priced, plus they have plenty of sales. Overall, this is another great store to shop for styles similar to Fashion Nova!

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Although they typically have more girlier styles than Fashion Nova, Lulu’s might still be a great place to shop if you’re into these types of clothes. Prices are a little spendier as well, but their sale section is excellent and they sometimes have sales on the entire site as well.

Although prices are higher, quality is much higher as well, so you can be sure you’re getting clothes that will last for years.

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Tobi has so much to choose from — from sweaters to dresses to bottoms to jumpsuits. Whether you’re looking for a matching activewear set or classy dress, Tobi has you covered.

Prices are more expensive than Fashion Nova, but the quality is always excellent. Plus, they often have 50% off the entire site, so make sure to hold out for this amazing sale!

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SheIn has a slew of fashionable, in-the-now, very affordable fashion that will brighten up your entire wardrobe. The prices will stun you, but that doesn’t come without a downside.

The quality can definitely be a hit or miss, but it might be worth the gamble since they usually offer free returns. That said, their pillowcases always seem to be great!

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Very similar to the previous brand, Zaful is another affordable store that has everything you could imagine. Their style are very trendy and unique!

The quality seems to be a little better than SheIn, although prices are typically more expensive as well. You will always find something new and fun at Zaful — and cheap.

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Finishing off our stores like Fashion Nova list with another cheap overseas brand, Romwe is owned by the same company as SheIn, so expect very similar prices and selection. However, they do have slight differences, so you might want to check out both!

It’s full of forward-thinking fashion for both guys and gals, with free returns most of the time.

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