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11 Best Wallets for Men to Stay Organized in Style

Last Updated: April 13, 2022

Not all wallets are created equal—here are the best wallets for men to stay organized in style.

Most wallets serve the same purpose by holding your credit and debit cards, ID, cash, and any other essentials you like to keep on you. Because of this, you may think all wallets are the same, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Nowadays, it isn’t difficult to find a unique wallet that separates itself from the rest with quality craftsmanship, unique design, and features you might not find in any other wallet. Whether you’re looking for style, utility, or both, this article will dive into the 11 best wallets for men that shouldn’t be ignored. 

Best Wallets for Men

Comme des Garcons SA7100BK Brick Wallet

Price: $199.00

Starting off strong, this wallet offers a luxurious feel as it’s made from premium cowhide leather with accented gold foil branding for added flair. It seems slim from the outside, yet it contains all the space you’ll need for your cards.

Better yet, you can even carry a small amount of pocket change while keeping its sleek form. The wallet is a little costly, but it comes with outstanding craftsmanship from Spain that’ll last you a lifetime.

Bellroy Slim Sleeve Wallet

Price: $79.00

With a minimalist design, this slim wallet is perfect for everyday use and gives a nice professional look. It has a smooth texture with sturdy construction and is an excellent blend of comfort and durability.

This wallet will be a great choice if you like to carry light due to its dual slip pockets for cards and a pull tab for easy access. Crafted with vegetable-tanned cow leather, this is a stylish and lightweight wallet that’s worth consideration.

The Ridge Money Clip Wallet

Price: $95.00

Crafted with utility in mind, this wallet offers the best features of traditional wallets and money clips all in one. It’s surprisingly slim, and it can hold up to 12 cards without affecting its form.

You can rest assured that this wallet blocks all RFID, and the aesthetics will blend with any casual or professional outfit. The elastic yet firm cash strap makes sure your bills stay in place while remaining easily accessible at all times.

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Colombia RFID-Blocking Trifold Wallet

Price: $30.40

A cost-efficient choice for those who don’t want to break the bank, this wallet from Colombia doesn’t skimp on reliability. The wallet holds up to nine cards and has three separate pockets for miscellaneous essentials.

You’ll also appreciate the RFID-blocking feature to mitigate financial theft, and it’s crafted with a soft and bendable split leather that won’t feel uncomfortable when you sit. It’s a great wallet for all-day wear and tear that any man can appreciate.

Nassau Slim Card Case Wallet

Price: $110.00

This wallet is nearly as thin as paper and aims to feel weightless in your pocket while still providing all the space you’re looking for. It also offers a little slip pocket to store cash and other necessary documentation.

Crafted with rich textured leather, this wallet feels fabulous to the touch and is a great accent piece to your outfit for the day. It also comes in four different stylish colorways to give it a personal touch.

Timberland Leather Trifold Wallet 

Price: $30.49

This wallet is made from 100% genuine leather and offers sturdy construction with a compact design. The trifold design provides an exceptional amount of space and is a great choice for carrying cards, receipts, IDs, and more.

It has top-notch construction that’ll last for years, and you can tell Timbaland took their time on each corner. Men will enjoy its neutral tone, and it’s a stellar choice for everyday wear or more professional environments. 

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Herschel Charlie RFID Card Case

Price: $21.99

Intended for everyday use in any environment, it’s a wallet that offers a minimalist design and expects to take on daily use. It also comes in many different colorways, and it’s lightweight and slim enough to fit in a pant or shirt pocket.

The exterior colors really pop, and the interior has a striking red and white stripe design. If you’re in search of an inexpensive solution, this wallet might be the pick for you.

Carhartt Oil Tan Passcase Wallet

Price: $34.99

Constructed with full-grain leather, this wallet feels satisfying to the touch and is capable of holding your daily essentials while providing efficient access. It has two side pockets for miscellaneous items and six individual card pockets.

It’s lined with brown cotton duck fabric and offers two different ID windows on a removable pass case. Carhartt doesn’t miss when it comes to quality, and their appetizing price point makes it an even better choice.

Il Bussetto Bi-Fold Card Case

Price: $88.00

A brand that’s no stranger to handmade leather goods, this bi-fold wallet from Bussetto offers pristine quality and a neutral style. It comes with a bold color on the exterior with a soft, contrasting hue on the inside.

Considering the quality, I’d say it’s one of the best wallets you can find under $100. With six spacious card sleeves, you’ll be able to store your daily essentials with a decent separation between each card.

Hawanik Slim Wallet With Air Tag Case

Price: $13.25

Providing a surprising amount of features for the price, this wallet comes with durable stitching and has an efficient design to prioritize your most important cards. Its most notable feature is the Air Tag carrying case that’s built-in.

This allows you to keep tabs on your wallet, and you’ll be able to find it with ease if it ever gets lost. Regarding the cost, it’s easily the most affordable yet reliable wallet on this list.

Paul Smith Concertina Cardholder

Price: $199.00

Last but not least, this wallet offers a stylish yet minimalist design. It comes accented with a bright yellow button flap, contrasted by its solid black leather body.

If you’re looking for luxury, this wallet aims to serve this need by providing a gusseted interior that adds more color to the design. It’s an excellent choice if you prefer to carry light on a daily basis.

To Summarize

You don’t have to rely on poorly made, cheap wallets anymore, as the wallets in this list are fitted for all walks of life and daily schedules. 

Whether you’re looking for utility or high fashion accents, wallets can really set the tone for your outfit and personality on any given day. Don’t hesitate to take a closer look at this list of best wallets for men to breathe new life into your style and image.

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