Brunt Boots Reviews: Read This Before Buying

Last Updated: August 25, 2022

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For those who work in harsh environments and are on their feet all day, a pair of sturdy and well-made boots is a must. Depending on the severity of the work, even a decent quality pair of boots can be worn down quickly (this is why it’s important to source the best of the best).

Brunt Boots aims to bring something essential to the table by focusing on quality that will withstand various working conditions. In our Brunt Boots reviews below, we’ll provide all the details you need to discern if they’re worth the money.

What Are Brunt Boots?

Brunt Boots
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A company founded around a passion for durable and reliable work boots, Brunt Boots offers a wide range of footwear built for gritty jobs and harsh working conditions. The products are aimed at those who practice trades such as construction and any other field that demands comfortable yet functional work boots.

Moreover, their boots are designed to protect the feet as hard work tends to take a toll on the body over time. Plus, their prices are typically more affordable than other big-name boot brands due to their direct-to-consumer business approach.

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Are Brunt Boots Legit?

Yes, Brunt Boots is definitely a legitimate company. They were founded by Eric Girouard around two years ago and have been gaining traction ever since. He may be running a young business, but it seems he knows exactly what he’s doing.

Eric comes from a long history of hard work, and this shows in how his boots are designed and created. 

Brunt Boots Reviews

Brunt Boots
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With plenty of marketing and a decent range of products, the brand has made a name for itself fairly quickly. Keep reading below to get a look at different aspects of the company and what customers have to say.

Overall Rating: ★★3.5 Stars

Many people who work as tradesmen have chimed in on the brand after giving them a shot, and it seems most agree that their boots’ quality is mid-range, much like their pricing.

Other popular brands such as Red Wing and even Timberland work boots tend to hold up better based on the reviews we’ve found, but for the price, many customers say Brunt Boots hold up well enough and are comfortable, lightweight, and waterproof.

They seem more suited for those who work on their feet all day but don’t necessarily need a super tough work boot. It’s also difficult to assess the long-term quality since the brand is still fairly young.

Pricing: ★★4 Stars

Their boots range from $105 to $175, which is considerably cheaper than some competing boot brands. Many say that the boots’ quality is about mid-tier, similar to the pricing. However, some customers say they only lasted a couple of months and that they weren’t worth the money.

This price range is pretty common with other similar brands, but their quality tends to hold up to that cost (for the most part). Just be prepared for some wear and tear, especially if you’ll be doing some hard work.

Fit: ★★4 Stars

Many agree that their boots run a little bit big, which isn’t too much of an issue. On the other hand, a few comments mention that their laces don’t tighten very well and sometimes come loose on the job.

Overall, customers don’t have a hard time finding the right size, however, and Brunt says their fit is based on a standard size chart.

Shipping & Returns: ★★★5 Stars

Brunt Boots offers free standard shipping on all orders and a delivery time of 3-6 business days after being shipped. They ship within the US, but free shipping isn’t available for Hawaii or Alaska. They only ship within the states at this time.

As far as returns go, we were very impressed with their return policy. They have the typical 30-day return policy, but you can wear their boots as much as you like within these 30 days.

It’s very rare to see a shoe brand that actually lets customers return worn shoes. This policy allows shoppers to truly get a feel for Brunt boots.

Customer Service: ★★3.5 Stars

There isn’t much of a customer service team with this company, and many believe it’s just the founder managing this area at this time. Due to this, some customers have been annoyed with delayed responses or a lack of response altogether.

Nevertheless, you can get in touch with Brunt Boots by emailing or contacting their phone number at the bottom of their website.

Although they might be struggling to get back to some requests quickly, their lenient return policy is a good indicator that they care about pleasing their customers.

Brunt The Marin Reviews

Brunt The Marin

Price: $135

With a classic look built for a wide range of jobs, this boot is a great all-around option for many tradesmen. It’s built with a rubber-skinned sole that’s made for oil and slip resistance. 

You’ll also enjoy triple-layer waterproofing and good-looking full grain leather, and double stitching for durability. They also boast heavy-duty eyelets and wrap-around or pass-through lace hooks.

Brunt The Ryng Reviews

Brunt The Ryng

Price: $135

One of their most lightweight options, these boots are prepared to deliver the best traction possible. It’s also an excellent choice for comfortable mobility and claims to be able to withstand nearly any working environment or weather condition.

Featuring a nano toe made with composite materials and a high-abrasion breathable textile, these are a diverse choice for hard workers. 

It also has the benefit of a durable toe cap and heel guard, so you’re protected from every angle.

Brunt The Kasparian Reviews

Brunt The Kasparian

Price: $145

Offering a waterproof design that’s slip and oil resistant, this boot is a comfortable option for those who don’t need too many layers of protection on the job. 

These boots are also made with full grain leather, double stitching, and an external heel guard to protect one of the foot’s most sensitive areas.

It’s great for all-day wear and won’t make you feel weighed down during long hours on your feet. 

Brunt The Bolduc Reviews

Brunt The Bolduc

Price: $155

Built to protect you against electrical hazards, these boots come with many standard features such as waterproofing, safety toe, and slip resistance. 

They’re also some of the easiest boots to take on and off, as they focus on a relaxed fit while maximizing comfort and breathability.

The boot’s features are similar to many others in their catalog, but the design is what sets them apart from the rest.

What Are Customers Saying?

Brunt Boots
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To better understand if Brunt Boots will meet your needs, check out some of the most recurring comments from their customers below:

  • Many customers say the boots are comfortable and lightweight
  • Mid-range quality
  • Some say they are a good value, while others say they are overpriced
  • Some customers experienced wear and tear within the first couple of months
  • Overall, their boots seem better for those who work in factories or other areas that don’t require super heavy-duty boots

Final Notes: Are Brunt Boots Worth It?

Brunt Boots
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Whether or not these boots are worth it ultimately depends on your needs and your idea of a good value.

Overall, it seems that these boots are comfortable and lightweight, but aren’t meant to take on heavy-duty work. They can be a great option for those who are just on their feet all day or need a pair of shoes that they can rough up and replace every now and then.

It’s also difficult to determine how long-lasting their boots are since the company is still fairly new, it was founded just a couple of years ago. It seems like many customers are happy with their boots so far, but they may not last a decade as some well-known boot brands would.

It’s a tough market as tradesmen have very particular requirements, and the worth of Brunt Boots ultimately comes down to your specific footwear needs.

Brunt Boots Alternatives

If you’re not convinced, here are some top picks when it comes to similar boot brands. These brands are more established too, so you can be sure you’re getting a quality boot that will last for years to come.

  • Red Wings – Although these are double the price of Brunt on average, they are well worth the splurge.
  • Timberland – A very popular boot brand that isn’t as expensive as the previous brand, but they still cost slightly more than Brunt.
  • Sorel – Another great boot brand, especially for those who work outside in the snow or colder weather. Some boots are similar in price to Brunt, with a few slightly more expensive options and even some cheaper options.

Return Policy

Brunt Boots offers free returns within 30 days, but the best part? You can wear the boots as much as you like (this doesn’t apply to any non-boot purchases).

If you’re not a fan, you will get a full refund on their boots with no fine print or questions asked in the process.


Where Are Brunt Boots Made?

The brand mentions that they have a supplier network that spans the U.S., China, and Vietnam. However, most customers believe that most of their products come out of China.

Who Owns Brunt Workwear?

Brunt Boots is owned and operated by a man named Eric Girouard, and the brand has been in operation for about two years now.

Where Can I Buy Brunt Boots?

For the most part, you can only find Brunt Boots on their official website or on resale sites.

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