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10 Trunk Club Alternatives To Try Instead

Last Updated: August 9, 2023

Although I personally loved Trunk Club, they are no longer in business.

If you’re like me and are looking for the top Trunk Club alternatives, keep reading for some great options you might even end up liking better.

Including similar stylist services as well as some other clothing services that are a bit different (like designer purse rentals), you’re bound to find something you’ve been dying to try.

Trunk Club Alternatives

Stitch Fix

One of the most popular stylist subscription services, you might very well end up liking Stitch Fix better than Trunk Club. They send 5 items per box with a $20 styling fee. The only downside is that you can’t view your items before they ship the box, so items might not always live up to your expectations.

Plus, if you don’t like your first box, they will refund the styling fee (so there’s no real risk to trying it out). 

While you’re at it, check out the top Stitch Fix alternatives!


With up to 12 hand-picked items per box, there are a ton of options with this styling service! Although the styling fee is $40 (higher than most alternatives), their stylists do a great job. 

That said, items typically cost $60 or more, so this isn’t for you if you’re looking for a more affordable stylist subscription.


Nuuly is a bit different from Trunk Club and its closest competitors, but I believe it’s worth mentioning as this is honestly my favorite clothing subscription. Instead of sending you items to purchase, this is a clothing rental subscription created by the founders of Free People and Urban Outfitters. 

For $88 per month, you receive five items you can wear as much as you want. Once the month is over, you send it back for your next set of items. Simple and fun!


Offering both regular style boxes and fitness style boxes, Wantable might just be your perfect alternative! 

They send 7 items per box with a $20 styling fee, applied towards anything you purchase from your box.


Trendsend provides 6–8 pieces to shop from with a $20 styling fee (your first styling fee is just $1)! Their items cost $70 on average and they offer a ton of trendy selections. 

In my experience, they do a great job at capturing your style! However, don’t expect anything under $40. 


Always wanted a closet full of high-end designer bags? This designer bag rental subscription lets you have that, for a fraction of the price (we’re talking bags worth thousands and thousands of dollars). 

They offer three plans based on the value of the bags: $99 a month, $199 per month, or $279 per month. You can swap out your bag monthly. View their entire collection!

IG: @letote

Le Tote

If you like switching up your styles every month, clothing rental might be the perfect option for you.

Le Tote offers plans starting at $59 per month and lets you choose what styles you want in your box. Wear the clothes as much as you want, send them back, or buy them for 50% off the retail price!

See our full Le Tote review here!

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Gwynnie Bee

For a body-inclusive rental subscription, Gwynnie Bee is a fantastic choice. You get to pick what styles you want, wear them as much as you want, and then send them back for free.

A subscription starts at $49 per month, and shipping and returns are always free. Plus, you can buy a specific piece if you end up loving it. Read our full review here!

Amazon Wardrobe

If you’re already an Amazon Prime member and don’t care about having a personal stylist, Amazon Wardrobe is a great option. This is more of a “try before you buy” subscription since you don’t get a personal stylist (unless you pay $4.99 per month for the personal shopper plan). 

With Amazon Wardrobe, you’re able to try on up to 8 clothing items and send back what you don’t want within 7 days.

Nadine West

If you want something cheaper than Trunk Club, you can always try Nadine West! Although I personally haven’t had the best experience with them as far as quality and trendiness goes, they have been the cheapest stylist box I’ve tried. 

Everything is between $10 – $30, with the only fee being the shipping (less than $10) applied toward anything you keep. Plus, they typically offer free shipping on your first package, meaning there’s no real risk to trying it out.

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