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14 Best Boot Brands for Any Activity (Men + Women)

Last Updated: June 9, 2023

When it comes to boots of any type, not all are created equal. An uncomfortable pair of boots is never fun (and neither is a pair that falls apart after a few wear). Luckily, there are quite a few boot brands that are always excellent quality and are worth investing in (some are even on the more affordable side).

Keep reading to discover the top brands!

Best Boot Brands


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βœ… Men

βœ… Women

First off, Timberland is one of the top boot brands when it comes to quality and style. They can withstand any type of weather and lasts for years. They have a large selection of styles for men, women, and even kids.

Although their retail prices can reach a few hundred, you can often find them on sale for much better prices (especially at the end of winter).

Average pricing: $100 – $200


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βœ… Men

βœ… Women

With everything from cozy fur-lined boots to heeled booties, Ugg is an excellent choice when it comes to boots.

Although not the cheapest option, the quality is definitely worth the price (just make sure to invest in suede cleaner if you buy their suede boots). They also have some fur slides we can’t get enough of.

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Average Pricing: $100 – $200

Dr. Martens

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βœ… Men

βœ… Women

With various styles in plenty of colors, you can never go wrong with Dr. Martens boots. Their superior quality boots are weather-proof and last for years.

Many of their styles don’t easily stain (depending on the material), making them a great choice for rainy and snowy cities.

Average pricing: $60 – $180


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βœ… Men

βœ… Women

Although a little steeper in price than the previous boot brands, the quality definitely shows it.

They have both short and long boots with nearly 200 styles to choose from, so you’re bound to find something you love.

Average Pricing: $100 – $300


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βœ… Men

βœ… Women

With thousands of styles for men and women, Clarks is another top brand of boots and some other shoes as well.

Their prices are on the more affordable side as well, especially when you catch them on sale!

Average Pricing: $50 – $150

Red Wing Boot

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βœ… Men

βœ… Women

Most of their boots follow similar styles, but they’re one of the top boot brands if you like this style (they do have some Chelsea boots and heeled booties as well).

Their high-quality styles make excellent work boots, or just versatile boots you can wear anywhere.

Average Pricing: $200 – $350


πŸ“· IG @uccnola

βœ… Men

βœ… Women

Although this boot brand is mainly tailored to men, they offer a few women’s styles as well.

They’re not very trendy, but they do make fantastic work boots that will last for years and years. They do have some basic styles like Chelsea boots and knee-length boots that make timeless additions to any closet.

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Average Pricing: $50 – $200


πŸ“· IG @everlane

βœ… Men

βœ… Women

Although well-known for their jeans, Everlane has a great selection of stylish, weather-proof boots that will last for years. We’re loving their knit boots, but any of their styles are fantastic.

Don’t forget to stock up on Everlane boots when they have one of their famous sales!

Average Pricing: $100 – $250

Stuart Weitzman

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βœ… Women

If you’re a woman looking for something more high-fashion, Stuart Weitzman makes quality boots that are both beautiful and great quality.

They’re more of a luxury brand, so expect to pay $500+ for a pair of boots (they will last years).

Average Pricing: $500 – $800


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βœ… Men

βœ… Women

Most of their styles are pretty similar with small differences, but they’re still worth mentioning! Their boots are comfortable and fantastic quality – they will last for ages.

Average Pricing: $100 – $200


πŸ“· IG @blondo_waterproof

βœ… Women

This high-quality boot brand is mainly tailored towards women (they do have a couple of styles for men, but. not enough to put them on the radar). They have plenty of cute booties with small heels, with simple designs as well as more unique prints and patterns.

Hack: You can often find this brand for under $100 at Nordstrom Rack online.

Average Pricing: $50 – $200

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