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11 Best Places To Sell Designer Bags in 2023

Last Updated: March 16, 2023

If you look in your closet and see a ton of handbags you don’t use anymore. you might want to consider selling them and buying other items you’ll love. 

But when it comes to designer bags, you don’t want to sell them just anywhere — you want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck and reach a wide audience looking to buy from you. 

Luckily, you don’t need to search too far – keep reading for the 11 best places to sell designer bags.

11 Best Places To Sell Designer Bags

The Real Real

The Real Real
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One of the most popular companies on the list, The Real Real is an online luxury consignment store with 100+ experts that authenticate all its pieces.

With over 30 million shoppers, The Real Real has an awesome, active community dedicated to extending the life of luxury goods — just like it is supposed to be. 

To sell a bag (or another designer item), you fill out this form and enter your item to get an estimate of how much it will sell for. Their commissions vary drastically depending on the item and price, so we’d visit their commissions’ page to get a good estimate and compare with a few other sites.

The more expensive the item, the more profit you will make. For example, the maximum commission they offer on a handbag is 80% if it sells for $8,500 or more.

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Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective
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OGs know Vestiaire Collective as its former name, Tradesy. 

Like The Real Real, Vestiaire Collective has a number of shoppers and sellers that adore fashion and don’t mind taking in pre-loved items. 

Vestiaire Collective is for those who believe in a more sustainable future for fashion, which is why Vestiaire Collective is an excellent place to set up shop. They give sellers up to 85% of the sale.


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Fashionphile began in 1999 and is based on the idea that luxury fashion should be attainable and accessible to all.

For sellers, Fashionphile offers full buy-outs on nearly every item, and once the pieces you want to sell are authenticated, you get paid immediately, not just when it sells. They even provide a complimentary shipping label.

Plus, if you opt to receive store credit or a Neiman Marcus gift card, you get a 10% bonus in the amount you receive.


📷IG @rebagofficial

When sharing the best places to sell designer bags, we can’t forget Rebag.

Founded in 2014, Rebag is another of the most popular places to sell designer goods (and of course, buy them too). 

Offering over 50 luxury brands and currently offering over ten thousand items for sale, Rebag is a large platform that makes selling super easy. Read our Rebag reviews for more details!

If you’re looking to sell your handbag so you can buy a new bag, the Rebag Trade program is super convenient, allowing you to buy and sell in one transaction.

We love Rebag because they send you an offer to purchase your item(s), which can either be instant or take 3–4 days, depending on your item. This way, you don’t have to wait until the item sells to get your cash.

Collector Square

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Based in France, Collector Square is all about offering the best, most exquisite luxury goods that have been appraised by in-house specialists and authenticators. 

When selling with Collector Square, you can request an estimate, receive a price proposal within 48 hours, and get paid within a couple of days.


📷IG @farfetch

FARFETCH is a versatile site because you can shop luxury brands, shop pre-owned luxury brands, and also sell your handbags.

The only thing about FARFETCH for sellers is that the company only offers bags from a selection of luxury brands, so you’re going to have to go with another platform if they don’t offer the designer bag you have.  

However, some benefits include no fees and fast payments. They also only pay in FERFETCH credit, so make sure they sell items you like before using this company.


📷IG @stockx

Primarily popular for selling sneakers, StockX is an online marketplace for buying and selling the hottest designer goods. Despite their status in the sneaker world, this platform is a great place to sell designer bags.

When selling with StockX, there’s no approval needed (you don’t even need to take photos). Once your item sells, you ship it to their authentication team, and then they send it to your buyer.

Transaction fees vary from 8% – 10% depending on how many sales you’ve made, plus a 3% payment processing fee. These are some of the lowest fees in the market, so we’d take advantage.

Note: They charge an extra 15% transaction fee if you don’t ship your item within 2 business days, so make sure you can send it in a timely manner once it sells.


📷IG @poshmark

Rounding out the list is Poshmark, a vibrant shopping destination for members to buy and sell all types of goods. 

With millions of members, selling on Poshmark is super easy. All you have to do is list your item, share it, and earn.

On sales $15 or more, Poshmark takes a 20% transaction fee (so you will keep 80% of the sale amount).

The only downside is that Poshmark requires sellers to create all the listing details themselves, including taking photos. If you have many items to sell, this can be time-consuming.


📷IG @thredup

Although most people think about affordable secondhand finds when they think of ThredUp, you might be surprised to hear they also have an impressive selection of designer items.

The process is simple: send your item(s) to them and wait for it to sell. Once their 14-day return window passes, you receive your payout.

The main downside is that premium brands have 45 days to sell, and if they don’t sell within this time frame, they send it back to you (and you need to pay for return shipping).

Although their commissions aren’t very good for cheaper items, you will receive 80% of the item sale on designer brands as long as the item sells for $200 or more.

That said, some people have had poor experiences with selling their items at ThredUp (read our ThredUp reviews for more details about both buying and selling).


📷IG @depop

A bit more diverse in what it offers, Depop is for the girlies and lads looking for luxury, unique, and indie fashion. They are one of the best online thrift stores for any type of item, but many people are selling designer bags here too.

Depop is super popular among a younger audience, but it’s still a perfect place to sell truly anything, thanks to the active community. 

The good news is that Depop only takes a 10% fee, so you will keep 90% of the total sale. However, similar to Poshmark, you will need to create the listing details and upload your own photos as well as ship the item to the buyer yourself.

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📷IG @ebay

Like Goodwill, Ebay is a popular OG site site to sell pre-owned goods, including luxury handbags. 

Millions of people browse Ebay daily, so you’re more likely to sell your item and reach a wide audience. 

Ebay typically charges 10 to 15% of the final value, which isn’t too bad. That said, we wouldn’t recommend buying designer bags on eBay because there are a lot of fakes out there.

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We hope one of these online marketplaces sparks your interest.

There are so many platforms where you can sell designer goods, but these stores are the cream of the crop. 

These 11 best places to sell designer bags are genuinely great options, and we hope you’re able to clean out your wardrobe and earn some extra cash quickly.


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