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10 Best Skate Shoes for Durability and Style

Last Updated: May 2, 2022

Recently making it to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games, skateboarding has never been so popular. And as a consequence, many shoes have been ripped apart during the process.

Because that’s what happens when you really skate; your shoes get sacrificed to the board gods as they are repeatedly worn down by concrete and the rough sandpaper of the grip tape.

But shoe companies have been working tirelessly to look out for those on boards because no one should do what they love at the cost of other things they love. As a result, countless great skate shoes have been made.

If you’re looking for the best skate shoes that won’t get torn up during your sesh, then you’ve come to the right place.

Best Skate Shoes

New Balance Numeric NM306

A Jamie Foy-inspired skate shoe designed by New Balance for their own group of skaters; the result is a lightweight and incredibly stylish shoe that can take a beating.

Thanks to excessive rubber on the midsole and outsole, the shoe is further protected from hard board slaps and grip tape abrasion thanks to the extra layer of defense. Plus, it comes in a classic vulcanized silhouette for the 90s skater look.

Adidas Tyshawn

A miraculous hybrid in the skating culture, the Tyshawn is a mix of basketball design aesthetics with the utility of a skate shoe.

The shoe uses a double player in its soles for extra support and absorption of hard impacts. No more shattered ankles doing that kickflip down the stairs.

Their leather shoes use a mix of finishes as well, so they’re just as interesting as they are comfortable.

Vans Sk8-Hi

The legendary Vans high top started making people want skating shoes in the first place. Hip, edgy, and full of different flavors, the Sk8-Hi caters to just about everyone.

They aren’t very supportive but do feature sturdy canvas and suede uppers so that they can take a tear or two and still hold up great. Don’t forget reinforced toes so you don’t poke a hole through the shoe.

Countless customization options and styles are available for the Sk8-Hi, so it seems like the shoe doesn’t ever stop being sick.

Lakai Carroll

When you only focus on one thing, you tend to excel at it with repeated practice. Lakai did just that with skateboarding and their beautiful Carroll sneakers.

Made with suede and mesh, the shoes are lightweight and still give you the feel of the board without sacrificing support—something chunkier offerings can’t handle.

Nike Dunk Low

The Dunk might not seem like a good shoe for skating, yet underneath that basketball aesthetic is one grip masterpiece. A shoe that will not let you slip off your board.

They’re made from that trusty, durable Nike leather and utilize that sweet air cushioning to soften those lands. The low model also gives your ankles more maneuverability so you don’t feel so stiff.

Lace them loosely for that added extra comfort when you skate. Just not too loose so that your shoelace gets caught, though.

Converse One Star

Converse might not seem like they know much about skating, but that’s where we’ve gone wrong. Instead, the One Star seems to cover it all, thanks to Converse’s own dedication to helping the skate community.

The One Star ditches the unsupportive nature of the Chuck 70 and revamps it with a cushy sole that welcomes rough landings. They even get exceptional Converse traction on the soles for extra board grip.

Sheesh, they might be so good that your opponents are gonna be seeing stars for days after that tailslide.

Adidas Seely

Suede uppers are the move when it comes to skate shoes: the durable material protects against deep scratches and tears from wicked seshes. That makes ollie after ollie after ollie completely intact.

But don’t let that be the only pull; they’re also comfortable as heck and look great with just about anything.

Nike SB Check Solarsoft

The Solarsoft shoe uses a premium, lightweight mesh-like material that offers a weightless shoe experience with the pop of a regular skateboarding shoe. You can also trust in that Nike Air cushioning for extra support.

They also come with a sock-liner on the inside for a super snug feel. Not too many color options, however.

Converse CONS Louie Lopez Pro Mid

Cons skate team member Louie Lopez designed these shoes to take on every aesthetic to create their own reality.

Thick mid-length uppers create padding for your ankles against hard slaps without sacrificing support or flexibility.  They also come in a sleek black and gold colorway for a regal look. 

Now everyone can feel that star power.

Nike Blazer 77

A vintage and timeless shoe that ever stops amazing people, the Blazer has a lot to offer as a skating shoe.

Despite being designed as a basketball shoe, the Blazer has been co-opted by the skating community for its comfort and support. These shoes can truly take a beating without sacrificing the ability to flex your ankles.

They are constantly coming up with new styles and creating experimental versions of the Blazer, so be on the lookout for new tastes. You can also use the Nike by You service to customize a pair yourself.

Wrap It Up

It’s important to keep your needs list small when it comes to finding the right skating shoe for you. Skating shoes aren’t complicated, and that’s what makes them so good.

You’re looking for lightweight materials and durability while also maintaining low profiles to keep your ankles free. And don’t forget, your favorite skater probably has designed their own pair, which can give you an idea of what you should look for.

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