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15 Best Joggers for Men to Wear Right Now

Last Updated: April 15, 2022

Tons of brands carry joggers nowadays, but which ones are superior? Here are the best joggers for men to buy right now.

Growing increasingly popular throughout the last decade, joggers are undeniably comfortable clothing. Not only do they offer a great range of mobility and generally breathable fabrics, but they’re an excellent choice for many different activities. Whether you’re out running errands for the day or you like to jog on a consistent basis, jogger pants should be a staple go-to in your wardrobe.

These pants also come in various styles, sizes, designs, and fabrics. If you’re looking for more of a jean material or that relaxed sweatpants look, it won’t be too difficult to find a pair of joggers that are right for you. This article will break down the 15 best joggers for men, so make sure you read until the end to decide on your new favorite pair.

Best Joggers for Men

Lululemon Run State Jogger

Price: $128.00

Designed specifically for the avid runner, these joggers from Lululemon offer water-repellent material in addition to stretch ripstop fabric. The pants provide a tapered fit, and the zippers by the cuffs make it easy to get them on and off.

For added safety, you’ll also find reflective material on these joggers to make sure drivers and bikers see you on the road. If you’re looking to add to your running gear, these joggers are definitely worth the consideration.

Abercrombie Traveler Joggers

Price: $67.15

These joggers from Abercrombie offer a well-rounded approach to jogger pants—a pair of joggers perfect for lazy time on the couch, or a trek through a hiking trail.

You’ll enjoy zippered pockets, a wrinkle-free design, and a simple drawstring for the waist to get a snug fit. Holding over a 4.6-star rating with customers, they seem to be Abercrombie’s best-selling joggers by far.

J. Crew Nordic Camp Fleece Pant

Price: $46.50

Created to keep you warm during the coldest days, these fleece joggers from J. Crew are hard to beat. They come in faded black, deep alpine green, and evening sky colorways for a neutral yet appetizing look.

Although these aren’t made for jogging or rigorous outdoor activities, they’re a great pair to wear around the house or for running errands. Nevertheless, they offer a stylish look and come with a stretch waistband for comfortable mobility. 

Adidas Own The Run Astro Pants

Price: $65.00

These joggers are multi-functional and are built to keep you running longer. Men will enjoy their sweat-proof pockets and the overall moisture-absorbing material throughout.

Adidas also took an eco-friendly approach with these joggers as they’re manufactured from 91% recycled polyester and only 9% elastane. Although they’re built for better mobility and comfort while running, the pockets are large and secure enough to carry keys or even your wallets.

Bean’s Multisport Jogger

Price: $69.95

If you spend a decent amount of your time in the sun, these might be the joggers you’re looking for. They offer protection from the sun with a UPF 50+ rating

Made from 50% recycled polyester and 50% Elasterell-P with Sorona, these joggers will help keep your body cool and are some of the most breathable joggers you’ll find on this list. 

Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger

Price: $89.00

Vuori is known for offering quality in their clothing across the board, and the Sunday Performance jogger is the perfect blend of functionality and comfort. They also focus on comfort around the ankles, as they don’t grip tightly as many other joggers do.

Created with a moisture-wicking design, you can enjoy the Quick Dry feature to ensure the pants stay dry. In addition, Vuori stays fairly body-inclusive as you can find these joggers available in sizes from extra small to XXL.

Everlane Sport Jogger l Uniform

Price: $27.00

If you tend to dress a little more sophisticated, these joggers from Everlane would be an excellent option. Created to be paired with modern casual businesswear, you can easily strut in style and comfort. 

It also offers Quick-Dry material and is manufactured with moisture wicking to ensure they’re dry and clean for all-day use. Lastly, men seem to love the casual feel combined with a more professional look on the outside.

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Champion Classic Jersey Joggers

Price: $18.00

With a comfy tapered leg and elastic cuffs, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Champion joggers. It’s also made from responsibly processed cotton and is an eco-conscious product that takes 2.5x less water than many other brands.

You’ll find many comments from men in the reviews that talk about how breathable and light the joggers are. Even though they’re relatively thin, it seems they still provide a cozy and warm feel.

Polo Ralph Lauren Vintage Fleece Jogger

Price: $135.00

Boasting form-fitting features, Polo Ralph Lauren doesn’t miss when it comes to the quality of its materials. Their fleece joggers can be an all-around solid choice for any guy looking for a comfortable and functional style.

With two side pockets, a back pocket, elasticated trims, they’ll stay true to your form no matter what activity you use them for. They’re great for relaxing at home or pairing them with a casual street fit.

The North Face Colorblock Fleece Jogger Pant

Price: $99.00

The North Face has everything you might need to tackle the winter season in style. Although they don’t have a massive selection of joggers, these ones are worth looking into.

With a retro 70s colorway and style, these joggers come with drop-in hand pockets with stretch release and a two-way zip at the seams. They also offer a surprising amount of warmth and insulation. 

Bonobos Lightweight Homestretch Jogger

Price: $79.00

Not all joggers have to look like a pair of sweatpants or that they’re built for runners. Bonobos takes a more business casual route with their joggers which come in an array of colorful yet neutral tones.

Perfect for the office or casual dress, they offer a slim look that gives the illusion of slacks with the comfort of sweatpants. It’s manufactured with a covered faux fly and a button-close for the back pockets.

Adidas 3-Stripes High Pile Fleece Joggers

Price: $90

We can’t mention the best joggers for men and not include Adidas. If you’re looking for joggers with a major comfort factor, these are your new go-to. 

They are extremely soft and (bonus!) made out of 95% recycled polyester. Pick up a pair of these for a more casual look.

Gap French Terry Joggers

Price: $29

A more affordable option, these French Terry Joggers are made of soft fleece and have an elastic waistband. 

Made from 100% cotton, these joggers will feel like your favorite pair of sweatpants without even having to break them in first.

Banana Republic Slim Motion Tech Jogger

Price: $83.99

This pair from Banana Republic is a well-loved jogger pant with 4.5 out of 5 stars. They are extremely soft and smooth as well as wrinkle-resistant.

Not only will you be comfortable in these joggers, but you can also dress them up for a classier look.

Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Active Jogger Pants

Price: $29

For a more relaxed look, pick up a pair of these active joggers from Uniqlo. The price is super affordable and the fabric is the perfect amount of stretch. 

These pants were actually made for workouts, but we won’t tell if you just wear them around the house.

To Conclude

Over the years, joggers have expanded their variation in styles, designs, and materials. Moreover, any of these best joggers for men promise form-fitting comfort that any man will enjoy; you just have to decide which one will look and feel the best on you!

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