25 Best Sock Brands for Men + Women in 2021

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Last Updated: October 21, 2021

When it comes to shopping for socks, there seems to be millions of options out there. To help with you search, we’ve broken down an ultimate list of the best sock brands.

Whether you want to invest in a $30 pair of socks that will last ages or get a great deal on a big bundle, you’ll be able to find your perfect fit.

Best Sock Brands


Everyone knows Nike, one of the biggest shoe brands in the world.

But, they are also amazing sock makers too. Their socks are soft, durable, and will keep your feet warm all day long. Nike socks have Nike quality. Make sure to buy them in a pack to get the best deal!

Average pricing: $5 – $15 per pair

Happy Socks

Happy Socks are bright, colorful and fun. If you’re looking for socks that will make you happy, check these out.

Coming in a ton of various colors and styles for men and women (as well as kids), these will quite literally put some pep in your step. They’re also super comfortable and make great gifts!

Average pricing: $8 – $15 per pair


Adidas is another top footwear brand that, to nobody’s surprise, makes superior socks.

These are expertly made with strong materials and will leave your feet feeling cozy no matter what you put them through. Similar to Nike, you’ll get the best deals when you buy a multi-pack.

Average pricing: $5 – $20 per pair

Under Armour

Under Armour is one of the biggest names in activewear and with good reason: they know what they’re doing.

So, it’s no surprise they’re one of the best sock brands out there. Their socks are just as strong and reliable as their sports gear and will be a real treat for your feet. Reduce your sweat and increase your comfort with Under Armour.

Average pricing: $5 – $15 per pair

Alexander Mcqueen 

Alexander McQueen socks are soft, comfortable and incredibly fashionable too.

They look like something you would find on a runway. Coming in different styles and colors, these socks are a cut above the rest. Make your feet feel fancy!

Average pricing: $80 – $120 per pair

Calvin Klein 

Calvin Klein’s line of socks are impressive and trendy.

Their socks are both functional and fun, made with high-quality materials to ensure they will be with you forever (well, until you lose them). They don’t have the largest collection, but you’ll still be impressed with their prices.

Average pricing: $5 – $20 per pair

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss has a wide selection of socks. From long socks to short socks to invisible socks, you won’t be disappointed.

Coming in different styles and designs, Hugo Boss socks are impressive and strong (basically, everything you’d expect from a high-end company like Hugo Boss).

Average pricing: $9 – $20 per pair

Darn Tough

Darn Tough socks are exactly that.

They are made with strong materials that won’t fall apart, but somehow remain impossibly soft and comfortable. They have a variety of options for both men and women as well as socks that fit every different type of occasion and outfit.

Average pricing: $20 – $30 per pair


Bombas has become one of the biggest names socks because of their incredible business model. Not only do they make amazing socks that you will fall in love with, they also donate millions of pairs to homeless shelters to help those who need it most.

Bombas will make you look good and feel good. They’re also one of the top brands for ethical underwear!

Average pricing: $15 – $20 per pair

Kane 11

Whether you are looking for professional socks, durable outdoorsy socks, homebody socks, or athletic socks, Kane 11 has you (and your feet) covered.

Kane 11 has a style you will love. You will never have to worry about quality either – their socks are top of the line. They will keep your feet comfortable. Unlike most other sock brands, they also have very specific sizing to ensure you get the perfect fit.

Average pricing: $10 – $20 per pair


Swiftwick says they are the best socks you’ll ever wear and, you know what, they may just be right.

They sell socks for every activity and in so many different styles. No matter what you are doing and what you are wearing, Swiftwick will make you feel comfortable and relaxed as you’re doing it.

Average pricing: $15 – $20 per pair


Dickies, one of the most popular names in fashion, creates some of the best socks on the market.

Their socks are just as cool as their pants and jackets and will let others know that you have an eye for style, even with your socks. Their multi-packs are also pretty affordable!

Average pricing: $3 – $10 per pair


Stance has created a line of socks that are taking the fashion world by storm. BuzzFeed, USA Today, Men’s Journal and others are calling Stance socks invigorating and bold.

Oh, and their products are impressively comfortable too.

Average pricing: $9 – $15 per pair

Farm to Feet

Farm to Feet creates amazing wool socks that use US materials, manufacturing, and workers.

Known for their durable and fashionable socks, Farm to Feet takes sock-making seriously. They have an endless supply of designs and styles, so you’ll never run out of options!

Average pricing: $15 – $25 per pair


Hanes is a household name for a lot more than just socks. Their socks just can’t be beat, both in quality and pricing.

They are reliable, strong and very, very comfortable. Hanes is an icon for a reason: they’re great.

Average pricing: $1 – $12 per pair

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Chup is becoming one of the biggest and best sock brands.

Their collection of products come with fun, different styles and looks but they are all made with superior quality. You will fall in love with the look — and comfort — of Chup.

Average pricing: $25 – $30 per pair

Fruit of the Loom

Fruit of the Loom, one of the biggest names in clothing, has long been an expert in socks.

Though they offer many different styles and looks, their products are always durable, comfortable, and breathable. They’re also very affordable!

Average pricing: $0.50 – $2 per pair


Puma has long proven themselves as one of the best fashion brands on Earth and their socks are no exception.

They are trendy, cool and incredibly comfortable too. Plus they are made to last and won’t fall apart any time soon.

Average pricing: $1 – $10 per pair


Whether you are hiking, going to work or playing an intense game of basketball, Champion socks are the ones to wear.

They are strong and smart and feel wonderful on your feet. Whether you want something basic or a unique print, they’ve got you covered.

Average pricing: $1.50 – $5 per pair

Paul Smith

Paul Smith is another of the best sock brands that creates incredibly gorgeous, stylish and cool socks that feel wonderful no matter what you’re doing.

Perfect for a day at work or a fancy night out, any of their socks will make you feet feel great and look cool too.

Average pricing: $15 – $30 per pair

Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak socks come in many different styles and look and feel lightweight on your feet.

No matter what you are wearing or what you are doing, your feet will instantly be ten times happier when wearing Frank and Oak socks.

Average pricing: $10 – $15 per pair


Timberland creates tough, strong boots and other shoes – the same is true for their socks.

Their socks not only look great, they feel great too. The material is breathable and lightweight, while also feeling firm and durable. These socks will last a long time!

Average pricing: $3 – $10 per pair


Gildan creates wonderful socks that feel fantastic. They’re also one of the most affordable options when it comes to the best sock brands!

They come in many different styles, including no-show socks. This is a great brand to stock up on solid, plain, affordable socks so you never run out of pairs to wear!

Average pricing: $1 – $5 per pair

Eddie Bauer 

Did you know that besides classic and trendy clothing, Eddie Bauer also sells amazing socks too?

Their socks are just as fancy and traditionally sleek as you would expect. They have a huge selection with options for both men and women.

Average pricing: $5 – $15 per pair

Smart Wool

Last but not least, Smart Wool is another of the best sock brands. Whether you are hiking, running, cycling or just hanging around the house, their socks are exactly what you need.

They are soft, comfortable, warm, and durable.

Average pricing: $1 – $5 per pair

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