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Blue Suit Brown Shoes: Styling Tips And Tricks

Last Updated: August 3, 2022

An ideal outfit is essential whether you’re going on a business trip or attending an important event. You won’t feel comfortable at an event or venue if your colors are off or the design is inappropriate.

A blue suit and brown shoes can give you a classy and timeless look. However, this combination needs more styling skills than you might expect. Most men can pull off a navy blue suit, but other shades need more customization.

This Blue Suit Brown Shoes review will help you understand how this outfit can work out for you and how to achieve your desired look.

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How To Wear A Blue Suit With Brown Shoes

The Blue Suit Brown Shoe combination can give you a crisp, professional, and stylish look. It’s not necessarily the simplest pairing, though, considering the various hues available. 

Blue shades range from navy, mystic, bright blue, and everything in between. Browns aren’t simple either—there’s chestnut, light, tan brown, etc. And those are just the popular undertones.

Choosing the right shade for an occasion, planning the overall color scheme of your clothing, and finding matching shoes and accessories can certainly be challenging.

Formal Settings

Blue Suit
  • For professional settings and business meetings, a dark blue suit and dark brown shoes are the ideal and understated outfit.
  • You can also combine dark brown shoes with a navy blue suit and trousers that fit perfectly.
  • Team up your plain blue suit with black shoes or boots for less formal events. You can also add a belt that matches the color of your shoes.

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Informal Occasions

Brown Shoes
  • For a casual event, you can wear your favorite light blue suit with a pair of brown shoes in a light or dark tone.
  • You could also try the polished look of a navy blue suit, a navy blue tie, and a white shirt, and finish with a pair of casual brown shoes.
  • Brown or tan driving shoes complement light blue buttoned-up shirts, with a few buttons undone.
  • You don’t have to limit yourself to wearing casual simple blue suits. Blue pinstripes can work well with brown shoes too.
  • Wear your blue suit with a pullover and brown sneakers if you have plans over the weekend.
  • Match your accessories like watches and belts with your clothing.

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When To Wear Blue Suit Brown Shoes

The color and style of your attire reflects your attitude, personality, and confidence. Always be aware of the type of occasion and wear suitable attire.

1. Formal Occasions

In the past, attending weddings in a tuxedo or a black dress was the usual, but today, a blue suit and brown shoes are a classic outfit for any formal occasion.

This outfit code’s versatility allows you to experiment with unconventional styling, adding unique accessories, color combinations, and other elements. 

2. Casual Business Occasions

Nowadays, most workplaces allow casual yet appropriate business wear. Some companies continue to have strict dress codes for employees.

Informal color combinations are somewhat more acceptable at places of work that allow business casual attire. Now, if you work in such a setting, take advantage of the opportunity to wear a blue suit with brown shoes. 

This ensemble strikes the ideal balance between professional and casual attire.  

3. Work Wear

Before trying the blue suit, brown shoes ensemble, you must consider the occasion and atmosphere. Some firms may not accept this look, so check their guidelines before trying out shades of blue and brown. Large corporations may expect you to wear black shoes and a brown suit, so you may not be able to try this combination here. 

4. Smart Casual

You can wear the blue suit brown shoes attire on casual occasions, such as when you go out with your pals for a night at the bar. For a more relaxed look, wear your blue suit with brown loafers. Here’s a more in-depth look at smart casual attire.

How To Match Accessories

Blue Suit

To make the blue suit and brown shoes look even better, you can add matching accessories like a belt, watch, and wallet.

  • When wearing brown shoes, your accessories like the watch strap and belt must also have similar shades of brown. For your tie and pocket square, stick to the same color palette as your suit.
  • You can enhance your suit with a tie colored blue, brown, burgundy, orange, or gray to make it stand out.
  • You can also tack on old-school classic style socks in a similar shade of blue, which match your entire outfit.  For more casual occasions, you can try funkier sock patterns. You may also combine both designs to create a unique look.

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To Wrap It Up

Wearing a blue suit with brown shoes can level up your style and make you look sharp and confident. Follow our styling advice to ace your look in different settings. 

When in doubt, a blue suit with brown shoes is a classic look that will never go out of style.

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Can you wear brown shoes with a blue suit?

You can wear the combination without a doubt because it is fairly acceptable everywhere. As long as you choose the right undertones, pairing the blue suit with the brown socks is a fashionable outfit combination. Your accessories should closely match the hue of your brown shoes to complete the look.

Should you wear black or brown shoes with a blue suit?

Brown is the most common shoe color worn with a blue suit. However, black shoes elevate your look to a more sophisticated and formal one. Unless you’re going to a professional or formal occasion where black shoes are mandatory, you might consider wearing brown shoes to complement your blue suit.

What color shoes go best with a navy suit?

Brown shoes go best with a blue suit, but you can also look at some of these other popular combinations listed below:

Navy blue suit with classic brown
Blue suit with white shoes
Mystic blue with black shoes
Bright blue with pink shoes

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