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14 Best Swim Trunks for Men: In and Out of the Water

Last Updated: April 15, 2022

Swim trunks have become a lot more versatile over the years, and most men prefer to have the utmost comfort with a blend of style and efficiency. An endless number of brands claim to carry quality swimwear, but in reality, cheap fabrics and poor manufacturing can lead to some embarrassing situations in the water. In this article, you’ll get a good look at the 14 best swim trunks for men.

From luxury fabrics to loose and tight-fitting swimwear, you’re bound to find your new favorite pair of swim trunks in this list. Some are perfect for beach days, and others can double as a pair of shorts as well! Continue reading through this careful selection of swimwear that all have the potential to last you for years to come.

Best Swim Trunks For Men

Patagonia Baggies Shorts 5”

Price: $55.00

Offering quality fabric and functionality is a consistent trait in Patagonia’s clothing. Known for their minimalist look, their swim trunks are an excellent choice for those who aren’t a fan of flashier styles. 

This particular item is marketed as a pair of shorts on their website, but the short’s multi-layer material makes them ideal for use in and out of the water. If you live near a beach, these would be a great option if you like to hit the water and grab a quick bite after.

H&M Seersucker Swim Shorts

Price: $24.99

An excellent go-to choice if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option. The stylish Seersucker swim shorts from H&M come in a soft pink color and can be worn as regular shorts or swimwear.

The lining and shell are primarily made of polyester containing 3% spandex for flexibility. No need to worry about drying off once you’re out of the water; these shorts are made with a “quick dry” functionality and don’t require excessive amounts of effort to dry off.

Howler Brothers Buchannon Boardshorts

Price: $59.00

These might be a little pricier than the H&M listing above, but they come with some of the best quality you’ll find. Howler Brothers are known for their quality clothing, and these shorts come with all of the functionality you might need.

Pockets are always useful in the water, but you need them to be secure and functional without fail. You’ll find the front pockets come with mesh drainage, and the back pocket comes with a strong velcro strip with a drawstring included.

Outerknown Apex Trunks By Kelly Slater

Price: $145.00

If you’re searching for a pair of trunks that will last you a lifetime, the Apex Trunks designed by Kelly Slater are a top pick from the Outerknown brand. You can enjoy the best mobility you can find with a 4-way stretch design and stitch-free seams to eliminate chafing.

The trunks are made with 6% spandex with Quick Dry functionality, 8% recycled spandex, and 86% recycled polyester. For an excellent fit, the Apex Trunks are a great option if lightweight mobility is important to you.

Vuori Cruise Boardshort

Price: $48.00

A business that aims to be as eco-friendly as possible, their popular Cruise Boardshorts are created with recycled plastic bottles. They also contain 12% Elastane to help with flexibility.

You can also enjoy an anti-odor, active fit, and they’re perfect to use for everyday errands as well. The breathable material and mesh lining give it an airy feel and offer fabric durability that’ll last years to come.

Orlebar Brown Setter Swim Shorts

Price: $245.00

Orlebar doesn’t joke around when it comes to their clothing, and they have a decent selection of designer swim trunks. The Setter swim trunks come in navy blue, white, and bright red.

The company is clear about the fact that these aren’t multifunctional swim trunks but rather specially crafted shorts that function beautifully in the water. Manufactured from sixty different elements, Orlebar aims to provide top-tier style and designer quality that won’t find anywhere else.

Lululemon Channel Cross Swim Short 5”

Price: $78.00

Made specifically for swimming, watersports, even hot tubs, the fabric is water and abrasion repellent. Men will appreciate the breathable mesh material, with four-way stretch functionality, in addition to chlorine resistance.

They come in a standard 5″ length giving the legs plenty of mobility. Keep in mind these shorts are meant for the water, and the fabric make-up doesn’t allow for a quick dry once you’re out of the water.

Everlane ReNew Swim Short

Price: $58.00

With the busy lives everyone has to manage, functional clothes are becoming more and more popular. Everlane offers many different styles and clothing selections, but their swimwear hits the nail on the head with the perfect blend of form and function.

Perfect for in and out of the water, these shorts come in navy blue, black, and a dark forest green color. They go beyond water resistance as they’re perfect for hiking, running, or even biking!

Fair Harbor Anchor Swim Trunks

Price: $68.00

Available in many different designs, Fair Harbor knows a thing or two about swimwear. The Anchor swim trunks have an 8″ inseam and are made from 88% recycled plastic bottles with an eco-conscious focus.

There’s also more than enough cargo space included, and they boast almost unnoticeable side pockets. If breathability is a number one priority, Fair Harbor has included a built-in Cool Max Liner for the best possible all-day comfort.

Bonobos Riviera Recycled Swim Trunks

Price: $79.00

With a UPF rating of 50+, elastic waistband with convenient drawcord, and composed of 85% recycled polyester, these swim trunks are a conscious buy that’ll stand the test of time with proper care. You can’t go wrong with the perfect fit, as the inseams come in 5″, 7″, and 9″.

Supporting sizes from extra small to XXL, Bonobos focuses on accommodation with the overall design of these shorts. If you’re looking for a reliable yet neutral pair, the Riviera’s have plenty of designs to choose from.

Nike Collage Swim Trunks

Price: $64.00

Crafted with sustainable materials, Nike raises the bar on eco-friendly swimwear with their Collage Swim Trunks. You can enjoy plenty of legroom and an inner media pocket for any essentials you might need in the water.

These swim trunks are offered in three tropical colors, give off a bright flair, and are excellent between the water and a volleyball match on the beach. Nike is known for functional activewear, and you can enjoy a breathable fit that’s suited to your form.

Huckberry All Terrain Stretch Boardshort

Price: $125.00

With a primary focus on the surfing community, Huckberry aims to provide an all-in-one solution to your water activities. Whether you’re catching big waves or going for a dive in the pool, these swim trunks are built to last.

Offering body-inclusive sizing from a 28-36 waist, a majority of men can enjoy these swim trunks. Crafted with active bodies in mind, you can enjoy non-chafing materials and a soft micro-fiber inner waistband for added comfort.

CDLP Swim Trunks

Price: $185.00

CDLP provides a fairly unique take on swim trunks, primarily due to how they’re crafted. With a combination of a luminous polychromatic plain-weave, they provide a little bit of sheen in the sun.

Taking hold of the classic swim trunk fit, they’re also made of Econyl, a regenerated nylon fiber created from salvaged plastic waste. If price isn’t an issue, CDLP is an excellent and eco-friendly choice.

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OFF-WHITE Logo Allover Swim Trunks

Price: $425.00

Lastly, for the hypebeast fanatics, OFF-WHITE provides a classic swim trunk style with their signature logo printed on every angle. More suited for style and fashion, these shorts look great in and out of the water.

They also fit perfectly with a wide range of casual streetwear. Nevertheless, you can enjoy the water in style and make a fashion statement all at the same time.

In Conclusion

The brands mentioned in this list all have unique qualities that make them an excellent prospect for any man looking to upgrade their swimwear. Not only are these swim trunks made consciously, but they’re intended to last you for many years down the road.

With the many designs, styles, features, and fabrics available, finding the perfect pair of swim trunks shouldn’t be too difficult. This article contains the best swim trunks for men from daily casual to designer luxury to suit your varying tastes.

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