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What to Wear to a Concert: 9 Outfit Ideas

Last Updated: August 8, 2021

As summer is coming to a close and fall is in our midst, concert season will soon be in full swing. But for newcomers or even experienced concertgoers, sometimes it can be confusing to know exactly what to wear to a concert.

With so many variables like the genre of the music and the venue it will be taking place, it may often feel like it can take days before just to make your outfit selection.

When going to see your favorite artist or band, everybody wants to wear something that will show their personal style but also go with the general aesthetic of the crowd. Whether you want to be more unique or more simple, both of those options can be done with some simple tips and tricks.

Although concerts can alone sometimes seem like an overwhelming experience, just know that with patience and an understanding of your own style, you can pick an outfit that will be sure to amaze all around you. Keep reading for outfit ideas on what to wear to a concert.

What to Wear to a Concert

For almost every concert you attend, there will always be some simple and easy rules of thumb that can help you feel comfortable and confident at whatever show you plan on attending next.

1. Don’t Dress in Layers

While it may seem like a great idea at the time to bring a jacket, flannel, or sweatshirt to pair over your outfit, concerts tend to not be the place for lots of different layers of clothing. First, with many more people around you, the air gets very hot very quickly and sooner than later you will probably be opting to take off that jacket.

Also, because the area is more crowded than usual, if you do decide to take off the layer and tie it around your waist, it may still be annoying because you will have to deal with lugging it around while there are lots of people taking up space around you.

2. Dress for the Genre

You probably know what kind of music the artist you are seeing usually plays, so take inspiration from the genre and the aesthetics that go with it. Your look may differ depending on if you go to a rock, country, EDM, or pop concert.

While some concerts may call for rock-inspired graphic tees or ripped jeans, others may call for a more dressed-up attire. Depending on the feel of the artist, the vibe of your outfit may be changed as well.

3. Get Creative With What You Have

Though a concert is an exciting event, the idea that you have to go and find a whole new wardrobe just to put together an outfit is absolutely false. Concerts are some of the best places to play around with style because people are largely focusing on the artist.

Before the day of the show, look through your closet and see what you have available. Search the internet for ways to put together different pieces that you may not have thought of before. Luckily, we’ve done that for you below and collected some of the best concert outfit ideas.

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9 Concert Outfit Ideas

  1. Graphic Tee

Though it may seem like a simple choice, graphic tees are a staple piece of any wardrobe that pair well with many different garments. If you have a graphic tee of the band you will be attending, even better.

Graphic tees are often slightly heavier and firmer than other t-shirts and as such, can be doubled as shirt dresses or belted for a more edgy look. If you like to go simple with your outfits, the graphic tee might be just the place to start. You can find some great ones at Nordstrom.

  1. A One-Piece

If you hate spending time trying to find exactly what pairs together and how to make pieces look cohesive, a one-piece can be a lifesaver when trying to put together an outfit.

Whether you are going for a dress, romper, or jumpsuit, all of these garments give you the option to simply throw it on and go. It is super low maintenance and perfect for comfort.

  1. Denim & Leather

Two of the most classic fabrics, denim, and leather are often perfect choices for any concert outfit because they have a slightly worn-in and rocker-esque feeling to them. 

If you want to bump up your outfits, pair a leather or denim jacket with your simple tee and jeans. It makes all the difference.

  1. Bright Colors

If you are headed to a pop or edm concert, you may want to experiment with your look and pull out some bright colors or fun patterns. Though these pieces can sometimes seem more intimidating and outside the box, sometimes these pieces are the fun that can shake up your style.

Even if you feel “too old” or “not trendy” enough to rock brighter or funkier pieces, just know that as long as you have the confidence to carry it, anything will look great.

  1. White Tee and Jeans

Nothing can beat a classic white tee and blue jeans. This is a combo that is practically bullet proof and can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the aesthetic of the outfit.

You can add a small heel, accessories, or a cute belt to tie the outfit together without trying too hard.

  1. Flannel

Flannel is a concert outfit staple that can work with a ton of different concerts, depending on the genre. If you’re going to a country concert, opt for softer, earthier colors like rusty red or sky blue, and pair it with your best cowboy boots. 

For a rock or pop concert, try something with darker colors for an edgier look, and throw on some combat boots as well.

  1. Boho Chic

Music festivals are all the rage and are well-known for their hippie vibe and outfits. This can go in a lot of different directions, but overall, think neutral colors, high-waisted jeans, fringe, and flowy dresses.

Try throwing on a fringe vest with a pair of ripped jeans, or a kimono and high-waisted shorts. Crop tops and hats are also huge hits; crop a comfy band tee and throw on a fedora for an easy, boho-chic look.

  1. Retro

Even though you’re probably going to see a modern-day band live in concert, the decades look is always in. For a 90s style, try oversized shirts, overalls, or even a bandana top.

For an 80s-inspired look, think neon, color-blocked windbreakers, and mini dresses paired with bike shorts. Oh, and throw in some spandex.

  1. Sneakers

When in doubt, wear sneakers! Your favorite pair will be the most comfortable option to keep you on your feet during the whole concert.

Converse and Vans are great concert attire, as they go with a number of different outfits. For a trendier look, throw on a pair of chunky sneakers and tall socks.

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To Wrap It Up

As the concert season begins to ramp up, it can seem like a chore to come up with different outfit ideas that are unique and fun, but also put together.

While there may be times when you aren’t sure what to throw together, simply going through your closet and seeing what you have can be a helpful place to start when it comes to any concert look.


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