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10 Best Fur Slides of 2023

Last Updated: March 2, 2023

We love fur slides (who doesn’t)? Not only are they beyond comfortable, but the luxurious fur makes them look way nicer than a regular pair of slides.  The right pair of fur slides and outfit will make you look like an affluent queen. 

Types of Fur Slides

There are quite a few different types of fur you can find on fur slides. What’s the difference?

Fox Fur – This comes in a wide variety of colors and has a thick outer feel with a softer transition to the inner fur. 

Mink Fur – Fur from mink is very lightweight & thin compared to fox. This fur is also considered the most popular of all time. 

Rabbit Fur – Although beautiful, rabbit fur is not very durable and sheds easily. 

Raccoon Fur – Considered very dense & durable 

Faux Fur – This fake fur is more coarse & rough than real fur. If you don’t like the idea of wearing real fur, faux fur is always a great substitution. When made well, it’s hard to tell that it’s fake! 

Now that we’ve cleared that up let’s dive into our top picks for the best fur slides on the market.  

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Best Fur Slides of 2021


Best Splurge Fur Slides 

Ugg Fluff Yeah

Our top pick for the best splurge fuzzy slides has to go to the Ugg Fluff Yeah slippers. Available in a ton of unique colors, these cozy and high-quality slides are perfect for everyday use. 

You’ll never have to worry about your feet getting cold in these slippers (and you can be sure your feet are always in style while you’re at it). 


Best Under $20 

SheIn Fluffy Slides

If you’re looking for some fur slides that are chic, cute, & affordable, these fluffy slides from Shein are for you. These faux fur style sandals are the perfect piece to wear around the house on a lazy day or going out on a cozy date with the girls. 

Made with leather & rubber, these open-toe slides are flexible, comfortable, & true to size. They are also lightweight for whatever you plan to wear them for.


Best Fur Slides Under $30 

Akira Azalea Wang Blinded by My Presence

Keeping it on the more affordable side while upping the quality, these bedazzling rhinestone slides just scream princess. They feature a single faux fur strap across the top with a gorgeous white fluff to accompany it. 

These sandals also feature a double-stacked platform sole for added comfort and height that’s bound to boost your confidence. Honestly, these slippers would pair great with cropped denim pants and a crop top for a chic look any day.


Best Under $50 

Koolaburra Furr-ah Faux Fur Slides

If you’re a fan of UGG boots, but want a more affordable option, these are your dream come true! These high-quality furry slides are some of the most comfortable around. Made with two faux-fur straps, we’re loving the unique style of these. 

Offered in multiple colors, these fur slides are cozy, comfortable, and durable for all your fabulous & fashionable adventures.



Best Faux Fur Slides

Faux Fur Slides by Keynatty

How comfortable do these faux fur slides look? These trendy slides are offered in a variety of sizes and colors, not to mention they’re beyond comfortable. 

The faux fur has no signs of patchiness or thinning to help achieve ultimate comfort. Overall, you can’t go wrong with these high-quality slippers – plus, it’s always good to support smaller businesses!


Best Ugg Knock Off 

Etsy Fluffy Slides by dazeyapparel

If you’re not ready to shell out your weekly grocery budget for a pair of UGGs, these knock-off designer slides are for you. These trendy slides are cute, comfortable, and gentle on your feet. Lined with faux fur and plus, these mock-up uggs almost seem better than the originals.


Best Multicolored 

Fluffy Rainbow Slides

If you’re more into the multicolored slipper trend, these real fox fur slippers are fluffy, stylish & comfy. 

These are available in solid colors such as black or white, or more fun colors such as rainbow, rasta & more! These slides slip on & off easy for a comfy alternative to wearing shoes.


Best Handmade 

eFursco Fur Slides from eFursco

Made with sheepskin leather and fox fur, these slides are authentic and cozy. They feature a giant brown and black fur tuft on the top that just screams luxury.

They also feature a grooved, contoured footbed to allow for more free motion & flexibility. Plus, they’re pretty inexpensive considering the quality!


Best Glam Fur Slides

Barbie Tingz Slides

If you’re looking for some fluffy sandals that are a bit more glamorous, these luxury style slides are for you. Featuring 3 different sassy colors, these slides would look amazing with an all-white outfit. We love the fitted bottom for a more flattering appearance.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, no matter which you choose, fur slides are a super comfy necessity in everyone’s closet. So whether the ones you like are $10 or $100, we encourage you to spoil yourself and get a pair of these little babies. Trust us, once you wear some fur slides, you’ll never go back to regular slippers!

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