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22 Best Hoodies for Men You Need in Your Closet

Last Updated: April 29, 2022

As we close the chapter on summer and begin to get ready to cozy up for fall, we are finally welcome to change our fits for a whole different temperature—no more shorts.

Now pants and fuzzy socks come into play. But more importantly, the big champ of the season comes to play: hoodies. Everyone’s favorite staple clothing item that only gets to shine so much throughout the year.

These sweatshirts complement just about everyone’s frame and fashion tastes; with sweaters coming in so many varieties, it’d be a crime for you not to have one.

Luckily for you, that’s something you don’t have to worry about since we’ve gathered up the best sweaters for men like a rodeo for your viewing pleasure. So check out our recommendations below—you don’t want to miss them.

The Best Hoodies for Men

Champion Urban Pursuits

Slept on by many until it became a great of its own, Champion has hoodies that have become such a staple. They’re almost in everyone’s closet.

Made with responsibly sourced cotton and partially crafted with recycled plastics. That’s a hoodie that keeps you warm and works for the planet.

Flint and Tinder 

A hardworking basic hoodie crafted by the fine men and women of America. The best way to support your country is to, you know, actually support the locals. Buy local, save jobs!

But back to the hoodie, this relaxed-fit sweat keeps you warm without the heaviness of other sweaters. It even comes with a secret pocket for your phone.

And the thing has some serious durability.

J. Crew Cashmere

An understated, neutral look into the vintage wonder of the waffle knit.

J. Crew only carries this goodie in two colors, but those two colors are all you need to blend in with every outfit. Plus, they’re lightweight and perfect for wearing all year round.

Uniqlo Pullover

This affordable piece of everyday wear comes in a wide variety of different colors. 

Uniqlo’s offerings are classic cotton and come in a standard midweight feel. In addition, it has a French terry finish for a smoother, silkier feel.

John Elliot Beach

The Beach hoodie is a luxury option for lovers of relaxed hoodies. No slims fit here.

The Beach comes in a crazy amount of colors and comes with that lovely French terry knit. You even get the drawstrings for the hood so you can close yourself off from the world.

Another American-made product.

Les Tien Heavyweight

You know that feeling a weighted blanket gives you?

That’s the feeling Les Tien was aiming for with their heavyweight fleece hoodie. Vintage vibes make way for plenty of coloring options. White, black, and your khakis, sure, but the pistachio is a personal favorite.

It’s handmade and has a nice-sized hood. No drawstring, though

Gap French Terry

A high-quality basic hoodie from Gap. No complaints, no fussiness, just a warm sweater that fits a little loose and looks good with a pair of boots.

Classic hood with a drawstring.

Carhartt Midweight

This sweater is a crime, but not because it’s bad. Just the opposite. It’s so high quality that the fact it is so affordable feels like you’re robbing Carhartt

But Carhartt just makes the best; it’s just what they do.

It comes in mostly a variety of neutral colors, except for a lime colorway, and is durable as hell like everything Carhartt makes.

Rebuild by Needles 5 cuts Tie Dye

Here’s an experimental recycled sweater that features different vintage fabrics sewn together. Each piece of the hoodie is also individually dyed so that the colorway becomes a mishmash.

What makes the hoodie unique is the fact that every one of them is unique. No hoodie looks alike. They are all made using the same technique but with whatever materials are available.

That means this hoodie is uniquely yours.

Los Angeles Apparel 14 oz. Heavy Fleece

The sweater is all about its ethics. Los Angeles Apparel prides itself on making its products in the USA while paying its employees good wages with benefits. Buying local means you’re helping bring up the community around you.

Be warned, though: this is a heavy sweater. It’ll keep you warm in the super cold, but wearing it otherwise might make you feel a little hot.

Wellen Vintage Wash

That soft, fuzzy feeling of the sweater you wore every day for winter literally can’t be beat. There’s a certain timelessness to it that you just can’t put a finger on.

But Wellen came damn close to making that comfort possible right out of the box.

French terry knit with organic cotton expertly washed to make it feel like it’s been with you your whole life.

Nike Swoosh Pullover

Nike is known to make greatness, so why wouldn’t their hoodies be included? 

A nice fleece hoodie that’s ultra-smooth and ribbed so the cold can’t give you a chilly spook by slipping inside your clothes. Comes with a cozy hood and drawstring.

Calvin Klein Move 365

This is the sweater for those who work out in cold environments and don’t wanna stop just because it’s cold enough to freeze their arms. Move 365 means no obstacles and no days off.

The hoodie is moisture-wicking, so no need to feel icky after a good workout. A mix of rayon and spandex.

Everlane Track

Another classic French terry hoodie with a design you can never get tired of.

The sweater is 100 percent organic cotton manufactured in a zero-net emissions facility in Sri Lanka. All about ethics while retaining high quality. Everlane is showing big corporate resource wasters how it’s done.

Everybody.World Recycled Hoodie

What do you do with all the waste product that you get from making so many clothes?

Make a damn fine sweater.

It retains the comfort and is biodegradable. 

Stussy Sport

A sweater with a whole lot of personality going on inside its small branding. The swirl of the sport in the logo adds an extra bit of flair for every jealous hater to get mad about.

Ribbed and with a drawstring for the hood.

Only available in a small number of neutral colors.

Fear of God Monarch 

A high-quality hoodie inspired by Jerry Lorenzo’s love of basketball. A mix of textiles and feels give this sweater a crazy touch but never stops being cozy.

Uses brass snaps instead of a drawstring. Only available in one color.

Birdwell Cayucos 

This sweatshirt is an old-school take on the modern hoodie, pulling inspiration from old hockey jerseys and crafting something entirely new.

Available in a wide variety of colors and coming in with that vintage look, perfect as a top layer for a preppy school-wear look.

Tailor fitted, so don’t expect a loose sweater like others on this list. Order up a size just to be safe.

LuluLemon At Ease

A loose-fitting sweater made for keeping you warm during your warm-ups and beyond.

Pockets are zippered for extra security and comes with a classic hood without a drawstring. Small amount of color options, however, Aztec brick is the go-to.

GQ 8 ball

One of GQs first steps from being admirers into designers, the 8-ball hoodie is a spicy take on everyday wear. Skeletons never go out of style.

Relaxed fit with a drawstring for the hoodie. Only available in black.

Filson Prospector 

A heavy-duty sweater made to withstand the cold touch of mother nature.

The hoodie is a relaxed fit and comes with a generously sized hood for a hat. In addition, it comes with a couple of different color options that are very different from one another.

Noon Goons State of Mind

A baby-blue piece that exudes attitude from all over its graphic print.

There are no fancy bells or whistles, just a perfect basic hoodie that gets the job done with style. Regular fit with a drawstring hood.

Only available in one color, baby blue.

What to Keep in Mind

Not every hoodie can fit every situation, so it’s essential to consider how the various fits add up to your style.


  • Best for layering with a single shirt and button-ups
  • Generally not very thick or meant for heavy cold
  • Not worn alone


  • Layering optional
  • Suitable for cool to cold weather and doesn’t heat up too much
  • May not withstand heavy cold
  • It can be worn alone


  • Layering optional
  • Can handle heavy cold
  • Not the best for warmer days
  • Generally worn alone

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