20 Best Beanies for Men Looking for Warmth and Style

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Last Updated: May 2, 2022

The cold months can do a number on your precious head, restricting those blood vessels and giving you a more skeletal look. Also, who wants cold ears? We’ve got some of the best beanies for men on deck.

But we aren’t battling wooly mammoths anymore for precious fur and warmth. Instead, some genius decided to create a headwrap that keeps your noggin cozy in a low profile: the beanie.

And many different styles have been born since it started. While at one point only dockworkers and fishermen had been the stylish lucky few, recently, the beanie has encapsulated different styles to fit any wardrobe. 

Best Beanies for Men

Carhartt Watch Hat

Carhartt makes classics. There’s just no arguing that. The Watch Hat is their take on the classic beanie, featuring the big Carhartt patch. Unfortunately, the inner mechanics of a hard-working man are not included.

But you’ll sure look like one.

No shortage of colorways; go for pink, green, or even the warm orange.

Mission Workshop Gobi Merino Beanie

For a more sleek and tactile look, the Gobi beanie excels in giving you a sporty aesthetic while maintaining warmth. This isn’t your stoner nephew’s beanie. This is a more refined hat.

There’s no extra material, so you’re not going to be able to fold it over. It’s meant to go under helmets and going at it for hours. Luckily it’s a cozy ride. 

The North Face Salty Dog

The Salty Dog has a warm aura about it. It almost feels like something you’re grandmother might give you, but that’s just because the North Face secretly puts a little bit of love in every product.

It has a nice crochet feel while maintaining that tight-knit durability that’d you’d expect from North Face. Sadly, it only comes in a small variety of neutral colors.

Yet, for feeling like a true master of the sea, it’s all worth it.

Available in a short and regular fit.

United by Blue High Fold Waffle Beanie

Fleece is a warm and welcome material during any long, cold night. The feeling of sleeping in some warm fleece PJs feels unreal. United by Blue said that the head needs that too.

The High Fold Waffle is a longer beanie with a delicate little patch of waves on the fold. Plus, it’s made entirely from recycled polyester, so you’re doing the world a favor by reusing the unwanted scraps of the world.

It comes in black or red.

Meriwool Merino Cuff

The Meriwool offers a more lightweight beanie compared to traditional offerings. In addition, a low profile, low-fold trim holds your hair in place for a workout without overheating your head.

The wool is all-natural and prevents itching while also maintaining a breathable profile.

Enjoy them in a wide variety of colors.

Hurley x Roland Sands Moto Beach

Taking on a collaboration that involves a classic brand can always be a little nerve-wracking. You have to keep up to standard while also being a stranger, and this moment can make or break you.

It made Roland Sands, though. And with the combined effort of Hurley, they crafted a classic beanie with all the fixings. Only in black.

Neff Daily

For some people, that lazy stoner look is as good as it gets. Inspired heavily by the slacker nature of the skater, the slouchy Daily Beanie by Neff is a testament to just chilling.

The Beanie has that extra fabric, so it hangs off your head a little like a condom or maybe Link’s hat. Don’t fold it over, or you’ll look ridiculous. 

It stays cool in warmer weather and comes with tons of color options

Carhartt WIP Stratus Low

Another stretchy low fitter from the classic powerhouse, this beanie from their WIP imprint adds more attitude to their designs. The Stratus Low is a workaholic beanie with a neutral tone that excels in more serious environments.

Whether fishing for long winter nights or having an impromptu meeting with the executives on a ski trip, the Stratus Low is a more serious beanie. No slouching or excess fabric, and all neatly ribbed.

It doesn’t extend over much of your head. Enjoy the high-fold life.

Deus Ex Machina Shield Beanie

The Deus Ex Machina Shield beanie is ready for the aggressive street contender. It lacks sophistication but looks ready to fight you at a moment’s notice.

Deus Ex Machina stayed true to that skater punk attitude and kept the beanie low-profile with a high fold.

Patagonia Brodeo Beanie

When freezing weather hits, some thin wrap around the head isn’t going to cut it. So to keep your ears and eyebrows from freezing off, Patagonia crafted the Brodeo Beanie for that extra warmth in mind.

The Brodeo also comes with unique patches for each color option, so it sorta feels like a pokemon ‘collect them all’ situation.

Plus, you can buy them knowing you’re lessening the pollution impact on the world by buying recycled materials. According to the Patagonia website, they’ve hit 87% recycled fabrics in their products this season.

The North Face Backyard Beanie

I know what you’re thinking. This is an expensive-ass beanie. And you’re right; it is. But it’s also worth looking into the North Face’s reasoning as we learn about their experimental sheep.

They raise sheep to be low polluters and help fertilize the soil, resulting in miraculous, breathable wool. It’s also entirely American, from growing the wool down to the knitting and sewing of the very beanie itself.

It’s a good thing when America makes things again.

Banana Republic Donegal 

A hyper-popular offering by the Banana Republic, you’re going to have to act fast if you want one. And be satisfied with the only option being navy.

Yet the beanie is exceptionally high quality and features that classic ribbed texture for a comfy fit around your head. You’ll be glad you have it when fall and winter come around.

Best x Made Cap of Courage 

Another ‘holy crap’ priced product, the Cap of Courage seems to be asking a whole of you. Is it even really going to give you courage?

Given the fact that the yarn travels from the inner reaches of Mongolia before being crafted into a fine cashmere beanie, I’d say it can kick your ass at the very least. With comfort, not fists.

It is ribbed and red for your pleasure.

Ozero Winter Daily Beanie 

A truly heavy-duty beanie meant to withstand those harsh winter nights. No white walkers are going to be able to touch you. 

The beanie features that extra length to wrap securely around your ears snuggly without leaving too much excess. Each one also features a fun little deer patch for you to feel like Bambi.

However, avoid any serious activity in warmer weather unless you want to microwave your head in that fleece.

Rag & Bone Pizza Rat 

Rag & Bone is full of a warm, snarky attitude that extends well into their pieces. The Pizza Rat is a cheesy (pun intended), tongue-in-cheek look at the pizza fiends and their greasy little world.

The rat and pizza are fully embroidered onto the beanie, giving it better quality and feel that you can’t beat. Screw printed designs.

Acne Studios Face Patch Beanie

Here’s an oversized, super warm beanie featuring a distant stare from a cheeky face patch on the front. This beanie hangs but hangs it all out nicely and keeps your head miraculously warm.

Avoid strenuousness, though, as it’s going to be warm as hell.

Enjoy the color options, however.

Satinior Trawler 

A simple beanie that has all the makings of a go-to classic without ever being flashy. Keep this beanie in your back pocket for all your outfit needs, letting it style seamlessly with a variety of outfits.

The low profile keeps the beanie mature while also keeping your skull warm.

Homage Go-to

Homage is clearly in the game of making things to remember, and this beanie captures that essence of being that fresh homemade feeling while maintaining high-quality brand material.

The knit is cozy, and the high fold keeps that beanie a bit more streetwise than its lower-profile brothers. However, in this movement, they’re so popular, they’re sold out.

The Elder Statesman Tie-Dye Watchman

When you blend the attitudes of aloof stoners and preppy material nerds, you get the (un)holy unity of the Tie-Dye Watchman. It’s got a low profile while also maintaining a medium fold for a bit of cleanliness and a bit of street skating.

The beanie only comes in one colorway, but it honestly doesn’t need anymore. Especially when you note the fact this is crafted from cashmere.

To Wrap it Up

While it may seem tempting to go ahead and buy all the beanies you want, you should keep some things in mind. Check yourself before you wreck yourself, if you will.

You need to buy the hat that works best for the environment you plan to wear it in. For example, wearing a heavy fleece beanie in the middle of hiking the desert is damn silly. 

Comparatively, wearing a thin beanie in the middle of a winter storm is going to do some damage to your scalp and make you look like a skeleton.

Also, keep in mind the kind of social environment you’re wearing your beanie in as well. A low-profile beanie keeps you looking mature and professional, but a bit too much excess will have you looking ridiculous.

Unless you’re going to hang out with friends, in which your outfit would be different and more fitting for such a move. If you’re changing your clothes, you might as well change headgear too.

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