Samantha Henn

Samantha Henn

Samantha is a style and beauty writer who loves all things pink. She graduated with a Business Management degree from the University of South Florida in 2018 and created her own style blog in 2020. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and spending time with family and friends.

skincare ingredients to avoid

15 Skincare Ingredients to Avoid in Your Everyday Routine

Samantha HennMay 19, 202113 min read

The recent push for transparency in the beauty industry brought to light a lot of concern over what ingredients are hiding in skincare products. And, if you’re anything like us,…

best natural makeup brands

21 Best Natural Makeup Brands For Clean, Healthy Beauty

Samantha HennMay 19, 202119 min read

The world of natural makeup brands can be overwhelming. For a long time, natural makeup left a lot to be desired when it came to long-lasting wear and deep color.…

hair growth tips

10 Tips for How to Grow Your Hair Faster – Natural Hair Growth Tips

Samantha HennMay 12, 20219 min read

Whether you’re looking to thicken your lashes and brows or lengthen your locks, giving your hair a little extra TLC can be fun and relaxing. Plus, if you’re wondering how…

what to wear to a fall wedding ClothedUp

What to Wear to a Fall Wedding? Style Guide + Outfit Ideas

Samantha HennMay 8, 20218 min read

Picking what to wear to a fall wedding can be hard. There are a few variables that go into creating the perfect ensemble. The location, time of day, dress code,…

How to Apply Lip Liner

How to Apply Lip Liner – Tips and Tricks for an Elevated Look

Samantha HennApr 25, 20215 min read

If you’ve stayed away from lip liner for fear of clown mouth or looking like Joey’s agent Estelle from Friends, it’s time to set your mind at ease and discover…

8 Types of Belts and How to Style Them in 2022

8 Types of Belts and How to Style Them in 2022

Samantha HennApr 15, 20216 min read

There are so many types of belts – they come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Like any accessory, a belt can really pull an outfit together and solidify…

How to Wear Doc Martens – 15 Outfit Ideas for Any Style

How to Wear Doc Martens – 15 Outfit Ideas for Any Style

Samantha HennApr 13, 20217 min read

Dr. Martens have come a long way from their humble prototype creation in 1945. Since the official introduction of their signature boot in 1960, this style of shoe quickly went…

dreamland jewelry reviews

Dreamland Jewelry Reviews: A Diamond in the Rough?

Samantha HennApr 3, 20217 min read

One of the easiest ways to accessorize, no matter your style, is with jewelry. There are endless places to shop for a little sparkle and one of the most budget-friendly…

Honest Beauty Reviews: Is Their Clean Beauty Better?

Honest Beauty Reviews: Is Their Clean Beauty Better?

Samantha HennMar 25, 20219 min read

There is a lot of buzz around clean beauty and you may have seen labels like “non-toxic,” “green,” and “cruelty-free” popping up more often. As we become more aware of…