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12 Best Shoe Brands for Men: Style, Form, & Function

Last Updated: July 22, 2022

Looking for the best shoe brands for men? We’ve got the top brands to shop for style, form, and function.

Throughout history, many different shoe styles have taken the main stage for men. Some designs have a classic style, while others are more casual and sporty. And then there are styles such as dress shoes that are timeless no matter what generation you’re from. 

No matter your day-to-day personal preferences, it’s always best to see what’s out there as styles evolve, and you might find something new you really like. For this list, we’re going to get down to the unique qualities and styles of the 11 best shoe brands for men.

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Best Shoe Brands for Men

📷 IG @beckettsimonon

Beckett Simonon

Price: $159.00-$239.00

You’d be greatly missing out by not taking a look at this shoe brand, one that prides itself on masterful craftsmanship that will surely stand the test of time. Although the shoemaker also sells boots and sneakers, their dress shoes easily take the cake.

The molds they use for the shoes have been refined for the best fit, and the company uses customer feedback to make their products even better. Crafted using only traditional methods also guarantees that your shoes will last you a lifetime with the proper care.

📷 IG @newbalance

New Balance

Price: $54.99-$259.99

One of the most reliable and well-loved shoe brands on this list, you can’t go wrong with the shoes they provide. They’ve been a comfortable fit for men for decades. You can find a vast range of styles for men’s shoes, and they come crafted with highly durable materials that are perfect for an active lifestyle.

The brand has been around since 1906, so it’s safe to say they know how to make quality shoes that’ll last. If you’re always on the go and you’re looking for a shoe that’ll give ample support, this shoe brand will have what you’re looking for.

📷 IG @santoniofficial


Price: $450.00-$3,900.00

When it comes to selection, this shoe brand doesn’t lack in any regard. From more modern styles to a vast range of classic dress shoes for men, they’re definitely worth a look if you need a new pair.

The shoe brand also offers personalized services to craft you the perfect pair of shoes specifically suited to your requirements and feet. Although their shoes come with a varying price range, they’re still relatively expensive. Yet their quality reflects that effortlessly.

📷 IG @clae

Clae Footwear

Price: $90-$160

If you’re looking for something with a minimalist design that will be relevant for years to come, Clae Footwear is your answer.

The brand prides itself on the detail that goes into each pair of shoes, along with its commitment to sustainable practices.

With these shoes, you know you’re getting high-quality, well-made shoes that will last for years to come. Plus, the comfort is unbeatable, and the classic designs alone are enough to turn heads.

📷 IG @blackstockandweber

Blackstock & Weber

Price: $325.00-$345.00

Offering unique styles with reliable craftsmanship, this shoe brand keeps a niche collection of shoes that’ll undoubtedly make a fashion statement in any setting. They create loafer-style shoes that you can easily slip on and off, yet they’re highly fashionable and look good at home, the office, or in the street.

Based on the quality of their shoes, the price range is actually pretty fair. If you’re a fan of the old and the new, this shoe brand provides a one-of-a-kind look that you can use professionally or casually.

📷 IG @zach_taylorr

Oliver Cabell

Price: $159.00-$249.00

This is a great casual shoe brand for men, and although their shoes are meant for everyday wear and tear, that doesn’t mean they’re lacking in quality. If you’re tired of buying a new pair of casual shoes every year, this shoe brand will have something in its selection to fix this issue.

The brand has a focus on merging old craftsmanship techniques with new materials to achieve the best of both worlds. Many of their customers appreciate the shoe brand’s eco-conscious focus on their materials as well.

📷 IG @lievink9

Dr. Martens

Price: $63.00-$310.00

Although this brand has been hailed for their boots for many years, they also offer a decent selection of stylish shoes for men. Whether you’re looking for business casual or outstanding street fashion, this shoe brand will have something for you.

They’re also offered in a wide array of exotic colors and designs that have that unique flair the brand is known for. Considering their sizeable selection and steep reputation, it’s hard to pass up what they have to offer.

📷 IG @colehaan

Cole Haan

Price: $55.00-$400.00

Delivering a blend of classic and exotic styles, you’re sure to find something you like from the shoe brand as their inventory seems endless. They offer a unique take on form and function, their shoes come in a cost-efficient price range, and they provide different shoe styles for various occasions.

Many of their shoe designs come in a great selection of colorways, and they’re sure to carry the most prominent men’s shoe sizes in stock. They’re a great choice if you don’t want to break the bank and prefer reliable craftsmanship.

📷 IG @aligordon


Price: $925.00-$1,120.00

I’d say this shoe brand is one of the most detailed on this list, and their spring and summer collection this year has gone above and beyond expectations. From casual designs to pristine dress shoes, this shoe brand focuses on providing a luxurious experience.

Crafting quality shoes since the 1800s, the shoe brand doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon, and their craftsmanship has never faltered. If you like to know exactly how your shoes are made, and if you prefer a more classic, neutral style, give this brand a look before you decide on a new pair.

📷 IG @gustavoribeiro


Price: $39.00-$129.00

If you’re more prone to casual streetwear, then you’re likely to find a pair that’s your style with this shoe brand. They’re cost-efficient, and you’ll find many different colorways and designs across their shoe collections.

The company does its best to manufacture its shoes with sustainability in mind. Moreover, their shoes are never lacking in comfort and work perfectly with the specific contours of the human foot.

📷 IG @ho1joon

George Cleverley

Price: £345.00-£1,100.00

This list is full of quality shoes, but this brand takes the art of shoemaking to another level. Although they sell many ready-to-wear shoes, they also offer hand-made, custom shoes to fit your specific needs.

They’re the perfect shoe brand for the gentleman who likes to dress well and make a statement at the same time. If you respect authentic shoemaking, this brand will have you looking dapper without a doubt.

📷 IG @grensonshoes


Price: $460.00-$730.00

The last option on this list doesn’t lack when it comes to some of the best dress shoes you’ll ever come across. Luckily, their selection is more than prepared to satisfy men’s many different sizes and structural contours.

These beautiful shoes are sure to make a lasting impression, and they really pop when they’re given a proper shine. Aside from the classic look a lot of their shoes have, the brand also offers many modern designs to tap into multiple generational styles for men.

Let’s Recap

Whether you’re looking for casual streetwear or the shiniest dress shoes on the market, this list of the best shoe brands for men will have something you’re looking for, even if you don’t know it yet. 

It also comes with a vast price range, so you can either go for something more luxurious or save yourself from breaking the bank. 

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