Scentbird vs Scentbox Reviews | Which Is Better? 2022 Comparison

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Last Updated: December 22, 2021
scentbird vs scentbox reviews

Looking to try a fragrance subscription? There are a lot of very similar options, but Scentbox and Scentbird are two of the most popular out there. Since I’ve tried out both options multiple times, I decided to compare Scentbird vs Scentbox! Let’s dive right in. 

Scentbird vs Scentbox (Overview)

Scentbox Scentbird
Two plan options:
Standard: $14.95 per month
Premium: $19.95 per month) 
One plan option for $14.95 per month
First month 35% off
Use code SCENT35
First month 25% off
8ml bottles8ml bottles
500+ designer fragrances for standard
850+ for premium 
Over 500 designer fragrances
One free exchange per monthNo exchanges allowed
Offers only fragrancesOffers other makeup and beauty items
Options for menOptions for men
Free case with first monthFree case with first month
scentbird vs scentbox – unboxing

How Do Scentbird and Scentbox Work?

Each month, Scentbox sends you an 8ml spritzer of your chosen perfume from their 100% authentic options. This equals 125 sprays, or a 30-day supply (it usually lasts me longer than this). The first month, you also get a colorful case to store each of these spritzer refills. 

They have two plans to choose from – standard and premium. The standard subscription costs $14.95 a month with access to 500+ fragrances, while the premium subscription is $19.95 a month and gives you access to around 300 additional higher end perfumes. 

  • How much does Scentbox cost? $14.95 per month for standard or $19.95 per month for premium. 
  • How much does Scentbird cost? $14.95 per month 

You can also get a 35% off discount on the first month you try out Scentbox as well as 25% off for Scentbird! If you don’t like either one, cancelling is super easy (you can either call their customer service team or send them a simple email). 

One great perk that Scentbox offers is one free exchange per month if you don’t like the scent you receive! Unfortunately, Scentbird doesn’t offer anything like this. This is one of the main downfalls when comparing scentbox vs. scentbird.  

Once you sign up, you’re able to add some favorite scents to your dashboard. You can either choose a particular scent you’d like to receive for each month, or you can have them choose from your favorites. 

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Benefits of Scentbox + Scentbird

  • Inexpensive monthly cost with free shipping
  • Try new fragrances without going to department stores
  • 100% authentic fragrances
  • Choose which perfume you want (or let them surprise you)
  • Travel-friendly spritzer
  • Try your first month for 25% – 35% off
  • Makes designer fragrance more affordable 
  • Option to upgrade your account to 2+ monthly fragrances
  • No need to buy full size fragrances that might go bad (great for those who don’t wear perfume often or want to wear different perfumes) 
  • Scentbox offers free exchanges if you don’t like your fragrance (one per month)

Fragrance Options

Scent box has hundreds of fragrances in their selection (almost a thousand for the premium subscription and 500 for the standard subscription), ranging from mainstream options to less commonly known scents. Scentbird, on the other hand, has around 500 options.

Both services offer options for both men and women. 

To make it easier to choose, both companies have you fill out a quiz when you sign up that will recommend scents to you if you’d like. Then, you can add favorite fragrances to your list. 

As far as quality goes, there shouldn’t be any difference in quality as both services offer 100% authentic fragrances. 

Scentbox vs Scentbird – Reviews from Customers 

Although I’ve had great experiences with both subscriptions, this might not be the case for everyone. After researching both Scentbox and Scentbird, I found some common complaints and feedback left by customers. 


Some reviews I found have listed issues with shipping speed, unreachable customer service, difficulty canceling their subscription, and others.  

However, I’ve never experienced these issues and the majority of other Scentbox reviews are great, so I think these problems are unlikely. 


As for Scentbird, some common feedback involves slow shipping speed, missing orders, and poor customer service. While slow shipping speed or even missing orders seemed to be a fairly common complaint, I’ve never experienced a super late shipment.

They do come a few days later than Scentbox, but it’s nothing to make a big deal out of.

Which Is Better? 

My pick is Scentbox – the two are very similar, but Scentbox offers one exchange per month in case you don’t like the fragrance. 

However, I do really like that Scentbird offers products other than fragrances. Sometimes I have too many perfumes and I choose to pause a month of Scentbox, so it’s nice to have other options with Scentbird. Plus, it’s not just samples, there are some great options (like Deck of Scarlet makeup palettes)! 

If this feature is something you think you’d enjoy more, then Scentbird is the way to go. 

On a final note, I like the Scentbox fragrance cases and packaging better – I just feel like they look more luxurious and feel higher quality.

Are These Subscriptions Worth It? 

Overall, I would absolutely say this type of subscription is worth it. It targets so many problems I personally have with purchasing fragrances – they can help you choose new scents that fit your preferences, you’re able to switch up your perfumes frequently, and you don’t need to purchase expensive bottles that expire before you can finish them. 

Scentbox or Scentbird is an even better option for those that don’t wear perfume very frequently. Since I’m pretty sensitive to fragrance, I only need one or two spritzes, so the small bottles actually last me longer than a month! I definitely prefer fragrance subscriptions compared to purchasing full size bottles. 

While there aren’t too many differences when comparing Scentbird vs Scentbox, we hope you were able to find out which one is best for you!

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