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19 Best Slip On Shoes for Men (Easy, Effortless Style)

Last Updated: April 26, 2022

Looking for the best slip on shoes for men? You’ve come to the right place.

Putting on shoes can be a little bit of an effort. High tops, long laces, and tight shoes all add up to extra pressure for the shoe wearer.

But what if there existed a shoe that you could simply just put on, as if your foot was slipping in?

Oh wait, they’re called slip-ons and they’re a summertime staple.

Slip-ons are an easy style that go with just about any outfit, without the hassle of laces. That’s why we’ve gathered up the best slip-ons for men for your shopping pleasure. 

Best Slip On Shoes for Men

York Athletics The Gail

The Gail is an easy option for those who train hard and needs something that can keep up with them.

The shoes sport a futuristic silhouette that fits around the foot without getting loose. This makes them an excellent choice for working out.

Adidas Court Rallye

Adidas’ take on classic slip shoes that are perfect for running on the court and chilling with the boys. Extra durable for those who skateboard and are serious about it.

Vulcanized soles have a grip that doesn’t give up with canvas uppers so that they don’t harsh your comfort.

AllBirds Wool Loungers

Part sneaker, part slipper, all comfort

AllBirds dedicated themselves to creating a fashionable sneaker that wouldn’t harm the planet and kept you stepping worry-free. Available in a wide range of colors and soft as hell.

This is one shoe that’s hard to beat.

Obra 240 Slip-On

Here’s a more modern take on the regular slip-on that tries to add a bit more to the traditional silhouette that has carried many through their emo phase. 

An oversized toe wrap creates an extra layer of protection, while the sole has padding that keeps your steps bouncy.

It comes with an oversized pull-loop, so you don’t destroy your fingers trying to put the shoes on.

Vans Slip-Ons

The original slip-on that started the craze. Easy to put on and take off, and styles with just about everything without ever putting in any effort.

Available in so many different options, it’s staggering. Plus, the option to make them fully you through Vans’ customization service is hard to beat.

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Nike Go FlyEase

A shoe truly made for those who really need to be on the go without stopping. If you do it right, you won’t even need to use your hands to put these bad boys on.

Cariuma IBI

A shoe that leans on a bit of the design from various other models, creating a taste-made shoe with a personality all its own.

Mesh design allows for breathable comfort and a sustainable design. Available in a huge range of colors.

Converse Chuck Taylor Slip

A small change to a classic Converse design that packs that same punch as the regular Chuck Taylor.

Losing the laces and tightening the fit of the Chuck Taylor provides the same support and lets you have a little more freedom with your Converse. Pull off easy beach fits with this.

Toms Espadrille

A classic, low-profile silhouette for Tom’s that polarizes onlookers into loving them or hating them.

Made with a wide variety of organic and recycled materials to align with the Toms’ spirit.

Johnston and Murphy McGuffey 

Everything you love about slip-ons, now in leather form!

The shoe is made extra durable thanks to its leather construction, but also has the benefit of bending just enough for easy on and off.

Greats the Wooster

An easy-to-style suede option from Greats that offers everything you love about a classic slip-on shoe.

The shoes have a neutral nature that helps them pair well with anything, whether professional or casual.

Everlane The Forever

Not every shoe needs to be a star. Some just need to be a solid base so that everything doesn’t fall apart. The forever slip-on is a truly strong base for styling up your outfits.

Fully recyclable and in a clean white colorway.

Columbia PFG

A performance shoe made to handle the rough waves of the sea and a calm day of fishing at the lake.

It’s got a unique grip so you don’t slip and break your neck while retaining the cool, classic low-profile look. Available in a small range of colors.

Lacoste Jouer 316

A no-nonsense slip-on with the fun Lacoste Alligator on the side. A neutral look means easy outfit arrangement. 

Vans ComfyCush Slip-Ons

An update on the classic Vans model using their new comfy cush technology for an extra bouncy step. It may not have as many options as the classic Vans but still sports plenty of style.

Sperry Striper 2

A shoe crafted to get you on the go and out of your house in minutes without any fuss. Classic look but with extra comfort so you don’t feel as flat when walking.

It uses non-slip traction so it can handle some fishing at the beach.

SeaVees Magnum Hawthorne

A slip-on that feels most at home when at the beach, sporting a wonderful floral pattern to keep things interesting. It also has a heel that contrasts for an added bit of cleanliness

The pattern itself is a limited edition fabric that’s vintage, so get it while it’s hot.

Tommy Bahama Pacific Ridge

A shoe with the vacation spirit built inside. Brown stripe just packs it all together to get a shoe that’s part professional, part free spirit.

Uses a cork footbed for an extra layer of crazy.

Ralph Lauren Bear Thompson Shoe

This shoe has a neutral colorway that makes it easy to pair, but what sets the shoe apart is the embroidered bear featured across the upper. Hard not to want a pair when that cute bear smiles back.

To Wrap It Up

These best slip-ons for men are an easy and quick way to add style to your outfit without all the fuss. Add one of these pairs of slip-on shoes to your wardrobe to upgrade your routine. 

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