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19 Coachella Essentials for Surviving the Weekend

Last Updated: April 22, 2022

As amazing as Coachella is, there are definitely some Coachella essentials to bring to make sure you have the best possible experience (especially if you plan to camp rather than rent a house).

We’ve shared a list of the top necessities, including items you absolutely must bring as well as some things that would make the trip extra convenient.

Coachella Essentials

Face Covering

Face coverings are absolutely necessary at Coachella for the intense dust storms! Without it, you may end up with “Coachella cough” caused by dust (and it’s not a fun time).

Even if you don’t wear it during the sets, just wearing it while walking in and walking out of the festival can make a huge difference. Some also bring goggles to prevent dust from drying out their eyes.

Saline Nasal Rinse

It might sound gross, but you will be so happy you brought a saline rinse. Even when wearing a face covering for most of the day, a lot of people still end up with the Coachella cough or sinus issues.

Doing a saline rinse at the end of the night can clear you up and make the next day significantly better!

Fanny Pack or Crossbody Bag

When you go to Coachella, you need to be able to carry all of your stuff in one handy-dandy location.

That is what you will get with a fanny pack or crossbody bag (we prefer the fanny pack to reduce the risk of theft or loss). You can store your wallet, keys, and a whole lot more. All of your essentials – all in one place!


You may be going to Coachella to enjoy lots of loud and explosive music. But ironically, earplugs are another Coachella essential. Being close to the stage can be amazing, but nobody wants to damage their eardrums (your future self will thank you).

And most importantly, earplugs are essential for sleeping at night for anyone who struggles to sleep with noise. With everyone partying and being loud, it’s hard to get a good’s nights rest to fuel up for the next day.

Water Bottle

Here is something that you really cannot go to Coachella without. Sure, you can buy water, but that gets expensive because you will need a lot of it (and wastes plastic).

We recommend bringing at least one gallon-sized water jug and keeping it at your camp, as well as a smaller water bottle that’s easy to carry around with you. A small backpack with a built-in water pack is extra convenient!


Partying in the desert sounds like a great time until you remember just how damaging the 100-degree desert sun can be.

That’s why a high SPF sunscreen is essential – you don’t want to spend the second day of Coachella burnt and in pain (not to mention the wrinkles that may come later in life from sun damage).

LIFE HACK: A spray sunscreen like this one makes reapplying a lot easier (you should be reapplying sunscreen every couple of hours).

Comfortable Shoes

Some would argue there’s nothing more important than comfortable shoes at Coachella. Let’s face it, you’re going to quite a lot of walking, jumping, and running.

You don’t want to end the festival with painful blisters, so make sure you’ve got some comfortable shoes ready to go!


Sunglasses – everyone needs them.

Make sure you invest in some well-made and high-quality sunglasses before you head out to Coachella. This will keep the bright, beating sun out of your eyes (which also protects them from damage) and will provide a whole lot of comfort during the festival.

External Power Bank

Coachella is all about memories, so you want to be able to capture them. Plus, you don’t want to lose your friends without being able to contact them.

So, an external power bank can be a lifesaver if your phone dies!

Solar Power Bank

On a similar note, what if your power bank dies? A solar power bank is a genius tool that will work very well in the desert.

Just place this solar panel power bank in the sun and in a short amount of time, you will be ready to charge your phone, iPad, computer or more. Let the sun do your work for you with this waterproof, dustproof and shockproof device.

Instax Camera

The Fujifilm Instax camera takes pictures and prints them immediately, creating lovely memories you’ll cherish forever.

Take this camera with you to Coachella or any music festival and be prepared to capture some great memories. Make sure to snatch up some extra film while you’re at it, you’ll want to take more pictures than you think!

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is more important than ever – especially when you are going to a concert with massive crowds. So, a bottle of hand sanitizer is an essential Coachella item.

Plus, if you’re camping out, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to access a sink very often, so you will just feel cleaner with hand sanitizer in your bag. 


Long days under the sun listening to loud, amazing music can be a great time. It can also lead to a few headaches and pains (not to mention hangovers if you’re drinking).

That is why you should pack a bottle of reliable aspirin or other pain pills for your next trip to Coachella.

Tampons/Pads/Menstrual Cup

There is no quicker way to ruin your Coachella experience than a surprise period that crashes the party. So, it’s always good to make sure you have a good supply of feminine hygiene products ready.

Even if you’re 100% positive your period isn’t going to surprise you, you might stumble across someone who needs them!

Dry Shampoo

If you’re camping out, you probably won’t be able to shower. Although the festival is only a couple of days, dancing in the sun makes you sweaty and your hair will probably suffer.

A bottle of your favorite dry shampoo can do wonders and keep you looking photo-ready!


We all know how important deodorant is on a regular day – now just imagine not having it under the hot sun in the midst of Coachella.

Keeping deodorant with you – and on you – is Coachella rule number one. Don’t leave home without it! 


Although you may not have rented a house, what happens if you meet some new friends who invite you to their pool? We say bring a swimsuit just in case – it’s easy to pack anyways.

You can even wear a cute swimsuit as one of your Coachella outfits to stay as cool as possible.


If you thought the ticket to Coachella was expensive, just wait until you see the snacks (and the extreme lines to get them).

Bringing your own snacks can save time and money, plus you might be able to bring something you’d like better than what they offer.

Temporary Tattoos

Okay, maybe this isn’t a Coachella “essential,” but it should be!

Flashy temporary tattoos like these will give off that festival vibe and make anyone feel like a princess (or prince). Plus, they’re very affordable.