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13 Unique Sunglasses to Make a Statement

Last Updated: October 25, 2021

A cute pair of sunglasses can add the cherry on top to any outfit. With so many similar pairs out there, sometimes you just want to wear unique sunglasses that will make everyone you pass do a double take.

So, where do you find these? We’ve put together a list of some of the top unique sunglasses out there!

Best Unique Sunglasses

Quay Space Age

These sunglasses from the Australian sunglasses brand Quay have a lot of personality and style.

They are bright, unique and unlike any other pair you own. Not only will these glasses protect your vision, they will make you look darn cool at the same time. 

Tears Sunglasses

These tear sunglasses are created with durable metal frames and thick plastic lenses.

For a unique look, the frames have a pair of tear drops attached to them. These glasses are a strong fashion statement and will pop when worn with any outfit. 

Quay Transcend

The Quay Transcend glasses look like they come straight from the future.

They are crafted to be strong and sturdy, while also adding a unique splash of color to any outfit!

Quay Blocked Shield Sunglasses

Alright, Quay makes quite a few unique sunglasses. These are another ultra-cool pair that features a bright pink design!

Looking like they come straight out of a movie, these provide 100% UV protection and are durable.

Friends Flame Sunglasses

These sunglasses are truly unique!

Affordable and available in multiple colors, these flame-shaped sunglasses will make any outfit fire.

GUVIVI Oversized Sunglasses

These oversized sunglasses from GUIVIVI come in a bizarre and enticing oversized style.

While their look might be radically different from anything else you own, these glasses are still cool and functional as well. 

Mincl Unique Sunglasses

These sunglasses not only provide great UV protection, they also look incredible and unlike anything else you own.

They truly make a fashion statement.

Weewooday Butterfly Sunglasses

This gorgeous, charming pair of butterfly sunglasses not only look great but work great too.

They are created with strong metal frames and lenses with multiple colors to choose from. Get ready to flap your wings!

Censorship Sunglasses

The futuristic censorship sunglasses with surprise everyone who passes you.

With a thin rectangular frame that will make people think you’re an alien, these awesome sunglasses are a must-have for anyone who likes to stick out!

Futuristic Sunglasses

These futuristic wraparound sunglasses from zeroUV look retro and futuristic at the same time.

They completely cover your eyes and bring you ultimate protection, while also brightening up any outfit you are wearing. 

FEISEDY Oversized Sunglasses

These unique oversized sunglasses come with gorgeous frames and a wonderful design.

Affordable and available in a few different colors, you’ll want to buy 10 pairs!

Slim Trendy Sunglasses

These thin, trendy sunglasses are ultra cool and unique.

They may not cover all of your eye, but they will add a huge punch of personality to your outfit.

Armear Futuristic Sunglasses

To finish off these unique sunglasses, these Armear sunglasses are made with a rimless frame design and strong mirror coated lenses.

These look like something straight off the runway!