10 Best Perfume Subscription Boxes for Women + Men

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Last Updated: October 12, 2021

Perfume subscription services are a great way to try new perfumes without going to department stores. They’re also perfect for those who like to change up their scents without having to purchase expensive full-size bottles!

Since there are a few different options to choose from, we did the research for you and compiled a list of the best perfume subscriptions out there. Let’s dive in!

Best Perfume Subscription Boxes


Price: First Month $9.72$14.95/month

Very similar to the previous subscription, Scentbox also offers an 8ml fragrance for the same price. Their biggest difference is that they offer free exchanges in case you don’t like your monthly perfume.

Compare Scentbird vs Scentbox in full!

Pros: 35% off first month, Free exchanges, Free shipping, 850+ fragrances from 80+ brands, Easy cancellation

Cons: Can’t view full fragrance catalog until subscribing, Compared to full-size bottles, not always the best deal


Price: $14.95 / month

One of the most popular perfume subscription boxes, Scentbird offers an 8ml fragrance of your choice for just under $15 monthly.

Pros: 25% off first month, Free shipping, Easy cancellation, 500+ fragrances, Other items available (makeup, beauty, etc.)

Cons: No exchanges, Can’t view full fragrance catalog until subscribing, Some “premium” products cost extra


Price: $20/month

The Scent Club from Skylar is another great scent subscription box, especially for those who are sensitive to strong fragrances. They offer hypoallergenic and cruelty-free fragrances.

Pros: Free exchanges, Free shipping, Easy cancellation, Clean fragrances that are hypoallergenic and cruelty-free, Every purchase supports nonprofits.

Cons: Fragrances from only their own brand, More expensive than some other options, Since scents are more natural, they don’t linger for as long

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Price: $9.95 / month

Did you know this popular perfume retailer offers their own subscription box? It costs just under $10 per month for the same 8ml bottle, making it the best deal out there.

Pros: Free shipping, Easy cancellation, 500+ fragrance brands available, Subscription for both men and women

Cons: No free exchanges, Can’t view full fragrance catalog until subscribing


Price: $20/month

If you tend to avoid mainstream perfume brands, you will love this niche perfume subscription box. For $20 each month, they send three 2ml bottles of different perfumes or colognes.

If you fall in love with a sample, subscribers get 20% off featured full bottles and 10% off all other bottles.

Pro: Fragrances from high-quality, niche brands, Free shipping, Easy cancellation, Subscription for both men and women

Cons: No mainstream fragrances, Not the best deal, No refunds or exchanges (even on full-size bottles)

Luxury Scent Box

Price: $15/month

While their closest competitors offer 8ml bottles, they one-up them with a 9ml bottle. You can also view their full catalog, which some other subscriptions don’t allow until you’ve subscribed.

Pros: 35% off first month, Larger bottle (9ml), Free shipping, 550+ designer and niche fragrances, Easy cancellation

Cons: Compared to full-size bottles, not always the best deal

Perfume Surprise

Price: $24.99/month

If you want to try as many perfumes as possible, this might be the box for you. It comes with five 2.5ml bottles of designer perfumes. They also send a unique set of jewelry!

Pros: Unique fragrance + jewelry subscription, Free shipping, Designer fragrances, Easy cancellation

Cons: No subscription options without jewelry, They don’t say how many brands or perfumes they offer

Debonair Scent

Price: $15/month

This fragrance subscription box offers plans for both men and women. For $15 each month, you receive 3 bottles of 3ml perfumes selected specially for you.

On top of that, they give you a $15 monthly credit to purchase full-sized bottles from their shop!

Pros: Free shipping, Three samples each month (9ml total), Easy cancellation, $15 credit each month to purchase full bottle

Cons: Can’t view full fragrance catalog until subscribing, Compared to full-size bottles, not always the best deal

Perfume Gift Kits

If you’re interested in perfume subscription boxes because you’d like to test out new fragrances, you might consider gift kits you can find at Sephora and Ulta (as well as most other stores).

These typically come with a larger selection of popular fragrances to test out. Plus, you can see all of the scents beforehand. Some come with a coupon for a large bottle too!

In some cases, these will be a better deal than perfume subscriptions and might be more aligned with your preferences.

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