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22 Best Clean Beauty Brands Worth Buying

Last Updated: March 7, 2023

In recent years, there has been a rise in clean beauty brands, including skincare, makeup, body care, and haircare.

A lot of people have been turning to clean ingredients and transparent companies in an effort to only use natural, safe products.

However, finding brands that are truly “clean” can be a challenge, which is why we have searched for the best clean beauty brands that are actually worth buying. Happy shopping!

Best Clean Beauty Brands

Ilia Beauty

Ilia is a great place to start when it comes to the best clean beauty brands. The mission behind Ilia beauty is to create skincare-powered makeup that blends naturally and contains ingredients with nourishing vitamins and oils. 

Ilia creates its formulas from scratch to ensure its makeup is as clean as can be. The formulas contain active levels of skincare ingredients to leave skin looking better immediately and over time.

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Herbivore Botanicals

This brand was created by husband and wife Julia Wills and Alexander Kummerow when trying to find natural products. After Julia graduated with a degree in natural medicine, she put her degree to work after purchasing a soap-making kit. 

The products created by the brand are ethically sourced from the finest raw natural materials and botanicals free of chemicals and toxins.

Tata Harper Skincare

Tata Harper is a luxury skincare brand started by Tata and Henry Harper on their organic farm. 

This sustainable and transparent company created their products on the couple’s farm in Vermont. Plus, their products are made from natural and non-toxic ingredients. 

RMS Beauty

Here is a cosmetic brand that uses the highest quality, organic ingredients that hydrate and improve the skin’s complexion

RMS is changing the way that cosmetic products are created. Their products are non-toxic and GMO-free and heal and nourish the skin.

Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty is a skincare and cosmetics brand that creates organic and natural products. Their products are vegan and cruelty-free and the brand utilizes sustainable energy sources for production. 

The brand aims to create luxurious organic formulations that are better than conventional beauty products.

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Kosas began as a way to create products with clean, nourishing botanical ingredients.

The brand celebrates simplicity and defies convention. Kosas carries products from foundation, concealer, body wash, and deodorant.

Westman Atelier

This brand creates cosmetic products formulated with clean ingredients with plant-based actives. They are on an ongoing mission to create clean, safe products that are good for the skin and for the planet.

This brand is constantly searching and learning for sustainable materials to reduce their environmental footprint. If synthetic ingredients are necessary for formulations, they make to safely vet and approve the ingredients.

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Goop Beauty

Goop Beauty creates high-performance skincare, haircare, body care, and fragrance that contain clean ingredients clinically tested and backed by science. 

All products are created to show noticeable results. Even more, they are also formulated without parabens, petroleum, phthalates, and more.


Putting sustainability, inclusivity, and body care together, Nécessaire is creating a different way of thinking about taking care of our bodies. 

The brand creates sustainable body care products that range from shower gel to exfoliator and body lotion. Nécessaire is raising awareness of how important our skin is for everyone, no matter their age, ethnicity, or gender.


Former fashion editor Laney Crowell created Saie to fill a space in cosmetics: products that contain clean and cruelty-free ingredients. 

Formulations are free of potentially harmful ingredients to the environment and human health.

TIP: Their dewy highlighter is absolutely perfect.

Well People

This clean beauty brand creates products to achieve the perfect no-makeup look with natural ingredients. 

Products are designed to nourish the skin while also giving the color and high coverage desired. Their formulas provide nourishment and hydration with skincare ingredients infused in products.

Milk Makeup

Known for their minimalist packaging and clean, vegan ingredients, Milk Makeup quickly grew a cult following and became a favorite. Their hydro grip primer is famous, but they have many other effective products to try out.

Known for creating innovative products that are effective, Milk’s products are formulated with 100% vegan ingredients and are cruelty-free and paraben-free.


Versed is on a mission to create clean skincare products at affordable prices, made with ingredients that meet the standards of the European Union to make sure that every product is safe to use. 

Versed is also committed to reducing waste and minimizing its carbon footprint with most of its packaging made of 79% post-consumer recycled plastics.

Beauty Counter

Here is a beauty and skincare brand set to transform the beauty industry with their high-performance products, as well as fight to change laws that control what can and cannot be used in products. 

They have a “The Never List” posted on their website that showcases over 1,800 ingredients that they will never use in their products.  


Tula is a brand created by a gastroenterologist, Dr. Roshini Raj, that found the effects that gut health has on her patient’s skin. Products are formulated with probiotics and superfoods that balance the skin microbiome and restore its natural balance. 

Their products are clean, effective, and even sustainable. The brand focuses on being healthy, not perfect, and empowers everyone to feel confident in their skin.

Summer Fridays

Summer Fridays began as a way to fill a gap in the skincare industry: easy-to-use, clean ingredients, immediately satisfying, and aesthetically pleasing packaging. 

All products are clean, vegan, and cruelty-free.

100% Pure

100% pure is a cosmetics, beauty, and skincare brand that is committed to creating organic, all-natural, and vegan products. 

Their products are formulated with antioxidants, naturally occurring vitamins, and essential oils. 

True Botanicals

Founder Hillary Peterson created True Botanicals following her long battle with thyroid cancer after discovering that her beauty products were full of toxins. She took matters into her own hands by creating products formulated with ethically sourced vegan ingredients proven to work at the highest standards. 

Each product delivers concentrations of plant actives known for their nourishing vitamins, essential fatty acids, and antioxidant properties.

Coco Kind

A sustainable skincare brand that is specially created to treat acne-prone skin yet still be gentle and affordable. 

Plus, Coco Kind is very transparent about the ingredients that they use in each product. One key ingredient that they use is coconut oil. 

Crown Affair

Crown Affair has made it their mission to make one’s daily hair routine an enjoyable and relaxing experience. 

Working with the best craftsmen and chemists from around the world, this brand creates clean formulas and tools that will transform an everyday routine into a true ritual.

Adwoa Beauty

Adwoa Beauty is a modern, non-toxic, and gender-neutral haircare brand that caters to multi-cultural hair. 

Created out of frustration with the beauty industry and how it represented black women, the founders created this brand to be a natural haircare brand that creates highly effective products. The company is committed to being transparent with the ingredients they use in the products.

Beneath Your Mask

This company creates skin, body, and hair products designed to repair and reverse the toxic effects of environmental hazards, health challenges, and stress. 

Beneath Your Mask is on an ongoing mission to create pure, luxurious, all-natural products that are infused with healing ingredients that are sourced from potent, organic, and wild-crafted botanicals. 

In Conclusion

“Clean” beauty brands aren’t always clean, so be sure to always check that ingredient list! However, the top clean beauty brands listed above are the real deal, and they make products that are actually worth your money. 

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