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13 Best Shorts for Men to Style for Spring & Summer

Last Updated: April 14, 2022

The best shorts for men shouldn’t be hard to find—here are our top picks to get ready for spring and summer.

The spring and summer seasons are right around the corner, and your outfits and activities are getting ready to change. With increasing temperatures comes the need for a solid pair of shorts that are styling and functional at the same time.

Some men prefer shorts that offer more utility, such as the cargo style, while others may choose a casual street style that works well with various colors and outfit choices. If you’re in search of your new favorite pair of shorts, continue reading through this article to get all the insight you need on the best shorts for men.

Best Shorts for Men

Rhone 7” Commuter Shorts

Price: $98.00

Offering a casual look that’s perfect for a game of golf, these are a great pair of shorts for those with an active day ahead of them. Crafted with the favored Flex-Knit fabric, you’ll stay comfortable from all angles when you’re on the go.

You can enjoy all of the mobility you like while retaining a professional chino-style look. They come in a wide array of colors, and they feel airy and soft on the skin.

Vuori 9” Ripstop Shorts

Price: $64.00

Made with a 2-way stretch for the utmost flexibility, these shorts are great for everyday casual wear or even more rugged activities such as hiking or climbing. They’re crafted with DuraTerra ripstop fabric and can take quite a beating before showing wear and tear.

They’re a great universal piece of clothing that’ll last you for years to come. It’s also a good choice for taller men, as the shorts have a longer 9” inseam.

Vineyard Vines 9” Stretch Breaker Shorts

Price: $75.00

With a blend of soft cotton and a form-fitting stretch to the waistband, these breaker shorts are an excellent choice. They’re also surprisingly breathable yet are known to be durable and can withstand repeated wear.

You can sport a classic look with these shorts or choose a brighter color to add flair to your outfit. They also boast a buttoned back pocket and slanted front pockets with plenty of room for your essentials.

Myles Apparel Tour Shorts

Price: $88.00

Crafted with the outdoors in mind, these shorts might be for you if you spend a lot of time outside. They offer a water-repellant finish and are built with a quick-dry feature if you do get them wet.

If you’re looking for a fitting pair of shorts that don’t pinch at the waist, these are a good option for security and mobility. Overall, you can’t go wrong with the quality these shorts provide.

Orvis Jackson Stretch Quick-Dry Shorts

Price: $89.00

If you’re a person that spends a decent amount of time on the water, you might want to consider these shorts to help keep you and your pocket essentials dry. They’ll stay snug to your form while offering all of the functionality you need for your outing.

The shorts come with a UPF 50 rating and are crafted with the quick-dry feature to ensure they never dampen. You’ll find a lower leg pocket, and back pockets come with two zippers and are mesh-lined.

Lululemon T.H.E Linerless Shorts 7”

Price: $68.00

Men will enjoy the seamless look these stylish shorts have to offer, and they look excellent with many casual streetwear styles. They’re beyond comfortable and are equally great for lounging around the house.

The sweat-wicking fabric will keep your body feeling cool no matter the temperature inside or outside. It was also created to maintain its shape regardless of how often it gets washed, giving it a long-term spot in your wardrobe

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Howler Brothers Tranquilo Chillshorts

Price: $47.99

If you’re in search of comfort over utility, these shorts from Howler Brothers are the go-to choice when the weather is hitting just right. They’re so light and breathable that’ll you’ll barely feel them around your waist.

Whether you’re handling errands around town or going to lay down by the beach, these shorts won’t weigh you down or limit your mobility. You’ll also enjoy the same comfort regardless of your position while sitting, and they won’t pinch at your skin.

Taylor Stitch Apres Shorts

Price: $88.00

Strutting undeniable style, these shorts have an all-season design that is a first pick for many activities. Enjoy its soft cotton touch and a relaxed fit that won’t feel too clunky around the waist and legs.

You can quickly secure the shorts with a reliable drawstring accented with brass tips. Men will appreciate the buttoned fly, and the 8″ inseam has the shorts resting just above the knee. 

Banks Journal Big Bear Walkshorts

Price: $75.00

Delivering a more classic take on the garment, you can enjoy a stonewashed look on your favorite colorway. They’re also highly durable and are eco-conscious with their recycled woven polyester.

They come with a zipper and button closure for a secure fit, and the waistband is elastic enough to stay comfortable all day. If you’d like a pair of shorts that are adaptable to many different outfits, these would be an excellent choice for your spring and summer wardrobe.

DUER No Sweat Shorts

Price: $78.00

These shorts provide a slim fit and performance that’s as resilient as they come. Made with a fabric composition of polyester, cotton, lyocell, and spandex, you’ll enjoy a unique feel every time you wear them.

Breathability is on another level, and they’re a go-to choice for men during the summer months. Not only are they stylish, but their durability allows them to be worn for all kinds of activities.

Bonobos Corduroy Drawstring Club Shorts

Price: $34.97

Some may feel like it’s an outdated fabric, but corduroy is more relevant than ever and has stood the test of time. These shorts offer a retro feel and a stylish design that’s perfect for a game of golf or a nice lunch on a hot day.

Men will enjoy the easy drawstring waist, making it simple to keep the shorts form-fitting. There’s also plenty of legroom, allowing you to stay mobile from every angle.

Carhartt WIP Aviation Shorts

Price: $69.00

These shorts are made for utility, featuring cinch tabs, a zip fly, and all the pockets you’d possibly need. These shorts are crafted with ripstop fabric, which allows them to take quite a beating, ensuring years of repeated use.

Aside from the rugged features, they’re made from 100% cotton and are incredibly soft to the touch, even after multiple washes. With six pockets covering all sides, you’ll have access to all of your essentials no matter where you go.

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Brunello Cucinello Bermuda Shorts

Price: $695.00

Just because they’re a pair of shorts doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel luxurious. With fluid cargo pockets and fabric weaved from American Pima cotton gabardine, these shorts come with a unique feel all to their own.

The company also adds a treatment to the garment that offers minor changes in color. Brunello raises the bar on stylish shorts, and they come with a level of quality that’s unmatched by many others on this list

To Recap

Shorts can provide more than just efficiency and breathability. With the evolution of fashion blending with form and function, it won’t be too difficult to find a pair that’ll last you a lifetime with proper care. 

Whether you’re looking for utility, fashion, or budget-friendly shorts, this list contains the best shorts for men that you’ll find online.

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