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Ulta Return Policy 101 (Including Tips + Hacks)

Last Updated: August 16, 2022

We’re not always happy with our purchases – whether it’s the wrong shade or an embarrassing gift from grandma. Since not every store is so understanding when it comes to returns, we like to spend our money on more customer-friendly brands. For makeup and beauty products, the Ulta return policy is one of the best. 

Ulta is known for being flexible to meet your return needs in every way possible. That said, there are a few loopholes in their return policy that the average shopper isn’t aware of. 

Ulta Return Policy Overview

To start with the basics, Ulta’s return policy states that products returned within 60 days of the original purchase with the original receipt can be fully refunded to the original payment method. The only exception is if you used your Ultamate Rewards ID at purchase – they can look up your receipt through this.

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Returning Online Purchases

Online purchases can be returned by mail or by visiting an Ulta store. Unfortunately, they don’t offer free return shipping labels, so returning in store is often the best bet. 

Original shipping charges on your order will not be refunded unless the package was incorrectly shipped, or you received broken or defective merchandise.

Ulta Return Policy Secrets 

Now, onto some well-kept secrets and hacks that you definitely want to be aware of before shopping with Ulta!

You can return items without a receipt

Thankfully, with how understanding Ulta is, you can return products without a receipt. They will look up your Ultimate rewards ID or online account. If they cannot track your order, you’re not completely out of luck – you can still receive store credit for the item. They will need your ID, however. 

You can return used products

According to Ulta’s return policy for used makeup, you can return any used item as long as the original components are present. You will be issued a full refund if you have your receipt or rewards membership ID that was used to make the purchase. If not, you will be issued a store credit. 

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You can return products without original packaging

Even if you throw out the original box, you’re not out of luck. With Ulta returns, you can bring back products without packaging. As long as you have your receipt, in most cases, you should have no problem. 

You can return gifts

Ulta’s exchange policy allows shoppers to exchange gift returns for one of the same cash value or for the partial value of a more expensive product. You will then be responsible for paying for the difference. Alternatively, if you do not want to exchange the item for something else, you will receive store credit instead. Unfortunately, Ulta cannot provide you a refund in the form of money for gift returns. 

You will lose points when returning items 

Unfortunately, any points that were earned from purchasing your product will be deducted upon the return. To prevent the loss of points, do your best only to buy products you are sure you’re going to keep!

They may suspend or limit your returns

While Ulta doesn’t seem to limit returns as hard as Sephora does, they still state that they will limit returns as they see fit. This means that if they suspect you are misusing their return policy, returning too much, or being fraudulent, you run the risk of being suspended from making returns in the future.


Can you return used makeup to Ulta? 

Yes, under Ulta’s beauty return policy, they will accept all returns for any product you are unsatisfied with. 

Can I return something to Ulta after 60 days?

You can return a product to Ulta within 60 days for a full refund. If your return is made after 60 days, you will not receive a refund, but you can still receive store credit.

Can you return without a receipt at Ulta?

Yes! If you do not have a receipt, Ulta can locate your purchase through your Ultamate Rewards member ID number (but, this only applies if you made the purchase using your rewards number). 

Does Ulta have a return limit?

While it is unclear precisely what Ulta’s return limit is, they do state in their return policy that they reserve the right to suspend returns if they feel the customer is misusing the policy by returning too much, being dishonest, or otherwise going against their rules. 

Do you lose Ulta points when you return?

Yes, all points earned from the purchase will be deducted upon return.

Do I have to return the free gift with an Ulta return?

While Ulta doesn’t actively promote this, many people have stated that they didn’t have to return their free gift when returning the product they purchased to receive that gift. 

Bottom Line

Overall, Ulta’s return policy is one of the best out there for beauty brands and we are super thankful. Even though their policy is great, it’s still important do your best not to return products unless you have to (or else they may set stricter restrictions like many other companies have done). Otherwise, it seems like your girl Ulta always has your back!