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20 Best Casual Shoes for Men in 2023

Last Updated: March 2, 2023

It feels good to live in the modern world. So blessed with a heavy aesthetic that it sometimes feels like we’re drawing in our different fashion visions. And with every outfit sits a centerpiece on your feet; that’s why we’re sharing the best casual shoes for men to upgrade your wardrobe.

Luckily, not every outfit needs to be the best or the craziest or do the most to stand out. Sometimes being casual and finding a decent set of kicks to cradle your feet while you hang with the boys is what you really need.

And thanks to the comforts of the modern world, there is an endless amount of shoes just begging for you to adopt them. Together, a couple of different pairs can carry you through your entire life.

They will never fail you because they can cover all bases.

And another shoutout to the modern world and the internet because the best casual shoes for men are right here.

Best Casual Shoes for Men

Vans Old Skool

Nothing is more casual than a pair of skate shoes, which have the spirit of rebelliousness and a carefree character. We’re here for a fun time and a fun time only.

Some Old Skools are a perfect complement to a pair of chinos and an oversized sweater for that timeless 90s grunge look. Plus, they come in an insane amount of styles.

If you aren’t satisfied with that lineup, you can always customize yourself a sick pair from your own imagination.

Nike Air Force 1

When talking about the best casual shoes for men, you have to mention The Air Force 1. It’s the kind of shoe that’s loved and welcomed by everyone.

They’re comfy and durable leather shoes that pack a whole lot of attitude and seamlessly blend in with a lot of different styles. Wear them with a suit if you’re brave, or rock them with a pair of track pants and feel that 90s vibe.

Whatever you choose, it’s almost a necessity to have a pair of Air Force 1s in your closet. You’ll never know when you need to flex your existence on a fool.

Adidas Adilette

The Adilette is a seldom talked about workhorse.

It’s your standard slide, sure. It might keep your feet from getting dirty in the dorm shower or from the mysterious liquid on the gym floor shower, but it’s worth more than that treatment.

It’s a comfortable slide and quite welcome with a pair of socks and sweatpants. It’ll carry you through a day of errands or chores easily, and you’ll look like a ninja while you’re at it.

Adidas Superstar

The Shell Toed Superstar is the classic sports shoe of people who don’t play sports. We don’t judge. It’s a sexy shoe.

Like many classic basketball shoes, the Superstar sports a durable leather while also being lowkey and feeling lightweight. Why not add a beautiful tracksuit with it?

Hail the three stripes!

New Balance 574

The 574 is the mature shoe out of the group. It knows its roots, but it grew up a little more serious and less wild. Yet, it doesn’t disappoint.

It has a unique shape that lends itself well to upscale business-casual fits as well as duking it out on the bowls of a skatepark. It’s a  sneaker shapeshifter.

Nike Benassi 

The Adilette goes about mostly unnoticed, but the Benassi is the opposite superstar that started the slide craze.

The satisfaction of walking around in your unmentionables while grooving to your own beat in a pair of Benassis is unmatched. They have the cushy push back to your step and fit snugly on your feet without suffocation.

And the best part? You can pretty much always get yourself a pair for $25 or less.

Converse Run Star Hike

Converse doesn’t usually step far outside their comfort zone. Their Chuck 70s are all they needed—until they got a little bored.

Then the Run Star Hike came in and kicked its jagged sole into our collective faces. The platform is chunky and powerful, making you feel more like a tank than any video game could ever.

They’ll also add an inch or two to your height if you’re looking for some lowkey help.

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Puma Mirage-Tech

Thanks to DJ Snake’s cosign and love, these shoes have some serious clout rocking behind them. Bouncy and wild, their colorways are inspired by the laser-intense environment of an EDM festival.

However, those bold colors blend in beautifully with neutral uppers like greys, whites, and blacks. They are also certified by the European Union for being completely vegan.

No guilty shoes!

Reebok Club-C Revenge

An OG true to tennis nature sneaker that sports minimalist designs, these shoes aren’t going for crazy; they are going for clean. And they exceed.

They pair well with anything and have a professional yet streetworthy air about them.

Nike Air Tailwind 79

If Sonic, the fastest hedgehog ever, were real, he’d be rocking a pair of Tailwind 79s

For racers, the 79s became popular for their cushioning support for marathon runners. Ever since their debut, countless runners have used them through obstacles we couldn’t imagine and come back with feet unscathed, thanks to the Tailwind.

Vans UltraRange EXO

The UltraRange is the hiking take on the classic Old Skool sneaker. Updating existing materials never fails to impress.

The UltraRange makes use of an exaggerated midsole to keep your foot comfy while using the EXO construction to give the shoe more durability. No more poking a toe through your vans.

They also use Vans’ new and improved waffle design for the trades to keep you extra grippy on the slopes.

Birkenstock Arizona

Walking around like Jesus never felt so good in a pair of leather-clad Birkenstocks that feel like they walk on water. Two straps and a leather pad—it’s all you need.

The Arizona is the classic example of what usually comes to mind when people mention Birks. They’re comfortable and look good on just about everyone. They can even be welcome at a wedding with the right sock choice.

Converse Chuck 70

Like many of today’s most popular shoes, the Chuck 70 owes its existence to basketball and has since been adopted by everyone, from awkward dads looking for an edge to slack teens who don’t care about their job.

And everyone in between.

They don’t have much support and feel like your feet are breaking after walking a couple of miles in them. Yet, what else do we do but sacrifice for fashion?

Luckily there are so many colorways and styles that you won’t notice. It’s hard to be mad at a shoe with flames on the side.

Adidas Continental 80

Here’s a minimalist, popular choice amongst Adidas’s lifestyle offerings, which packs quite a comfort punch and switches styles easily.

They utilize a terry cloth interior for a comfortable feel on foot and slides easily on and off. They’re the Air Force 1s less chunky brother that fits in easier and is a little less edgy.

They’re also so popular that they’re usually sold out.

New Balance NM306

The Numeric is a part of New Balance’s new outreach trying to insert itself among more sports. Skateboarding is this particular appeal. And despite being new, New Balance destroyed our expectations.

The shoes are slim and lightweight and feature extra rubber soling to provide extra protection against abrasion. Anyone who has skated knows just how badly your shoes can get trashed, so it’s great to see New Balance taking that extra effort.

Nike Air 90

The original chunky shoe that started it all. The air bubbles keep you feeling floaty on your way through the day while maintaining a style that has had Nike unmatched ever since.

Always imitated, never cloned, the 90 is as fresh now as it was when it was first introduced. They can also be customized through Nike by You service for that extra flair.

Sure, they might be intended for running your hardest, but in reality, these are so cool that it’s hard not to be mellowed out by them.

Karhu Albatross 82

A Finnish sportswear company that is seldom discussed but has left a lasting mark: they invented air cushioning units in shoes. That’s right, what makes Nike so popular is Karhu’s creation.

Yet despite the stolen thunder, Karhu has been diligently making their own shoes and styles without worrying about others’ thoughts. The Albatross 82 is that burden of being great yet going unnoticed.

Luckily, you’ll get noticed in these sleek sneaks as they sport hip designs and tons of colorways. Plus, you receive a free sports pin with every purchase.

Reebok Classic Leather Legacy

Hopping on the sleek runner trend, The Reebok Leather Legacy takes inspiration from the 70s yet beefs it up for modern tastes. This makes it relatively minimal yet has a distinctive pop of its own.

Their ultra-comfy and fit snug as a bug. They also use both textile and suede to create a differing texture feel so you can wild yourself out while feeling your shoes.

Adidas Forum Low

You don’t need to tell me. I know you need to stay strapped.

And the straps on the Forum Low keep you extra secure while also giving you a structured, upscale look. Sure they’re sneakers, but literally no one would notice if you wore them with a suit.

Hope you like white colorways, though, because that’s all you’re getting.

Vans Sk8-Hi

The OG skate shoe offers that extra high-top security around the ankle.

They don’t offer a lot of support, and sometimes they can feel like they fall apart quickly. Yet, they’re aesthetic shapeshifters, lending themselves to many different styles and have countless colorways.

Don’t be afraid to make your own by customizing them through the Vans website.

Wrap It Up

Having so many shoes on offer can make choosing the right one confusing. However, with this lift of the best casual shoes for men, choosing your next pair of kicks will be a breeze.

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