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Vans vs Converse: Who Wins The Ultimate Sneaker Battle?

Last Updated: July 8, 2023

Fashion is a very personal topic. Many people have their favorite brands and pieces that make them feel confident, but sneakers are a whole different ball game. One of the largest debates that has gone down in the shoe industry for years is the battle of the classic sneakers: Vans vs Converse.

Both shoes have a distinct history of their own. Vans was started by Paul Van Doren as the original “skater” shoe and is definitely on our list of the best skate shoes around. On the other hand, Converse was started by Marquis Mills Converse who created the sneaker as another type of athletic shoe.

While both began on their own unique journey, both of these shoes have since become staples in many individuals’ casual, everyday wear.

But the question still remains: which is better? If somebody had to choose between Vans or Converse, what would be the better buy? Keep reading to find out.

Vans vs Converse

While both shoes have pros and cons, there are certainly great aspects about both. Ahead, we break down the differences between the two sneakers to help you make your decision.

White Converse

Converse Pros

Coming in two distinct styles, high top and low top, the Converse All-Star sneaker has become a staple in casual dress wear culture. The sneakers also come in a variety of colors and patterns and can commonly be worn with many different outfits.

  • Versatile

In terms of mixing and matching styles, Converse tend to have a little more flexibility with how they can be worn. Many people will rock Converse with just a t-shirt and jeans or dress them up with a mini skirt or sundress.

While there are no technical rules to fashion, Vans tend to have a more rugged and skater aesthetic which can make them a little more difficult to work with, whereas Converse is more casual and wardrobe-friendly.

  • Wide Variety of Styles

When it comes to having a large variety of colors, patterns, and styles to choose from, there really is no beating Converse.

Not only do they have the choice of high tops or low tops, but they are also available in almost every color of the rainbow as well as tons of different patterns and designs. They are also constantly coming out with new designs as well.

Converse Cons

  • Narrow Fit

The style of Converse is quite a bit more narrow compared to many other shoes. While for some this may not be as much of an issue, for those with wider feet Converse can sometimes be difficult to wear, especially for longer periods of time.

  • Can be Difficult to Clean

Converse shoes are made of canvas, but are generally a little rougher than many other shoes. Because of this, the cleaning process can be quite difficult especially if the shoes are nice.

It can often take a lot more scrubbing than some other shoes may require to keep your converse looking nice.

Best Selling Converse

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Vans Pros

Known as the classic “skater” shoe, Vans has made a name for themselves by putting their shoes in the casual market as well as the athletic market. They also offer a variety of colors and patterns.

  • Super Functional

If you are very active or walk around a lot, there really aren’t many better shoes out there than Vans. Because they have a slightly wider makeup, they are often more comfortable to walk around in for longer periods of time.

The rubber sole also gives a great non-slip grip that allows you to stay balanced and on your feet with whatever activity you are taking part in.

  • Comfortable

Definitely the more comfortable of the shoes, Vans are great for long term wear. If you tend to get blisters from new shoes, Vans are a great choice as they don’t tend to give blisters because of the thinner fabric.

Vans Cons

  • Not as Durable

The sturdiness of these shoes are slightly less than Converse. Due to Converse being made of a slightly thicker and more rough canvas material, the shoes are able to withstand more wear.

Vans tend to wear out quicker, and they also don’t have as much arch support as Converse. That can sometimes feel odd to those trying out the shoe for the first time.

  • Less Versatile

Vans have a very distinct, rugged and skater-like aesthetic that may not fit everybody’s style, which can make it harder to mix with other outfits. 

Unlike Converse, it can be harder to work them into more dressy outfits. 

Best Selling Vans

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How to Style Vans and Converse

Although these two brands have their differences, the sneakers are often similarly styled.  Most often they are paired with skinny jeans or straight-legged pants. Of course, you can style them with whichever pants you want to rock, but slim-fit pants are the most popular way to go.

For an edgy, skater look, opt for Vans paired with deconstructed jeans and a graphic tee or sweatshirt. Vans are perfect for a casual vibe.

If you want a dressier look, choose a pair of Converse and throw on a sundress or a nice jacket and straight pants. This is a great way to take your casual outfit up a notch. 

To Wrap It Up

Who wins the Vans vs Converse Battle? Ultimately, deciding on a pair of shoes can be a difficult decision as they are often a long-term purchase and can be more expensive than your usual clothing purchase. When it comes to Vans vs. Converse, it ultimately depends on your personal style and taste.

However, whether you choose Converse or Vans, you will be choosing a good quality pair of footwear. There may be areas where one wins out over the other, but they will both last a long time and keep you looking stylish while doing it.