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13 Brands Like Vuori For Stylish Athleisure

Last Updated: July 8, 2023

Looking for brands like Vuori? Keep reading to find 13 brands that offer similar, stylish athleisure.

If you live an active lifestyle, you’re probably familiar with some of the best activewear clothing brands, and Vuori is a top choice for many people. Offering stylish and functional clothing for men and women, they’ve become a household name in the activewear industry.

Although they may have a decent selection to choose from, this doesn’t mean other brands don’t have something else to offer that might catch your eye. It’s always good to give yourself some options, and this article will list 13 brands like Vuori that are excellent alternatives.

Brands Like Vuori


📷 IG @manflowyoga

Average pricing: $50 – $168
Size range: Men: XS – 2XL

Rhone is an activewear and athleisure clothing company that’s a top choice for men who like everything they need in one place. Their catalog offers clothing styles that are perfect for the gym, outdoors, or simply a day full of errands.

Many of their customers feel their quality is unmatched, and the company aims to provide the clothing guys need to help keep their bodies in shape.

Their clothing styles are relatively neutral yet very form-fitting and stylish in their own regard.

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Outdoor Voices

📷 IG @outdoorvoices

Average pricing: $29 – $258
Size range: Women: 2XS – 3XL and Men: 2XS – 3XL

Entirely built for people who love to be outdoors, this company has all the activewear that’s excellent for a broad range of outdoor activities.

From running, climbing, dog walking, or simply commuting, they have designs and styles suitable for many different lifestyles.

You can also choose to shop by fabric, which allows you to view clothing with the quality and material benefits you’re looking for.

Myles Apparel

📷 IG @jordanrosenphoto

Average pricing: $28 – $350
Size range: Men: S – 2XL

This company offers activewear clothing of various categories, styles, and materials. Their entire catalog is built for men who not only like to be active but prefer to stay comfortable as well.

Many of their customers enjoy the company’s casual clothing that’s durable enough for all terrains, and you won’t have any problems finding a complete outfit as they have every clothing category you can think of.

They also boast a 5-year quality guarantee, allowing you to get eligible clothing replaced or repaired.

Feat Clothing

📷 IG @helenowen

Average pricing: $20 – $128
Size range: Women: XS – 3XL and Men: XS – 3XL

With a primary focus on comfort, this brand wants to provide the most relaxing, form-fitting, comfortable athleisure clothing that you can possibly find.

Every article of clothing is light and airy to the touch while giving you the reliability and durability of athletic apparel.

They have plenty of options for men and women alike, and they bring much more to the table than just activewear.


📷 IG @everlane

Average pricing: $25 – $350
Size range: Women: 2XS – 4XL and Men: XS – 2XL

A reputable name in the athleisure category, they boast one of the most extensive catalogs on this list.

From comfortable joggers to breeze training shorts, Everlane has plenty of athleisure clothing with a blend of style and function for men and women.

Plus, the company prides itself on its ethical manufacturing practices. They work hard to create a sustainable business model that cares about the environment and what its clothes are made out of.


📷 IG @athleta

Average pricing: $20 – $240
Size range: Women: 2XS – 3XL

Here you’ll find a vast selection of clothing specifically catered to women, and they offer a niche category for young girls as well.

You’ll find modern styles for every season, and for those who like to stay active, they have plenty of athleisure clothing to sort through.

Acquired by Gap in 2008, they’ve been getting more popular over the years while continuously adding more value and products to their website.


📷 IG @huckberry

Average pricing: $35 – $328
Size range: Men: XS – 4XL

Although this company mainly focuses on style, they have a surprisingly large selection of activewear clothing. The brand provides plenty of performance clothing built for wear and tear, from training shorts to joggers and more.

Better yet, their activewear covers various seasons, so you can find something that fits your lifestyle whether you’re at the beach or running through the rain.

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📷 IG @vanessahudgens

Average pricing: $8 – $78
Size range: Women: 2XS – 4XL and Men: XS – 4XL

Fabletics provides varying performance clothing for men and women, and they’re also known to be highly affordable.

No matter what clothing category you sort through, all of their clothing is crafted with upstanding quality and are perfect for an active day out or a lazy day inside.

With discounts, a rewards program, and fair pricing, they’re hard to pass up.

Public Rec

📷 IG @roberthunter89

Average pricing: $58 – $128
Size range: Women: S – XL and Men: S – 3XL

Known for their neutral styles and top-tier comfort, Public Rec focuses on providing a blend of comfort with the durability the outdoors require.

Their clothing categories cover all of the essentials, but I’d still consider their catalog to be fairly niche.

It’s important to note that they are a little more expensive than other brands on this list, and they don’t offer any discounts or sales. However, you can find everything you need on their website, from loungewear to trail-ready clothing.

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📷 IG @ahegerberg

Average pricing: $15 – $600
Size range: Women: 2XS – 4XL and Men: XS – 4XL

You can’t mention athleisure clothing without considering Nike, as they’re a long-standing favorite for the activewear industry.

Considering their popularity, you probably are already familiar with their selection, but they continue to bring value to their customers with each new release.

No matter what sport or physical activity you participate in, Nike has something for the job. They’re reputable, of good quality, and their clothing will help boost your performance, no matter the activity or weather conditions. 


📷 IG @lululemon

Average pricing: $8 – $228
Size range: Women: XS – 2XL and Men: XS – 5XL

Offering an extensive collection for men and women, Lululemon is a powerhouse in the activewear market. You’ll find clothing crafted for more rigorous workouts or simple loungewear clothing perfect for inside the house and the outdoors.

They hold a good reputation with their customers and are an excellent blend of street fashion and dynamic performance.

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Alo Yoga

📷 IG @aloyoga

Average pricing: $20 – $558
Size range: Women: 2XS – 2XL and Men: 2XS – 2XL

As the brand name suggests, this company offers tons of clothing that are perfect for Yoga exercises, but they’re great for other activities too.

Not only is their clothing quite relaxing, but it’s incredibly form-fitting and lightweight.

You’ll have unrestricted mobility while eliminating any chafing or irritation to your skin. Alo Yoga offers categories for men and women, and their catalog is vast enough to find an entirely new wardrobe.

Mono B

📷 IG @amirrarobertsonblog

Average pricing: $28 – $78
Size range: Women: S – L

This clothing brand is a great choice if you’re shopping on a budget and has plenty of different quality activewear for men and women to sort through.

You can also sort by specific fabrics, which allows you to find the benefits you need for your active lifestyle.

Aside from their generous retail prices, you can find an entire section on their website dedicated to discounted clothing. Mono B’s clothing is definitely functional, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t stylish, as their clothing works with many different outfits.

The Bottom Line

You won’t have any trouble finding the athleisure clothing you’re looking for, as this list essentially has every clothing style, fabric, and functionality that is perfect for an active lifestyle. This list also comes with varying price ranges for all kinds of budgets.

No matter which activity you prefer, you’ll be able to stock your wardrobe with clothing that’s not only comfortable but will last you for years to come. This list provides 13 brands like Vuori that are excellent alternatives for those who like to stay on the move with clothing built for the task.

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