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13 Best Gym Bags for Men With an Active Lifestyle

Last Updated: April 13, 2022

Going to the gym regularly means you need a quality bag. Here are the best gym bags for men on the market.

Gym bags have been a go-to utility for people who like to live an active lifestyle, whether you’re into sports or a consistent gym schedule. Over the last few decades, gym bags have evolved to provide new features, quality materials, and a wide range of use cases.

If you didn’t already know, gym bags can range from cost-efficient with minimal features to high-end luxury materials and designs. Regardless of what you plan on using it for, this list will provide a good look at the 13 best gym bags for men, and you can expect to find your new favorite.

Best Gym Bags for Men

Focus Gear Training Gym Bag

Price: $35.00

Here is an excellent everyday gym bag that’s more than prepared to carry all of your gear with ten different compartments. Plus, Focus Gear also included a full-length pocket to fit a pair of shoes. You’ll also enjoy a pocket that’s lined with waterproof material to hold your wet clothes.

It’s also built to last for years with reinforced stitching on all sides. Regardless of your favorite activity, this bag will be able to handle any sports training or gym routine.

Aer Gym Duffel 3

Price: $169.00

If you’re looking for a higher-end duffle bag, then you’ll enjoy the features this duffle has to offer. With separate compartments for clean and dirty gear, the bag’s breathable mesh lining will ensure your equipment stays aired out after use.

You won’t ever have hydration issues as the bag comes with external and internal water pockets. It also provides a water-resistant exterior made of 900d polyester and Duraflex plastic for solid durability.

Under Armour Undeniable Duffle 4.0

Price: $33.99

With abrasion-resistant side panels and a design focused on organization, this duffle bag could be considered one of the most comfortable on this list. The bag comes with a padded HeatGear removable strap, and it comes in a handful of stylish colorways.

It’s a durable and cost-efficient bag that’s perfect for daily use, and it’s perfect for the gym, sports training, or even light traveling. The bag offers a lightweight feel, and it comes with an impeccable water-resistant fabric on all sides.

Herschel Novel Duffle Bag

Price: $89.99

The simple aesthetic of this duffle bag offers the staple quality that Herschel is known for. The durability of this bag will last a lifetime with proper care, and it comes with every fitting you need to hit the gym with minimalism and style.

You can carry the bag by either the two top handles or the comfortable shoulder strap that you’ll barely even notice. The bag itself weighs just a little over 2lbs and comes with a mesh storage sleeve for damp clothing.

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Nike Brasilia Training Duffel Bag

Price: $35.00

You can’t go wrong with a standard Nike gym bag, but this one has been crafted with a universal approach. It’s an excellent choice if you’re on a tight schedule and need a bag you can use at the office and the gym.

As can be expected, the bag comes with plenty of storage, and you can separate your kicks with its isolated shoe compartment. Regarding access, the bag opens wide with a sturdy external zipper that glides with ease.

The North Face Berkley Duffle

Price: $98.95

Known for their quality construction and design, you’ll be suited with everything you might need for the gym. This bag comes outfitted with a convenient zipper in the center and two zippers on the side for pockets to hold smaller gear.

It comes with an old-school design and is more than equipped to take on plenty of wear and tear. The overall quality of the bag is pristine, and it comes with padded straps and handles for a comfortable feel.

MIER Large Heavy-duty Duffel Backpack

Price: $49.99

Easily one of the most versatile duffle bags in this article, MIER has created a duffle bag that can double as a reliable backpack. It’s an excellent choice for those who stay active and out in nature.

The duffle bag comes with plenty of D-rings for extra attachments, and it’s outfitted with multipurpose waterproof pockets that’ll keep your essential items secure. It’s stacked with tons of quality features, and the price point makes it hard to ignore.

Mack Weldon ION Weekender Duffle Bag

Price: $228.00

This duffle bag is more suited for a light vacation or a business trip, and it comes in a neutral, stylish design. It comes in either a black sky or navy heather colorway, and you’ll also enjoy the anti-odor lining throughout the interior.

With eight compartments, you’ll be prepared for every meeting on your trip. It’s one of the more costly options on this list, but that’s somewhat understandable as it’s made from 100% industrial twill.

Carharrt Trade Medium Duffel + Utility Pouch

Price: $39.99

Crafted with Rain Defender water-repellent material and 500 denier polyester, this bag comes with durability and style. There’s also a decent-sized utility pouch that comes folded up with the duffle bag for extra storage space.

It’s common for duffle bags to get thrown around, which is why the abrasion-resistant base of this bag is such a great feature. Overall, it’s a solid option for all kinds of gyms and sports activities.

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Adidas Defender VI Small Duffel Bag

Price: $35.00

An excellent duffle bag that’s cost-efficient and built for everyday general use in the gym, Adidas offers all of the essential features. You’ll find zip pockets on both ends of the bag for easy access, and its total volume is a little over 44 liters.

This duffle bag isn’t overly packed with features, but it’ll be able to handle the wear and tear in the gym. It’s also lightweight and will fit all of your gear without feeling cramped for space.

Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Bag 55L

Price: $139.00

Patagonia never skimps on fashion, and this 55-liter duffel bag is no exception. It also does a stellar job of keeping your gear organized no matter how you toss the bag around.

The company took an eco-friendly take on the fabric, as the body, webbing, and lining is made from 100% recycled fabric. You’ll appreciate the bag’s ergonomic shoulder straps, and the full access main compartment makes the bag seem bottomless.

FILA 7-Pocket Large Rolling Duffel Bag

Price: $75.60

Providing a unique design, FILA takes the utility of a feature-packed gym bag and gives it wheels for easier mobility. You can take the stress off your shoulders by pulling your equipment behind you with ease.

It has plenty of zippered pockets to keep your gear organized and properly separated. Although the bag is equipped with wheels and a pull handle, you can also carry it like any other gym bag if you choose.

PUMA Evercat Contender Duffel Bag

Price: $29.15

Another choice that comes with all of the standard compartments you’ll need, this gym bag is perfect for those looking for a grab-and-go option. Not only is it affordable, but it provides surprising quality in every area.

It also provides easy access with its main velcro closing, and the bottom is padded to keep your equipment protected. You can also rest assured that your shows will stay organized and dry with its own ventilated compartment.

To Recap

Regardless of your activity preferences, there’s a gym bag that’ll suit your budget and equipment needs. There are hundreds of popular gym bags on the market, but this list contains the best gym bags for men in our modern era

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