14 Best Australian Sunglasses Brands in 2021

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Last Updated: October 19, 2021

Looking for Australian sunglasses brands that don’t disappoint? Check out our list for the top options out there, whether you’re looking for a trendy pair for Spring break or a quality pair of sunnies that will be with you for summers to come.

Best Australian Sunglasses Brands


Quay is one of the most well-known Australian sunglasses brands around. Their chic styles look great with any outfit, and they have plenty of selection fit for any style! Plus, with a frequent slate of sales and free shipping to various countries, it won’t cost a fortune.

You can also find this popular brand for great deals at Nordstrom Rack and plenty of other retail stores.

Local Supply

Local Supply is changing the game in eyewear.

This black-owned, plant-based eyewear brand creates iconic sunglasses for all genders. They’re very sustainable – they use zero-waste manufacturing, offer a recycling program, and source materials that are eco-friendly. Prices are also pretty affordable considering they’re very well-made and environmentally friendly.

Cancer Council

Cancer Council is a brand born in Australia that specializes in sunglasses that look good on anyone.

Their affordable, trendy glasses will make your summer even brighter. They also sell a variety of other summer goodies (such as sunscreen and hats) so you can stock up while you’re at it!

Bailey Nelson

Bailey Nelson makes hand-crafted sunglasses for both men and women.

Designed in Australia with the utmost care and craft, they provide reasonably priced sunglasses that look bright during the day or night. Most of their styles cost around $150 – $200, but the quality is well worth it (they also offer regular glasses as well)!


Eopkhe is a luxurious brand you’ll love to add to your collection. With prices ranging from $140 – $200 (unless you visit during a good sale), you can be sure you’re receiving only the best.

With many different styles to compliment any look you’re aiming for, Eopkhe has something for everyone. We’re loving their Austyn sunglasses.

Dot Dot

Dot Dot Eyewear creates cutting-edge, modern sunglasses that make you feel like a runway model without the runway prices.

Created with retro designs, Dot Dot shades are unlike anything else on the market. Their selection is not the largest, but each of their styles is thoughtfully designed and crafted. They even have a live try on feature to help make sure you find your perfect fit!

Pacifico Optical

Pacifico Optical creates premium, hand-made sunglasses right from Bondi Beach, Australia.

Their products come in many different styles, but each is made with the best materials and the utmost care. Plus, each set comes with a carrying case, microfiber cloth, and kit to help keep your sunglasses clean.

South Cali

Although the brand was created in California, their styles are designed in Australia. Each pair of sunglasses is polarized and UV-400 rated to ensure you look amazing while also being protected from dangerous sun rays.

Whether you are going to a fancy beach party or just spending a day in the sun, South Cali has you — and your eyes — covered.

Just Sunnies

Just Sunnies is one of Australia’s premiere sunglasses companies (and the only brand on this list that sells sunglasses from a large variety of different brands).

They have over 5,000 types of shades from a ton of top sunglasses brands – they’re proud to be Australia’s favorite brand. There is a reason they are so loved. With options for men, women, and kids, you can get matching sunnies for the entire family!

Le Specs

Le Specs sells affordable, high-end sunglasses that look iconic and modern.

Not only do their shades look good, they feel wonderful too. They’ve been worn by plenty top celebrities, so you know their sunnies are trendy and high-quality.

Vehla Eyewear

Vehla Eyewear creates amazing, high-end sunglasses at wallet-friendly prices.

Their entire selection is hand-made and constantly-growing. You are bound to find something you want (or absolutely need)!

ROC Eyewear 

ROC Eyewear has numerous choices of high-end sunglasses to choose from and all at affordable, hard-to-beat prices.

No matter the occasion or the outfit, ROC Eyewear has something for you.


Shevoke offers so many sunglasses at such great prices, you will get lost in their website because of the possibilities.

They also offer a constant rotation of impressive sales, so you are sure to find what you want at the prices you need.


Pared Sunglasses pain themselves to create only the finest in shades.

They create classy eyewear for any man or woman, no matter what style you prefer. They’re definitely more of a luxury brand (around $180 – $200 per pair), but you won’t be disappointed.

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